What Is OUR RESPONSIBILITY in What Is Happening To Us?


Today, I’ve been on Twitter and it’s kind of quiet today. So, I went to YouTube and I’m watching The Red Pill and Blue Pill discussing: Minister Louis Farrakhan, Economics Boycott, and Race Wars.  The discussion has been around the our responsibility in what has been happening to us.  I listened intently. And…I have to agree with what they’re saying.

I took the liberty of posting some tweets that spoke volumes of the reality of the Black community being somewhat responsible for a lot of what has been done to us.

The basic question is: Where is the fear?  Why do white people have the temerity to kill Black people in 2015 and not fear any consequences?

Frankly, the only answer I can come up with is that we’ve allowed them to think it’s ok.

Within the last 40 years, what has really happened to the Black community? We’ve gone through hell, but we always had each other. Our families were in tact, so we weathered the storms. However, around the late eighties, Fatherlessness, AIDS, crime, violence, and crack cocaine began to rip our communities apart.  Yeah.  I think it’s time to just break it down: Drug dealers have been the biggest terrorists in our community.  Next to them, Black males who have lost their souls; began to degrade, and strip their own people of dignity, power, and wealth.  They brought death into our communities, selling cocaine, heroine, and crack, distributed from whites, willfully helping the enemy do the exact damage they had designed for our people during slavery and throughout the history of this country.  They then worked on the women.  How many millions of Black women were decimated by Black men, filled with so much self hatred; they allowed criminals to define their womanhood, stripping them of the title of woman–replacing it with BITCH; then furthering the assault in having homosexual (DL) sex with other men, going home to those women, and then giving them AIDS.  Let us not forget the countless lives that have been lost of brothers being killed by brothers. Black on Black crime–an extension of the inner turmoil of self-loathing.  And we want white folks to value our lives?

How many Black Gangs have joined Black Lives Matter? Huh? How many are ready to Ride or Die for real?!?!  Always acting hard on wax. Posing, trying to be tough. Where were you when Zimmerman walked?  You have not carried yourself in the manner that commands respect and incites fear in the response of your oppressor.  If they kill one–and we do nothing. Do you really think they won’t kill a 1000 and expect the same?

Hell, the Mafia struck fear in people and that’s why no one messed with Italians.  They loved their own.  That’s what made them powerful.

We have to understand that our enemy has memorized The Art of War.  Many of us, just quote it.  They want to destroy Black males and are not even trying to hide that fact any longer. The sad part: White men tricked Black men to assist in their own demise as a people.

Let me address the term Nigga and how it’s being commericalized around the world.  Who do you think are the ambassadors for this movement?

“Nigga” does not emanate the God in me. Thus, I will not answer to it nor allow anyone to call me that.

So why don’t whites fear disrespecting Black people any longer? White people react to Black fear. We have been the bridge that White Supremacists use to hurt us.  Fear becomes an intention. That which you fear…finds you. You create YOUR FEARS.  They assume we’re cowards.  We run. We die. Hands up. We die. Frankly, the only appreciated among us are the passive Negro.

How do you reconcile Black Lives with a generation that’s only concerned with Meek, Mill, and Drake?

So people are shocked that now, nature has turned the tables, and Black men are getting shot and killed.  More like, a threat is being removed.  Analyze how nature sometimes acts as a vacuum.

Do we dare analyze the truth here:  When you take life; you must replace it with your own.  And many Black men are guilty as hell.

No. I’m not trying to put Black men down. I’m telling the truth.  Every time a Black man gets killed lately; I think of the pregnant women who sold their babies back in the day to get a hit of crack.  How many lives were lost from overdoses? The families that were destroyed. The communities decimated from drugs and violence.  It’s unforgivable.  There must be a cosmic response, thus, the life of Trayvon Martin is just one of the sacrifices that has been made to atone for that one death.

What is pathetic is that people have died all because they are enslaved to a weed.  That’s were drugs come from…

One decision of an individual can have corporate consequences.

We have been lethargic, Black people.  Plain and simple.  We bought the lie.  We drank the nectar of liars who hated us and we destroyed each other so they’d accept us–and WE’RE THE ORIGINAL PEOPLE of this earth.

Yes.  I have to ask this question today: What is our responsibility in what has happened to us?

Black people need to MARCH ON white folks; and stop marching for something out of emotion. FIGHT BACK!

Before you choose your leaders and question God, reconcile this: If you’re not prepared to fight or die for what you’re preachin’…GET THE HELL out of my face!


54 comments on “What Is OUR RESPONSIBILITY in What Is Happening To Us?

  1. A says:

    Truth the census reports that 23% of Black men have children out of wedlock so that’s not something writ large we’re responsible for. That 23% simply has a disproportionate amount of children thus skewering the stats, in short number of black children=/= the number of Black fathers. Black men are not a monolith and its unfair to speak on us as such. I as a man with no children who has never committed a crime cannot be compared to someone with 7 babymommas who is in and out of prison, its an insult. The majority of Black men don’t have kids out of wedlock nor do they abandon them therefore the deadbeat Black father tale is a myth. Several studies have shown that out of men not in a relationship with the mother of their child Black men spend the most time with and the most in child support in comparison to men of other races. Most marriages end in divorce which means most children end up living in single parent households so I don’t see how that phenomena makes Black men irresponsible when it’s that common. Difficult? Sure, but it doesn’t mean a man is absent from his child’s life.

    You skated right over my point of Black women running head first into the arms of the same drug dealers you decry while giving Black men who actually work hard earning money legally hell and treating them like dirt, why is that Truth? Is my point not valid, are there not many Black women who keep quiet and never ask where her man got his money from so long as her needs are taken care of? Once again most of these young men don’t have a legal way to make enough to feed a family; I don’t condone their actions but it’s not as simple as you’re making it sound. If privilege is something to speak of why don’t you point out that Black women are almost never put in a position to have to ask themselves a question like “should I sell drugs to my people or watch my baby go hungry?” because they can pass that responsibility over to Black men. The women get to retain their freedom while the men get locked up for simply trying to feed them.

    When you say things like “women are running households on their own” you fail to mention that most single mother households are in poverty where they can only get government assistance if no man is present. Keep in mind that “single parent” is a legal term not a social one. Which means that very often these couples who had children out of wedlock are cohabitating or get married after the child is born. Even some women who live on section 8 have the father in the household he just pretends not to live there when the government agencies do their monthly check. I know, my parents did just that and so did many other families. If men could get the same benefits then there wouldn’t be too many single parent households. It doesn’t make someone special because the government decided to discriminate against one gender in favor of another. That’s like my family leaving me millions in a will and yours leaving you nothing with my only reply being “why you so broke!?” There are absolutely NO benefits for single fathers that single mothers can’t get. By contrast there are scrolls worth of benefits single mothers can get that single fathers can’t. And last but not least Truth 90% of married Black men are married to Black women. Who you’re married to was obviously who you dated at some point so its safe to say roughly the same amount are dating Black as well. I’m sorry but I saw nothing in your reply other than ,myths about Black men written in comment format.


    • Truthangel07 says:

      A. I am not removing Black women from responsibility, but at the same time, I’m not going to pacify Black males either.

      No. You aren’t a statistic. However, your life is being impacted because of the negativity of many Black males who have abandoned their self-respect, families, God, and communities.

      The point I’m trying to make in this blog piece, is for ALL BLACK PEOPLE to look in the mirror and ask this question: “AM I PART OF THE PROBLEM OR PART OF THE SOLUTION?”


  2. A says:

    Sorry Truth but I’ve got some major disagreements or at least pieces I want to add on to this post.

    1) Black drug dealers are usually poor men who are selling drugs to feed a Black woman & child. After going out & being unable to find a way to earn legally they’re left w/o much options in the way of gaining capital, thus they turn to the streets. Drugs & drug addiction are terrible things without a doubt, but it’s nowhere near as black and white as you’ve made it seem, you’d be shocked at the things you would resort to if you had other mouths to feed and no legit way of doing it.

    Black women call Black men lazy, bums & stupid when racist companies won’t hire them or they don’t make enough money. These same women constantly complain about gendered double-standards but never seem to notice that when they’re broke or unemployed no one calls them losers. However NONE of these women complain when that dirty money hits the palm of their hand at which point they forfeit the moral high ground. In layman’s terms; Carmela Soprano isn’t any better than Tony.

    Black men don’t receive WIC, child support or section 8 vouchers when we have kids poor and out of wedlock, Black women do, just another hint at why a man might hit the block to make a few dollars.

    2) As far as street crime and violence is concerned Black men writ large don’t have to take accountability in the sense of taking blame because according to the FBI database only 2% of Black men commit a violent crime per year, less than 1% commit murder. The violent criminals are serials who commit their acts repeatedly until or unless they get caught so equating Black men to street violence is false as Black men writ-large don’t commit acts of violence.

    “Where’s everyone when black-on-black-crime occurs” I’m veeeeery disappointed with you on this one sistah. This argument has already been debunked ad-infinitum. Most crimes are commited against a member of ones own race because most people commit crimes against others they KNOW. Due to racism & segregation most neighborhoods are mono-racial which means Black criminals commit against Black victims which is called PROXIMITY CRIME, not black on black.

    Due to higher rates of poverty in Black communities crime is perpetuated a more often than in others but if you adjust for income many times non-black neighborhoods of similar economic background have the same amount of crime!! You and others who have used this argument never give it this context thus making the term a misnomer. But yes there is an alarming rate of crime on our communities which brings me to my next point.

    Where are all the media giants when Black activist groups try to curb violence in the inner cities? You can’t name one city in America that has a large Black population that doesn’t have an anti-violence or gang intervention group or program. There was a man on Chris Hayes of MSNBC from Cincinnati who was part of a group that paid, yes PAID gang members to not kill people and guess what? They actually stopped!!

    That’s the length that people go to to stop violence; poor Black folk without 2 pennies to rub together taking what little money they have to give to sociopaths to stop them from killing. That’s not indifference to Black crime like you’re suggesting, that’s desperation and dedication. The same dedication you stepped on with this post. I know you have good intentions and I love your blog but I saw very blatant scapegoating of Black men here that’s completely out of character for you.


    • Truthangel07 says:

      I read your words and I’m not trying to scapegoat Black males, but at the same time; I will not remove Black males from responsibility of a lot of the problems that you outlined. Yes. Men in any society must take absolute control and authority of their environment. People know the history of our people; but all too often, Black males assist the enemy in degrading the very communities you speak of. However, when the consequences of the drug dealing, fatherlessness, unemployment, etc., begins to impact the entire community; far too many Black men want to run and hide or point fingers at the Black woman.

      I’m sorry, A. It’s time for Black men to step up. Period.

      Black women are running two-parent households. Many are just tired.

      You want to be treated like men, but don’t over-stand what that means.

      Black women are standing with you, but far too many still have the audacity to flaunt the proverbial “white chick” in Black women’s faces, simply because they enable you instead of holding you accountable. Hell, they can afford it. If a Black males gets shot or jailed, it has no impact on their White Privilege whatsoever.

      At the same time, young Black women need to stop having babies with irresponsible men. This is what creates a lot of the poverty that you speak of.

      The deterrent to poverty is education and entrepreneurship. As well as solidarity.

      This is about EVERYONE understanding: No more passes will be given.

      We must all do our part.


  3. Jaaylah says:

    ChildofRa, I’m glad that you want to hold hands with other races but you’re just wasting your time.Other races don’t like black people either.Most Indians,Asians and Latinos are taught in their own countries how to hate and fear blacks and they treat their own darker skinned people horrible.I don’t hate anyone as I have a few associates from different races.I’m just concerned about getting my house in order and seeing change in my people.I can’t be worried about holding hands with people that don’t like me.


  4. Tyrone says:

    Whites and others have no fear in killing us because “Black Manhood” is dead…Figuratively Speaking! We have to bear the lion’s share of blame with respect to this issue. F@#k blaming Whitey and his minions. I don’t walk around thinking that any other race of men can screw with my head. That’s a foreign concept to me. Yet, so-called educated and progressive blackmen are on various news shows crying about this and that like a bunch of sissies. Same time, we’re told that African-Americans have billions in spending power, but, we still have to beg them for employment in 2015. Let’s highlight the institutions of propaganda that keep us in the ditch:


    These are the 5 pillars of anarchy that keep us destracted all too often. I left out the Prison Industrial Complex on purpose. It’s the last stage of destruction. Once a blackman decides to give his life to Lucifer, it’s already too late. I live in the hood, and never have I entertained the thought of killing another sista or brotha, selling drugs, getting high and so forth. Since I started giving input on blogs, always attacked the Crabs amongst us, but gotta lot of pushback simultaneously. The D-Boys, Gangstas, and Boule Hucksters are one in the same. Support policies and behavior that cripples our community. All hate blackwomen and they kill…Common Thread! I’ve pretty much divorced myself from that group within our race. Good black people try to understand them, For What! Ain’t no love for them. Again, they use Whitemen as an excuse to do wrong…Hell To The No! That’s telling the planet that a blackman has no authority over his mind and body. I want their blood, but don’t wanna be in a cage. I hate them with a passion, it’s that deep. The Militants have no leg to stand on, Min Farrakhan is a snake just the same. Islam got us murdering innocents in Africa, encouraging blacks in America to commit suicide bombings and so forth. Young sista in Mississippi got put in cuffs for plotting to enter Syria with her white arab boyfriend to aid ISIS as medics last week. It shows how depraved we’ve become. Whites are all the same…American, Spanish, Arab, etc. None of them give a damn about us, but, the ethnic ones we give a pass to because of men like Farrakhan who kiss their asses…F@#% Him! Keep doing your thang Truth…We’re Lost Out Here!


    • Truthangel07 says:

      Tyrone,your words are like truth serum. Hard to swallow, but must be administered for sanity and clarity.

      Well said, young brutha. Well said.


      • Tyrone says:

        What’s Up Sis!

        I don’t trust any movement that is digging a deeper ditch for us. All the hoopla about Black Lives Matter, and the Founder of the group is a male version of Rachel Dolezal? Yeah, Shaun King is a fraud pretending to be biracial…He Did That—Allegedly! Black people are dying left and right, and Obama wants to de-criminalize selling drugs and other non-violent crimes, take away our guns, allow drug gangs to roam the streets, etc. Voting for stupid politicians has put us in a bad spot. All the progress made, and it’s been flushed away. Sis, you keep me inspired in a world gone mad…Thank You So Much! You’re loved and greatly appreciated more than you know!!!


      • Truthangel07 says:

        Hi, Tyrone.

        I just keep it real.

        A lot of white people and other non Black people are often shocked by the bluntness of what I speak. Of course, I never apologize. Welcome to my reality, sweetie. We see things differently.

        Obama has been a punk prez. He really has. I’ve lost respect for him. He got bitch-slapped by those white Republicans. Because he shyed away from being, god forbid, seen as…The Black President; many of the brothers and sisters on Capital Hill didn’t even bother to try and defend him when they were ripping him apart.

        Now, Donald Trump is surging in the polls simply because he had the balls to say what we both know…every one is thinking about Illegal Immigration.

        The 2016 Presidential race will be interesting indeed.


  5. There are divisions of borders, hate, crimes, not only among African Americans, also in Africa and in countries where there are blacks!
    For example white racist rich Countries corrupts African States with bloodstained money to impede African development!
    Such as black music has become a cancer for black communities, the black musicians work for white record labels, which corrupt the black musicians, urging them to behaviors such as crime, prostitution, drugs and so on!
    Interracial marriages is another big problems for us, white people promote hatred between black men and black women, but this is another way to steminare our people!
    I want say, we have always left white people to corrupt our mind! This is why the world laughs at us, because we don’t have respect for ourselves!
    It disgusts me to hear black people who call “nigga” to each other in public in front of white people and not black people!
    They call themselves stupid and unintelligent, there are a lot of bad apples in our community, and these bad apples harm us!!
    The 90% of what is happening now is all our fault!
    We didn’t understand that the only real power is united black, only if we are united we can succeed!
    I don’t understand how the Chinese communities are able to work together as a single system and evolve, they have become the second economic power in the world! They simply have used the united!
    The blacks are also able to do so if they start to build more and more black businesses and invest in black businesses!
    The truth is black people don’t like help each other, doesn’t matter which country we come from or which language we speak, simply we don’t want help each other! If we don’t want help each other who will do it for us? White people? Who don’t give a damn about us?


  6. Jaaylah says:

    Very good post.I’ve always wished that black people would come together more on the issue of black on black crime.So many young black men are gunning down other black men and it’s sad.They are killing each other mainly over things that don’t matter.I know that many young black men are doing good and graduating from college and whatnot.But some are also into the life that leads to jail or death.Many community activists work to find solutions for the problem and they have definitely helped.It just pains me to think that when I decide to have another child,that is hopefully a boy, he may be gunned down by another young black man.


  7. N.S. says:

    I disagree with some of this article. Though I am not denying what my lost brothers have done over the past however many years, we males were not the only significant cause of the disintegration that took place then. Outside of the fact that other significant outside influences are missing in your analysis, black men were not the only ones within the community who played a role in what happened in the 80s. We certainly are not the ones who are really responsible for self-hatred in the majority of females who show those signs(and yes, I was one who thought we were the only cause until it was broken down for me). There are good arguments that we males are not the main source of self-loathing in the community in general but that is for another day. AIDS in the black community was not just the fault of those DL men or even the rest of us.

    The street crime rates are unavoidable on a discussion of why what is going on is occurring and we males bear the brunt of the responsibility. Not all of us are asleep to what is coming for us. What happened before today,however, is misleading and so it portrays black males as the only ones in the community who were a significant cause of what happened.

    Also, the cosmic responses explanation in your article seems to be wrong. If a pregnant woman sacrifices her baby to get some drugs from a crack dealer(who is definitely at fault), then why is it only the black man who must be punished by the cosmic response? Though what is coming for us is, without question, the worst, the regular explanations of cosmic principles do not really explain what is going to happen to the males.


    • Truthangel07 says:

      How do you know you’re a man? When you begin to realize your participation in the events that impact your own life as well as your community and environment.

      I’m not blaming Black males, per se, and yes, Black women have a responsibility. But God made men leaders. And many Black men have walked away from their responsibility, thus, leaving the women to make decisions and sometimes, forcing those women to make negative choices because they had no support.

      Sorry, I’m not giving anyone a pass.

      Just stating the reality of choices made that have had dire consequences on our community.


      • N.S. says:

        Hmm. I simply say that we do not bear the full or significant responsibility on all parts and your first response is to imply that I am not a man. Also, please give me the courtesy of not pointing out “when I am a man.” Most women would be upset if a man were to tell then something like “you know you are a woman when”. It does not matter to me, in fact I was already expecting this type of response, but I was hoping you would respond better than that when I only had a factual disagreement.

        I never said we weren’t guilty of anything. I said “the black woman lost all their self-respect because of the black man” narrative is false- while there may have been some who lost their self-respect due to black men, the majority of black women are acting out that way because they chose to. There are many others who have good material on this, but please see David Carroll and some of the popular uploads on Mr. Madness Sotomayor for beginners.

        I took responsibility for the bad what we have done, including street crimes. I also said what will happen to us is the worst(please tell me how that is dodging responsibility). Also, it is not like the media does not discuss our role, whether true or not, in everything that happens to the black community. However, there are things at work that you do not understand. Self-loathing came primarily from black women, not men. Also, the drug dealer, as bad as he is and hurtful to the community, did not have the baby so the black man in that case should not be the only one to be punished. The only thing I am saying is that that is inaccurate to try to throw all the faults of the community on our shoulders, because there is some stuff we definitely have no role in.

        You are giving women a free pass for their negative choices. There are certain negative choices that a number of black women made that have had a horrific effect on the black community and even people outside know but you are giving black women a pass and instead blaming everything, even stuff we had no role in, on the black man. In fact, if your cosmic principles were true, we would NOT be the group that is facing the worst of what will happen. There is a divine explanation for why we will get the worst(and notice I did not say we did not deserve it), but you are completely off the mark with your conventional cosmic principles explanation, even with God made men the leaders part being added later on.


      • Truthangel07 says:

        I responded to you as I did because you sound like most Black males who do not see themselves as the catalyst for the problems in the manner and way they are perceived. All the things I talked about are real. Black women did not force Black men to sell drugs to their own people. Black women are not forcing Black men to kill each other. And we are certainly not siding with the police in the manner in which they choose to respond to Black on Black crime.

        And I have to emphasize how so many black men turned their back on God.

        I’m simply telling the truth.

        When you can find the strength to look in the mirror as a race of men–and admit what you’ve done; then, and only then, will you begin to advance and prosper.


      • N.S. says:

        Are there some atheists among us? Yes. However, many of us just do not believe Christianity anymore. We simply have gone away from what is obviously false. Also, the church as a building is not even in the Bible but that is a story for another day. What I said was true that there are other divine explanations at work, but conventional cosmic principles do not explain why what we are going to face will be the worst of everyone.

        No, I took responsibility for what we did in my first response as well. I, however, object to us being blamed for the what we did not do. I said in the first one that we bear the brunt of the responsibility for the street crime, which includes selling drugs and the high rate of homicide.

        No, the last sentence you had is only partially true- but that would require way too much space to address. I will leave it alone for now.


      • Truthangel07 says:

        “Once choice has corporate consequences.” I said this in the piece.

        That in a nutshell is the end result here.


      • N.S. says:

        The only thing you said that was somewhat true with regards to explanation of what is coming that was somewhat on target was the fact that God chose us to be leaders, even though there is more. You need to read your Bible, including the first few chapters of Isaiah There are far more signs of what is really going to happen in the world outside.

        One choice has corporate consequences fails to explain why what we will go through is worse than what the women will face.


      • Truthangel07 says:

        Frankly, I feel like you’re just reacting to what I said instead of “over-standing” why I said it.

        Ego and wisdom are paradoxes.


      • B says:

        Wow!! And that has got to be the weakest excuse/using Black men as a scapegoat for Black women’s horrendous choices. As far as DL dudes, of course they are wrong and have a responsibility, but let’s not forget disease wouldn’t be spread (at such a rate) if Black women weren’t so ready to receive them.


      • Truthangel07 says:

        Let me tell you something, B. One, this is not a blog to disparage the Black race; it’s coming to grips with certain aspects within our culture that need to be examined, accounted for, and confronted honestly. Both Black men and women have a responsibility here to each other and the entire community. Actions that have occurred in the past and present, impact ALL of us directly and indirectly.

        That’s the point here.


  8. kowaba says:

    What is our responsibility is what is within our control. I always remind myself of that when I feel down. Self care, educating ourselves (history, strategy, survival skills, self defense), how we treat others and ourselves, what we put into our mind (thoughts, actions etc.) are all things that are within our control. Other people and their behavior is that persons’ problem and responsibility no need to stress over something that I don’t have the power of changing.


  9. WALLAH HABIBTI!!!!!!!!!


  10. ChildofRa says:

    Good post, they are many things we must fix in our community in order to gain respect but we have 400 years of slavery plus segregation to unbrainwash from our mental state. Once we have donenthat and get our community together then maybe we can combine with other people of color such as the asians, native americans, people of south america etc. I realized earlier today that all poc have gone through similar history when it comes to white people. Other pocs may seem together but even they have european mentalities that they must over come so they too can be a stronger people.

    I seriously doubt white people would want every race of color on this planet to be in complete unity cause that would destory their entire white supremacy all over the globe.


    • Jaaylah says:

      I don’t agree with joining together with other races and us all singing we shall overcome.I have friends of other races and by no means think that every non black person is the same.I’ve noticed though that other races don’t like black people either.Why try to come together with people that don’t like you?


      • ChildofRa says:

        Well if you have a group of people that have been taught that darker skin is ugly and bad then are taught that white is beautiful and good then yes you would get races such as hispanics and asian and indians that hate dark skin and have this notion of black people or a person with very dark skin are unworthy thanks to the media stereotypes and european idealism.


      • Truthangel07 says:

        White people are insane.

        Has anyone really over-stood the term, White Supremacy? It’s an oxymoron, if anyone truly understands genetics. White skin is a result of a genetic defect. There is absolutely nothing supreme about them whatsoever.


      • Truthangel07 says:

        Exactly, Jaaylah.

        And I’ll tell them that to their face. Trust me on that one.

        Black people should just start speaking their minds more–like they did in the sixties and the seventies.


    • Truthangel07 says:

      No. I’m not joining forces with any other groups who have hatred for us also. The reaction of those POC’s during the Mayweather Pacquiao fight, sealed it for me. Where were those people when Black people were fighting for civil rights in the sixties? Most stood on the sidelines. We must organize ourselves spiritually, and direct our energies economically.


      • ChildofRa says:

        There were asians who stood along with blacks in the 60’s, its just not but into our history books.


      • Truthangel07 says:

        I’ve heard about it. But there isn’t any unity with Asians and Blacks today.


      • ChildofRa says:

        That is because of white supremacy, separating the races. Blacks were already placed into ghettos and then when asians got here, whites forced them to the ghettos as well and so develops a clash over territory and this ideal placed in the minds of the asian population that they are better than blacks and are considered the ideal poc when in reality whites could careless about asians.


      • Truthangel07 says:

        There is a time when you can blame the oppressor but there is also a reality of willful participation.

        I simply do not place a lot of values in forming coalitions with other racial groups. Our history as a people have shown that we are alone in this fight for equality.

        Other races have an entirely different agenda.


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