Who’s Really Abusing Welfare?


Take a listen to this: 


Last night, I watched the Bonnie Erbe Show To The Contrary on PBS and the topic was welfare.  I sighed.  It conjured up memories back in the day when this topic could end in a shouting match between Black and white people–who naturally associated welfare with Black people, but it’s 2015, and I wonder who really is abusing welfare.

As I watched the program, the panel consisted of well educated women of color and some white females, all making comments, per usual, that the welfare reforms that are being debated and acted out in some states, such as, requiring drug testing,etc, are aimed mainly at the poor. It’s easy to point the fingers at single mothers who have children without the benefit of marriage, but is that fair?

Looking at the women on the panel, one of the first reactions I had was what the hell did any of them know about welfare? I mean, if I were on that panel, I’d challenge them all and ask them to tell me just what the average price of milk and eggs are right now.  The arrogance of those with entitlements and comforts to tell the underprivileged how to live and act, is just beyond vulgar and completely exposes how much disparity of actual socialization with the people they are prescribing remedies for, challenges me to speak some harsh truth.

Millions of people have defrauded the government for years in housing assistance, food stamps, utility assistance, etc., and even used the tax system to get large payouts during tax season by selling their children’s SSN to family and friends who wanted to abuse the system.

But there is a dirty little secret that no one wants to talk about.  The number of people who abuse welfare are not the poor, but wealthy people.  Corporations are cleaning up from welfare.  Companies such as Wal-Mart in particular.  They pay their workers so low; many have to rely on welfare assistance, and Wal-Mart benefits from this.  And let us not forget about the fat cats in corporate America who make millions–even billions in salaries, bonuses, and other benefits, and then, have the audacity to collect an SSI check each month.

Rich people abuse the welfare system more than any group; it’s not just the poor, who do things out of necessity to survive. The wealthy are profited handsomely from government assistance.  Many dodge their tax obligations through clever loopholes.  There is also home owner subsidies for the middle and upper-classes that are never talked about.

It is a lie to accuse poor people as being the biggest abusers of welfare.

Single mothers were not the ones who almost destroyed this economy; it was wealthy white males–and many still made a profit–and got bailed out by the government.

Now,if that’s not welfare, I don’t know what is.

Who are they kidding?


4 comments on “Who’s Really Abusing Welfare?

  1. Tyrone says:

    Corporate Welfare is the biggest scam of them all. Folk need to watch C-SPAN from time to time. They would be slackjawed with respect to all of the handouts/subsidies that rich connected white dudes get from Uncle Sam…Solar, Wind, Ethanol, Hollywood and so forth. In reality, Whites collect the most from the “Fed Nipple.” For us, Welfare is a form of bondage. Who wants to wait an entire month to get paid versus making real money day to day? We don’t need their charity. If and when we decide to stop making everybody else rich on the planet, Welfare won’t be an issue.


    • Truthangel07 says:

      Welfare is nothing more than slavery. Just look at how they literally force low income families to “act helpless” in order to qualify for benefits. Sounds counterproductive from the start. And when welfare was created, it was done so to help families get on their feet who had suffered during the Great Depression. Welfare should have been eliminated in the sixties.


  2. holy shit, you know, you’re actually right. And Rich people wanna know why everyone hates them so much


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