Dr. Umar Johnson: The Strong Message That Is Getting Skewed!


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By now, I’m sure, everyone has heard of the stripper scandal that Dr. Umar Johnson was involved in last month.  If you haven’t heard of it, then I’ll briefly fill you in:  A woman, calling herself, of all things, The Conscious Stripper, exposed the good doctor, after he went on the Roland Martin show in June, stating that he, a single father of 2 children, was celibate.  Uh-uh.  Not according to this woman.  Apparently, Dr. Umar Johnson has a thing for strippers, and got it on with this woman more than a few time.  They mostly met at hotels.  If it is at all possible to offend a stripper, apparently, Ms. Conscious, got upset because he only would take her to hotels to hit it–never out to fine restaurants, as one would do with a nice date.  Right?  To get even, this woman decides to air out this piece of information on social media, exposing Dr. Johnson and making many question his work.  Because of this situation, he lost a one million dollar donation that would have helped him to go ahead with the purchase of a school to open his Frederick Douglass Academy for boys.

Well, if one wants to be treated like a lady; ladies don’t swing from poles for a living.

But seriously, those who follow Dr. Johnson, such as myself, only object to how he handled this situation.

I don’t expect the man to be sex free if he’s single, but this little tryst might have cost him his dream.

One of my friends on another site, put it this way:

Okaaaayyy, I’m about to say some things that might piss off some of the menfolk, oh well too damn bad, if it doesn’t apply to you, let the shit fly, and if you don’t like it, feel free to SCROLLLLLL ya asses right on past my post. :rolleyes:

 Now, let me get to my damn point… :woe:

“….$1,000,000 million dollars would’ve allowed us to either acquire the Christian college in the south, or with the fundraiser donations already in hand, put us extremely close to matching the $2,000,000 pricetag on St.Paul’s (if the gov’t didn’t buy it first)….”[/b][/i]

And there you have it, folks

Black men (I could care less about other races of men, and again, if it doesn’t apply to YOU, let the shit fly), are some of the dumbest mawfukkas on the planet. 

(See Exhibit A…..Umar)

Here we have a brotha who is well respected and regarded in the community, who threw away a golden opportunity for some rank ass cooch, in the form of a SKRIPPA, who from jump, revealed early on, that she wasn’t exactly a “virtuous” woman,  THEN turns around and fronts like he didn’t know and pulls the “I was DUPED” card.   Please.  He knew what it was and what she was, by his OWN ADMISSION, they were not dating, not in a relationship, just banged her out in some hotel.  WELP, look what his lack of dyck control get him…..a possible one to two MILLION dollar loss.  Lack of dyck control got him in this mess. 

Now…..let me comment on this trick.

This LACK OF CONSCIOUSNESS trick did NOT have to put this shit out for public consumption.  What happened behind closed doors, should have STAYED behind closed doors.  But NOPE, she CHOSE to put it out there for all to see….knowing this man’s rep in the community, and knowing it would had the potential to hurt his rep.  IF dude is telling the truth, that it was just a few nights of pleasure, and didn’t make any stupid promises he couldn’t keep, she should have kept her mouth closed.  It’s OBVIOUS she felt she had nothing to lose by putting this messy mess out here….IN SPITE of the fact that she is mother to some kids, who depending on their age, probably read or heard about her involvement in this foolishness and Vickery.  But hey, I guess trying to stick it to Umar was MORE IMPORTANT to her, than her kids hearing about it.

Some of y’all men act like fools over some cooch.  Y’all are too giddy over it, to take a minute to engage in critical thinking, and to take a minute to think reason analyze and assess these situations, BEFORE taking stupid risks you KNOW have the potential to mess up your situation.  Some of you fools have caused the break up of your families, lost well paying jobs and positions, even risked your health, for some ho.  Then when the smoke clears, then y’all wanna point fingers at the ho, and make yourselves into innocent “victims” who were duped into diggin’ out these chicks.   Y’all too stupid to stop and ask yourselves, “what is HER motivation…..will she use this shit against me…..and how will it affect me and/or mine, long term?  Nope, y’all just dive in head first (no pun intended), then cry “foul” and play “victim” AFTER the fact when your business is all in the street.

So yet another negro has been outted.  And its HIS FAULT because HE put HIMSELF in the position he’s in.  Don’t know how this will affect him, and his cause long term….but I don’t feel sorry for him or any man who insist on being led by his dyck.

Stop being led by you dycks and unscrupulous women.  Most times, no good will come of it.   But y’all won’t listen, and somewhere in the near future, we will read about yet another simp who got caughit up, and will be whining about it, while the trick is posting screen shots of tweets, emails and pics, that WE don’t need to see.

So, in Honor of Umar, I present him with this award, because he is soooo deserving of it.”


When I read what she wrote, all I could say was: I have been following and learning from Dr. Umar for well over a year or more; have great respect for his mind, boldness, and courage, but this isn’t the first time he got into this kind of mess.  And, he’s had run-ins with people in the Conscious community (Haters), also, by his own admission, there are government ops following him wherever he goes. so, it should have clicked in his mind: THIS MIGHT NOT BE THE RIGHT THING TO DO.

Believe it or not, I tweeted about this in BlackTwitter.  Would you believe that this ConsciousTrick had the audacity to threaten those of us discussing this issue (that she exposed to the media) with a lawsuit if anyone said any unfounded things about her.  Huh? :confused: I quickly challenged her and clowned her ass.

Umar really is gonna have to just chuck this one as a lesson learned.

A few minutes of pussy is not worth losing a life-long dream.

I hope he recovers from this…

13 comments on “Dr. Umar Johnson: The Strong Message That Is Getting Skewed!

  1. Umar should’ve known better than this. He should have used better judgment and stayed away from this stripper. But I realize many men are weak when it comes to women. A “big butt and a smile” is hard to resist at times. But I still do like his message of black empowerment and black dignity. He just got caught slipping. Let’s keep it moving.


  2. Blackking86 says:

    Black people are too hard on each other.

    I will be 30 next year. I’m so glad I’ve never been to a strip club. We all have wants/needs/desires. Maybe he just got tired of not having it. This reminds me of Proverbs 31:3 .

    It’s very very hard to go without pussy. It’s a constant/dominant thought in the mind of a man.


  3. nidotopianwarrior says:

    conscious stripper? what an oxymoron……what exactly is she conscious of?


  4. reality_check says:

    What really is the issue here? He’s a single man- not married and cheating on his wife, not involved with pedophilia, not involved in homosexual activity. So again, I ask: what is the issue here?

    As a over-grown man, he doesn’t have to abstain from sex and no one should expect him to.

    This has nothing to do with Dr. Umar’s libido and everything to do with another opportunity to try to neutralize a black threat.

    I can’t believe black people are jumping on this bandwagon. We should know better by now.

    This is a non-issue.

    Oh, and as for those donors: trust me, if they were true to the cause, they’d donate the funds. It’s not about Dr. Umar, but about the children.


  5. Brothers are continuously chasing the kitty kat instead of paying attention to the piggy bank. I couldn’t agree with you more when you state that we have some of the dumbest mofo’s on the planet among us. Our priorities have always been skewed. While the white man chases wealth, power and dominance we chase frivolity. This is a huge setback for his campaign and hopefully he can recover. But why even put yourself in that situation???? I understand the need to feed but there comes a time when one has to pause and weigh the consequences of ones actions. Simple dynamics of Risks vs Rewards…. You stated that this is not his first transgression so apparently he’s developed a pattern that he needs to break.Time for some real self evaluating… Leads people to question his integrity ( which some have already been doing) and he has no one to blame, but himself….


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