Do You Take The Blue Pill or Red Pill?


Choose one…

Remember the Matrix?  Morpheus to Neo: “What you know, you can’t explain.” Classic movie. The scene that inspired this title was the scene in which Morpheus presented to Neo the choice of taking either the red pill or the blue pill.  “This is your last chance. After this, there is no turning back. You take the blue pill – the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill – you stay in Wonderland and I show you how deep the rabbit-hole goes.”  Powerful line. Made us all think about what we’re really accepting as truth. Many people love the lie: That we’re all the same. If we just work hard, we can have whatever we want.  Just get a good education, and you’ll be successful.  Well, the truth is, life is not equal.  And neither of these is a real formula for success. Sometimes hard work pays off, then there are times when hard work enslaves one to a particular class; never allowing that individual the perks that are given to some, because by the nature of their birth; having the right parents entitles them to whatever they desire. No, hard work is not a solution; it’s a credo.

First, the beginning of slavery is the realization that someone must tell you what to do.  You need a leader.  When you become dependent on that type of mindset; it sets the foundation to be controlled.  You stop thinking for yourself; expecting someone else to always have the answer.

Freedom is slavery and slavery is freedom.  When you demand freedom, you frighten the slave-master.

Our educational system is a sham.  Its construct serves two purposes: 1.) to further empower the elite; and 2.) to create a future tax base through the pursuit of higher income.  Income tax was instituted as a means to control the labor of the people. Thus, they must have cattle.  And that’s where we all play into this system.  By pushing the illusion of having “that higher degree” they are literally provoking insecurity in students to continue their education so that they can participate in this “fake success”, but in reality, the pursuit of that success only creates more debt; in having to obtain more loans (paying interest); obtaining credit cards (debt+interest over time); that pacifies the allure of getting the brass ring so deeply, one is not even conscious of the financial bondage being allowed to control your life.

One of the greatest slave tactics began on the day you were born.  The economy collapsed in 1933. Really, the country was bankrupt,and America was sold as a corporation; the New Deal was a scam. In 1933, because of this, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt created the Maternity Act–making it mandatory for everyone to have a birth certificate who had a child. A bond was placed on your birth certificate and it was sold to the International Bankers–they own everyone in reality. If you haven’t separated yourself from your supposed “straw man” than you are state property. That’s why we pay SSN taxes.  A U.S. Citizen is really a “straw man” Anything you do in commerce is not predicated on the flesh and blood person. It is an artificial corporate entity, known as the “straw man.  Through the 14th Amendment and through your SSN, this is the beginning of the U.S. citizen.  Did you know that the United States is not really a country; it’s a corporation. In order to have control over us, the United States Government had to create an artificial entity, also knows as a corporation, to extend their power to the flesh and blood man. In a nutshell; we’re getting screwed.  Honestly, it seems that The New Deal was really a raw deal.

So basically, A U.S. Citizen is only a corporate fiction that only exists in the Matrix. The United States government only exists in name only…

I suggest you over-stand HJR192:

Yet many don’t realize this.

Wake up and KNOW THE TRUTH!

Reference: I highly suggest you get this book, Pawns of the Game, by William Guy Carr, first published in 1954 that explains in detail what I talked about.



6 comments on “Do You Take The Blue Pill or Red Pill?

  1. Chrystal Emma says:

    difficult choice but I think I will choose the red pill


  2. Very good article Truth, but to me it’s seems more like 1984 or Animal Farm.

    Again, very good article sis.

    Liked by 1 person

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