Racism Will End When White Men Are Eliminated!


America is a colonial power. She has colonized 22 million Afro-Americans by depriving us of first-class citizenship, by depriving us of civil rights, actually by depriving us of human rights. She has not only deprived us of the right to be a citizen, she has deprived us of the right to be human beings, the right to be recognized and respected as men and women.” — Malcolm X (April 8 1964)


There are some trending realities of late that have motivated this latest blog entry.

As you all know by now, there was a KKK rally in South Carolina to protest the removal of the Confederate flag.

I’m listening to Eightball & MJG (Remember them old heads).  Yes.  A little playback from back in the day, when rappers from down south started to make their mark in the music game, talking about one dimensional ish, only logical to the minds of Black males who lived in small southern towns, trying to make sense of their marginalized lives where white folks with old money played them like puppets; assuming they were too stupid to know they’d never be allowed to be better then them, no matter what they tried.

Why do some Black people still live like this I thought…as the grooves went through me, the images of the latest headlines still ran through my mind like a mental leader-board.  My thoughts got darker.  And then…a bold one came to my mind: WHITE MEN MUST DIE!  

Yes, I thought.  This is what must be done.

Things are never going to change until this reality is confronted and executed.

White men are the real problem.  Concentrated whiteness. Concentrated privilege and power.  Concentrated wealth.  The entire white male power structure is designed to create chaos and failure in any non-white person from the start.  The energy that Black folks have used to try and measure up to this system has been fool-hearty. There’s no true progress; just labor and talent being offered to an oppressor at bottom rate;  who has convinced you to assist in their plans of destroying your own people.

The dream of the sixties is not working now.  Nothing really changed.  It just got re-fined.  Racism became a myth to some. Clueless little lambs bought t-shirts and began chanting meaningless slogans, imploring that because white people openly had sex with them; now, there was progress.


Anyone who has been on this planet the last 50 years, knows full well that the entire American system was created by and for white people.  The loophole of slavery and the impasse it created; only entangled matters, after former slaves and their descendants started demanding freedom and equality.

The change that is needed today, must come from the realization of who are enemy truly is.  And we know who that is.

White males are the leaders and progenitors of racism.  They hold it up with pride and purpose.  Racism is the gun used to conquer and dominate non-white people, and has been profitable and formidable, as it has been structured into every fabric of the economic, political, social, and judicial systems of this country.  Institutionalized racism steals for its own perpetuation at expense of people who create what corporate America packages and sells to the rest of the world, not even thinking of paying residuals or reparations with interest to the true inspiration of these American empires.  Black creativity have made many white people rich.

And yet, ghettos still exist, while white kids are sent to the best colleges, allowed this by fortunes of white men, who used Black labor to their advantage.

I’m tired of weakness. Too many Black men have been killed because of this system, and as a woman–a proud Black woman at that; I demand a response.

If the attitude directive today is to end racism; then the discussion must get real and get to the heart of the matter. White men are the problem.  And when this is truly confronted, the correct action should and must be taken.

Who will be the courageous men to do what needs to be done?


15 comments on “Racism Will End When White Men Are Eliminated!

  1. Rob says:

    Please ban me. I would consider it a badge of honour. This is one of the most racist and hate filled blogs I have ever come across. Not everything in this world is defined by race, in fact less and less is. Science has shown there is very little biological difference between the “races”. There is very little truth being spoken on this web page. I hope most people would find your views offensive, otherwise we don’t have much of a future.


    • Truthangel07 says:

      No. It’s not the most racist sites you’ve come across. It’s one of the most HONEST that you’ve encountered. Not everything is defined by race? You tell that to Dylan Roof. You tell that to racist white cops who killed Walter Thomas, Sandra Bland, Eric Garner, Michael Brown and most recent, Sam Dabose.

      Honey, I won’t waste my time filling you in on the recent news of white males “who fear for their lives” *rolling eyes* as they choose to shoot unarmed Black people in minor situations.

      Your feelings just don’t matter to me.

      Welcome to THE REALITY of Black America.


  2. Nick_ says:

    As a guy who is white, I think the KKK is pure scum and are about equal with terrorists. Racism is nonsense perpetrated by idiotic a**holes, who were most likely indoctrinated into that way of thinking by their moronic parents. Anybody who blames an entire race is part of the problem, for example dumb-sh*ts who wave the confederate flag and blame the country’s problems on black people. Another example is YOU, who blames all white men, regardless of their actions, politics, or character. Judge me by the content of my character, not the color of my skin.


    • Truthangel07 says:


      One thing that I’ve noticed about many white people is that you can’t understand reciprocity.

      ALL WHITE PEOPLE have benefited from White Supremacy. That includes you, sir. Yes. It’s like that.

      And using the quote by MLK does not absolve you of that.

      Racism will end when White people start understanding that the hatred their forefathers perpetrated, condemns their reality and image today.

      There are not coincidences in life, only consequences.


  3. Tommy says:

    Truthangel it’s like you read my mind, it is so weird. I totally agree with what youre saying. Until the evil people of this country are destroyed, we are going to keep going through this oppression


  4. Blackking86 says:

    Before anything can be done. Our people, more must wake up. I’m tired of the racism. That shoot out in Charleston was a slap in the face along with the other churches that got burned. Rarely, if any media coverage on the other churches. I’m seeing it more and more, these people are really intimidated by us. Each time a black man is killed, that is a generation wiped out because the man carries the seed.

    My parents are ministers. Married 39 years. It’s only by the grace of God that I’m still alive, no drugs, never been promiscuous, no kids, no record. My parents are very successful. My dad was a no nonsense type of guy. He wasn’t nice. He was respectful and honorable. He focused on 3 things. Gospel, work, and family. Our people need to humble themselves and hit these people where it hurts, THEIR POCKETS!

    Racism is demonic! Plain and simple



    • Truthangel07 says:

      I totally agree Blackking.

      However, every time a white man kills a black man, he loses yet another generation. In 1996, the white population reached negative birthrate (more whites were dying than being born). With that reality, all of a sudden, the census suddenly changed the race category (things that make you go hhhhmmm…). In less than another generation; white people will be the minority in this country for the first time in its history. Of course they fear Black males. Why? Because white people are genetically inferior–and they have come to their end. That’s it. They can’t produce other races; as Black genetics have proven to be the strongest of all humans on this planet. We are a blessed people genetically, but our enemy is a mutated mess. His hatred is because he can’t produce melanin–a major component of preserving life.

      In a nutshell, white men have committed the ultimate act of self-termination in response to their treatment of the first people on this earth (US).

      Nature is Karma’s sword.

      Ya heard me?


      • Tyrone says:

        What’s crazy about all of this, is that, We as blackmen safeguard white male patriarchal systems more than anybody. Still catching bullets, knives, and bombs despite being…The Good Son! I’ve had lively debates with a few of these lost sheep. No matter what happens day to day, they still seek to uphold whiteness despite the obvious racism inflicted on our people. It’s beyond sad. As to eliminating them from the human family. They’re doing that on their own. Bruce Jenner is celebrated for becoming a woman? He made it official official…White Manhood Is Dead! Not all are insane, but, that’s a heavy blow to take for any race of men. All the evil acts against colored folk simply because white men hate themselves. The planet won’t stop spinning if they cease to exist. Others will carry on as per usual.


      • Truthangel07 says:

        Tyrone, you just gave me inspiration for an upcoming blog topic.

        As always, I respect your brain….LOVE IT!


  5. This country was founded by bloodthirsty greedy arrogant bastard demons and that will be their downfall !! Yes, someone once said that hatred leads to nothing? I strongly believe that these people don’t deserve mercy, but hatred!


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