I Will Not Be Civil In The Midst of Terror!


Emmanuel AME Church in Charleston, SC.

My eyes are WIDE OPEN and I know what I see. I AM MAD! I’m not in the mood for any leaders or authorities of any kind, getting on national television, calling for calm and peace. We are under attack. Since the Zimmerman acquittal, there has been a Domino Effect in violence against Black males and people in America. It has barely been two weeks since the Rachel Dolezal mess, McKinney, Texas before that, and the Baltimore riots were just a few weeks ago.

This is beyond coincidence.

As a conscious woman who has been speaking out against the very issues that have been impacting the Black community ever since President Barack Obama was elected.  It started with the Tea Party, then the birther issue, and one after another, the Republicans started talking in code to their mostly white base; and like clockwork, the attitudes and behaviors in whites became bolder and bolder. Not even fearing any kind of response as they directed their hate and fear, first, onto our POTUS; and now, on the Black community.

The worst type of Black on Black crime are for Black people to respond apathetically or not at all when any Black person is threatened.

President Obama’s perceived weakness and cowardice to speak on issues of race, racism, and the impact on Black people, have literally given white people an attitude of invincibility to commit acts of hatred on Black people randomly, and not expect to be held accountable. I HOLD HIM TOTALLY ACCOUNTABLE! And the U.S. Justice Department better start doing their damn job!

Apparently, there was a page on facebook in support for the shooter, Dylan Roof Storm in the Charleston, Massacre. A few of you here have reported the page. Yesterday, it was taken down.

I’m not in the mood right now for “peaceful protesting.” Our people are being persecuted. I’ll say it publicly: I have 0-Tolerance for Cowardice at this time.

In 1849. the Great Harriet Tubman escaped slavery, and for 11 years, she returned 19 times to the south to free  slaves to the north and sometimes into Canada.  Harriet was a brave woman.  It was even stated that she had no tolerance for weakness; threatening even to shoot slaves that showed any form of cowardice.  She is most noted for this quote, “I freed a thousand slaves I could have freed a thousand more if only they knew they were slaves.”

If only they knew they were slaves.

And that’s where we are today. Many Black people still are psychologically attached to the sons and daughters of slave masters.  Praying to a white Jesus that are prolific in many African American denominated churches; it’s a subliminal submission to admonish that if Jesus is white; then white people really should be worshiped.  A sick  irony and mental breakdown of consciousness of not only the truth of who Christ really was, as well as acknowledgement that there were no Europeans in the Bible.

NO MORE! There’s been a breach in the temple; we let the enemy in without a security check.

Conscious Black People, It’s time to do what needs to be done.  We are the gatekeepers of consciousness and it is the responsibility of ALL BLACK PEOPLE to maintain spiritual order on this planet.  The cowardice that has been tolerated; is no longer acceptable.

Get off your knees and FIGHT the enemy!





23 comments on “I Will Not Be Civil In The Midst of Terror!

  1. lejubon says:

    Oh another thing also. I recently discovered a new social media site for black people. It’s called Bragse.com


  2. lejubon says:

    Great afternoon sister. I’ve been following your blog for a few months now. I’m impressed with your Insight/Strength.

    I’m a 29 year old black man in NY, right outside NYC. Single with no kids. In my life, I’ve never dated a black woman. But had feelings for a few. After gaining more knowledge about life and most importantly, myself, I refuse to even have kids with a non black woman. I’m 1 out of 4 sons. My parents are both black. Married almost 40 years. I come from a family of faith. There is an incredible hate on faith/black people.

    I will leave more comments on your blog because its the truth and you promote unity/love/faith for black people. Much love.


  3. http://www.addictinginfo.org/2015/03/24/black-woman-locked-in-psych-ward-for-8-days-because-cops-couldnt-believe-shes-a-businesswoman/
    Read the story of this black woman, she has been arrested in Harlem because her hair was locked and she owned a BMW and she was charged with possession of marijuana!
    The simple fact that a black person can work honestly, and live his sacrifices and to be a business person, this is really fun! You look at the history, as we blacks are labeled by these monsters!We are psychopaths, delinquents, thieves, criminals, monsters and what they are? No, absolutely not,they are good and we are bad!I can not describe the ordeal that this woman had to endure!The body of a black person is worth nothing, they have free access on our bodies and this is horrible!Some Negroes are hoping to save the whites this is delusional!
    We have become a people of idiots!


    • RayMore says:

      The fact that some kneegrows could actually be stupid enough to pray for, forgive, and say “I love you” to a degenerate lowlife spawn of Satan astounds me. How can a sane human being show mercy to such a nonhuman scum when IT stated that IT was going to kill all black people because we are taking over the country and the world. Well guess what? It is BOUND TO HAPPEN EVENTUALLY. I read in the Daily News that IT respects East Asians because they are “racist” and would make perfect “allies” to the white race. Why? What is this world coming to by the way? All of the other races that supposedly hate us and mock us do so because they are scared of being mistreated by the “White Man”. In other words, they dont want to be in our predicament. However, the time will soon come when they, including East Asians, WILL be the new scapegoats, the “problem minority(ies)”. Having the other races bow down to them serves the best interests of “white people” only.


      • Tyrone says:

        The weak chains are being exposed for all to see, and it’s sad to watch. I tuned out media coverage on purpose. No point in subjecting ourselves to more lies and propaganda. As to Whites claiming East Asians. Basically, they’re honorary Caucasians. We forget that Asian is in Caucasian…Get It? They gravitate to them because they have clout…Simple! Human Beings love the strong horse. If we were on top, they’d be kissing our ass. Other folk can do whatever with them, i really could care less. Us and our sanity is my greatest worry and concern.


      • Truthangel07 says:

        White people are already dead to me. Seriously. I’ve already X’d them out.


      • Truthangel07 says:

        You know, Ray, I had a thought the other day. God created US in his image. Satan hates God and always mimics him. White people descended from caves; over half of world history had been completed when they showed up. Has anyone asked WHERE they came from? Did God create them? Or Satan?


    • Truthangel07 says:

      Something is coming for White folks. Trust me.


  4. Tyrone says:

    As a people, we ignore the idiot box. Negros tbat are acceptable to the suits get face time. Yeah, a bunch of black christians breaking their necks to forgive a psycho. As if doing so will score some brownie points with Massa. I watched the first day of coverage, nothing afterwards. Whites employ the same pattern. Start yapping about all races coming together and family members forgiving the killer, etc. I knew what was coming. At this point in history, the meek black people are okay being subjects of white supremacy. I highly doubt forgiveness would be in line if the victims were white. A blackman would be dead right now. The Black Church is keeping us hostage to terrorism from Albinos. Ironically, the same naive view of white evil allowed Clementa Pinckney to ignore his better judgement. Now,we have 9 souls taken from us in cold blood. This is the lesson we as blackmen better learn from this. Allowed this devil spawn to get super close. To hell with the PC bulls@#t.


  5. TiredSista says:

    And some of STILL don’t get. Some negroes are forgiving the monster already.


    • Truthangel07 says:

      This has been the trending topic all over social media. Some Black man even made a gospel video forgiving the killer. Sis, God is exposing the madness within our communities too. There are some KNEEgrows who are responsible for our lack of growth.

      Everything must be exposed and dealt with accordingly.

      There truly is a metaphysical point to the ALL of EVERYTHING that has been happening.

      It will all soon make sense.


    • Truthangel07 says:

      We’ve been discussing forgiveness for days now. It’s a process. I couldn’t do it.


    • mswanda says:

      I saw that on the news. The victim’s family forgives the shooter. I’m not gonna give support to dumb slave negros like that. That’s why white folks do what they do. Our dumb black asses will forgive them the next day. I feel like I’m in the movie Groundhog Day. Same stuff keep happening every day.


  6. Chrystal Emma says:

    Right sis, No more being a good negro, no more turning the other cheek, no more “We Shall Overcome” We NEED to over come, it’s time to fight back, it’s time for VENGEANCE alalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalaaaaaa cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
    [Xena battle cry]


    • Truthangel07 says:

      Yes, ma’am. I’ve been preparing for this war since 1999. Back then, many Black people were caught up in the bling-bling, multiculturalism, celebrities, inter-racial dating/marriage, and apathy. They didn’t see racism any longer. Imagine…Black people saying that. They bought into the lie; drank the Kool-Aid. I told many then on various websites I visited that this would all blow up in their faces one day. And BOOM!

      My words now prophetic.


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