Donald Trump, Illegal Immigration, And…THE TRUTH of it All!


Listen to this:

Well, well, well, just look what a little candor can do for one’s presidential bid. This past weekend, Donald Trump actually attracted over 10,000 people in Arizona as the key-note speaker after his well publicized comments about immigration literally created real reactions that exposed what many THINK ABOUT but aren’t bold enough to talk about.

Let’s be real, we all have our views, including African Americans.  When have we ever championed immigration?

Donald Trump spoke his mind and opened up the floor for everyone to talk about this elephant in the room.  His comments were not unlike many of those who speak with friends and family; it just shocked people to hear someone actually say what was on his mind–uncensored, unafraid, and with such boldness.  He never backed down.  And now he’s second behind Jeb Bush in the polls.

Controversy sells and it definitely got the voters attention.

I grew up in Chicago, and much of what he said is factual, just overstated to some degree. But I will contend that even in my old neighborhood, many homeowners resented seeing many Mexicans moving in to the community, often having multiple families living in one house.  This put a gross burden on the community and schools system.  They weren’t paying taxes for the number of children in the home.  This also plays out in healthcare as well.  Many Latino and Chicano immigrants are not educated and there are criminals among them who come to this country.

How many times have we heard people talk about this?  African Americans are not fans of illegal immigrants.  When this issue began to hit the fan during the Bush administration, no many of us protested against it.

The Dream Act was supposed to be the payback from Obama to Hispanics for voting for him.  However, giving amnesty to one group and denying citizenship to others, (Haitians) is a double standard. Haitians are always viewed in a negative way but Hispanics are packaged a little differently.  And we see the disparity don’t we?

Let’s be real, many Americans, particularly white Americans, side with Trump.  Many do believe that illegal immigration leads to crime.

Did you know that many Mexican elites actually agree with Trump?  Mexico is not exactly a place of social equality and there is a caste system there, as well as prejudice.  Those who are educated and wealthy in Mexico, could care less about the poor and often, the illegal immigrants that leave, are often forgotten about. The greatest divide in Mexico is that of class.  Many of the elites know that Trump was speaking the truth of what many of them say in secret among each other.


Mexican Elite

So who’s mad again?

As for illegal immigration, the TRUTH is glaring in the face of the Republican candidates.  The people are starting to get behind Trump.  A lesson to be learned indeed. Say what you want about the man; but he’s not afraid to speak his mind–even at the expense of other people’s feelings.

We know what Trump thinks, but will this help him win the Presidency?

18 comments on “Donald Trump, Illegal Immigration, And…THE TRUTH of it All!

  1. Jaaylah says:

    All I have to say is that they allowed them to come here so I don’t know why they are so upset now.White people rule Amerikkka so they have no one to blame for so many illegal aliens being here but themselves.They brought them over here as a social experiment in my opinion.They feel like they couldn’t get blacks to assimilate into their white culture but they did get the Asians to do so.So they wanted to bring in another minority group and say look blacks we made them into upstanding Amerikkkan citizens.They wanted to say look blacks this institutionalized racism and white privilege you keep bringing up doesn’t exist because the Mexicans ect have succeeded.Well they failed miserably and their white sons and daughter are even marrying Latino people.


    • Truthangel07 says:

      White Supremacy in and of itself, is not only an oxymoron; it’s plain ridiculous in the scheme of our genetic dominance and our true history on this planet. What it is in a nutshell is an collusion of powers to perpetuate a myth by the exclusion of the truth.

      We are THE TRUTH that can destroy it. And they know this…that’s why they have tried to attack us as they have. We are the POWER OF GOD!


  2. Tyrone says:

    We have to deal with the real issue. White Spaniards are racist as hell in relation to indigenous populations in latin-america. As a result, the mestizos/indians and blacks to a lesser extent fight like hell to leave Mexico, which is governed and controlled by Whites. So, they expunge the coloreds from various countries..Once they get stateside, they morph into what they claim to hate. Donald Trump is saying publicly what many vent about priprivately. The elites in both parties see illegals as New Slaves. Performing all the dirty jobs that whites don’t wanna do and never have. In this respect, it’s a dead horse..As with any people of color, whitemen will play a role in who becomes a model minority..No coincidence that a lot of Asian and Latin women marry Ken over their own. The 2 fastest growing groups in America, Accidental? A lot of anti-blackness in Hispanidad, and this is swept under the rug. Stamping Trump with the racist label can’t stick. They know why. Blacks are victims of illegal-immigrants just the same. But the “Black Left” defend them no matter what. Basically, they’re benefitting from the hard work and sacrifice of black people. Yet, we’re neglected as if we’re in a banana republic…It’s A Mess!


    • Truthangel07 says:

      You know, this morning, my mother actually seemed to defend Trump’s candor. She said, “People need to speak the truth. Maybe that’s what the country needs.”

      I think she’s right.


      • Tyrone says:

        The media pundits and elites better take Trump serious. As a conservative/republican voter, i can speak on this. Whenever controversial issues come down the pike, my side gets rolled over because a bunch of old white men are afraid to fight back. Folk have assumed illegal-immigration was just a white folk issue. No, African-Americans have paid a heavy price as well. Feds allowing them to just flood into this country…WTF? if it was us crossing the border, no way in hell it would happen. But the Mexicans crossing are not black. They’re mestizo and indian instead. As we’ve discussed many times, all the non-blacks stick together to blunt the advancement of black folk despite them hating each other. True enuf, whites allowed this to happen because of sheer stupidity. Spain lost a war with the US, they hate Gringos. American whites forgot that for some odd reason. In a general election, i would vote for Trump. Why? Lawyers have effed up this country enuf as is, they have no monopoly on the White House. We need a President that’s gonna punch back, not another sissified version of Obama…Real Talk! It’s anarchy in this country right now because Obama is afraid to offend this or that group. Meanwhile, innocent Americans continue to die…Black & White!


      • Truthangel07 says:

        Tyrone, would you believe that Donald Trump has impressed my 76 year old mother? It’s true. She admires him for speaking boldly. As I said in the piece, she feels that Trump has made TRUTH relevant again. Like him or not, he stood up and said publicly what many say in private.

        He’s not a coward–that’s a fact.


  3. I put absolutely no weight in what this man says. Trump is a media hog!!! Nothing more, nothing less with one exception, ( he’s a billionaire ) and he thrives off of being in the spotlight. He does not know how to go quietly off into the night because his entire life has been in the lights…Another fading relic….


  4. nidotopianwarrior says:

    *drift… if you get my drift.. sorry, I was playing pokemon when I wrote that


  5. nidotopianwarrior says:

    “Many do believe that illegal immigration leads to crime”

    White America is an expert in that regard, if you get my drifloon


  6. What you said about the Mexican elites is very true. Some of what Trump said may have been true. But we have to be mindful of racist bigots like Trump. He has not been a friend to black people at all. He is very anti-black….keep that in mind when agreeing with him.


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