The Opinions of White People Will Never Matter More Than Those of Black People on This Blog!


Today, I was reviewing the various responses to the blog and I must say, I have attracted a lot of non-whites lately.  What usually separates them from those of my followers, typically, start out aggressively telling me how racist this blog is and how offended they are.


Just take a listen to this segment from Fox News from a guest, mind you, having the nerve to complain how hard it is to be white:

White privilege must be a mutha!

Well, you know what? I DO NOT GIVE A DAMN if I offend any white person or others who just DON’T GET IT that Black people have a perspective about life, social issues, and see things from a different lens than they do.

The audacity to insinuate your arrogance and demand that what I discuss in someway esteem you.

Who the hell invited you to this blog?  You came here with intent but typically, as with most whites, you assume that Black people aren’t intelligent.  You read the words of the topic at hand, but don’t possess the ability to empathize with the person reporting on the realities they face, so typically, as we’ve seen in history, white folks use Cognitive Dissonance in their actions and responses; and make it their mission to dehumanize, disqualify, nullify, or invalidate our reality or truth; in order to justify their behavior toward us.

I’m quick.  I take no time to assert an offensive and set them straight immediately.  There are times I will edit my responses more than once; just too make sure I said exactly what I was thinking, handing an intellectual smack-down that will never leave their psyche.

We all have to put up with so much from white folks, not just on the job, but even on a subliminal level.  No matter where we go; we have these confrontations.  It’s never neutral.  There’s always a war or the threat of it.  And as people who are raised from birth to “be ready” for any and all challenges one could face, even just walking down the street; Black people are always in a state of engagement with the enemy.

These Caucasoid’s that find their way over to my blog when they Google; it is annoying to the fullest how even when intruding in your space; there is some arrogance at play in the mind of whitey.  They instantly expect “service” in someway. This is my blog, gottdammit!

One of the greatest mistakes many white folks make is to assume that Black people aren’t intelligent.  And for the life of me, I’ve never understood how they assume we are unintelligent when they are the ones who literally jump off cliffs without a parachute.

Anyone that has ever had to attend meetings or events with an interracial audience, whenever the discussion of our experiences come up, white folks have some damn opinion that exposes their racism and ambivalence toward the issues of people of color or BLACK PEOPLE, specifically.

Well, you will not get a pass here.  Their white privilege card is not accepted here.  And never will be.

White people give themselves the privilege to be seen as individuals. They only understand their worldview on issues that permeate society.

Certainly, any Black person that thinks opposite of what they do, gets branded. Right?

Oh, well…for that.

However, I’m not changing a damn thing on this blog to accommodate white folks or any others who come here with the wrong attitude or liability of ignorance.

Had a run in with a white person lately?  Well, look them in the eyes and tell them how much you just don’t give a damn if they’re uncomfortable.  You live in it every single day.

Welcome to the reality of Black America!

18 comments on “The Opinions of White People Will Never Matter More Than Those of Black People on This Blog!

  1. Jaaylah says:

    Wow.I’m sorry that you have to put up with that.Why would someone even post something like that?They are totally obsessed with is.If that person truly is biracial, black and other, they will get their wake up call soon enough.


  2. Truth says:

    I bet you are : single, obese, wears a weave, loud, unemployed? All black women are this way. No matter how many articles you write filled with racist bull, you will always be the loser. While you angrily type this drivel and waste your short life on this earth being a hater, us beautiful mixed women get hit on constantly, receive compliments for our beautiful hair, attitudes, smiles, and work ethic. What a waste of a life you are.


    • Truthangel07 says:

      Actually, I’m a published author who also works for a large corporation. And my natural curly hair is probally longer than yours, you racist craKKKa!

      This is not racism; it’s the response to daily racism, disrespect, arrogance and ignorance from white folks who’s only power is White Privilege. Oh. I guess you forgot about that.

      Get your dumb ass off of my blog.

      Like or lump it; Black people are not responsible for your negative birthrate.

      You people are a ticking time bomb.

      Nature is even tired of you.

      In one hundred years, people will be asking: “What happened to all the white people?”

      *Middle Finger*


    • Blackking86 says:

      You get hit on constantly, but can you build a successful family?


  3. Tyrone says:

    None of us should care what they think. 2 ships passing in the night voyaging to parts unknown. Only we love us, others are not obligated to give a damn’ about us. Growing up, we were brainwashed to believe that all colors have to lend a hand…In What Way? I don’t see other races breaking their necks to assist black people. This is how it’s always been, whether we admit it or not. If we’re saying dumb ish, then we should be concerned. Being able to move the crowd is a special gift that only a few are blessed to own. It can be used for good or for bad…Just Words—Just Speeches!


  4. judy says:

    I never understood their need to post on all Black sites telling us how we should feel and what we should say. Its the most annoying thing ever.


  5. Really I don’t give a damn if white people get offended if we say the truth about their beheviour!
    I don’t give a damn if they act so educated to teach us how we should act as educate person, because who are really uneducated are them!
    Always remember these points, and we should never have to hold our head down to any recessive genetic defects!
    This should also convince you that all of the great civilizations from antiquity had to be started by us! White people with their recessive genes and poorly refined reproductive systems, could not have lasted that long, seemingly that they are disappearing faster than anything now! Breeding with us, or breeding without us!


    • Truthangel07 says:

      The irony. Needing to breed with us in order to survive as a species!


      • Yeah of course ,for this reason they still alive in this world! Slavery was an excuse to use our genes to survive, they have always done otherwise goodbye!
        I never find in my life white people superior to black people,we can see their actions, these people suffer from a pathological narcissism and insecurity incredible!
        I have never in my life made to feel superior whites or make them comfortable, I have always done the opposite!


  6. nidotopianwarrior says:

    White people are living proof of what a truly reprobate mind really is, they are sick to the core…


  7. And for some reason they think you care about their thoughts and opinions. I like to go over to these right wing sites read a headline and go straight to the comments and troll the shit out of these fools. And it never fails – they go on about one type of Black person like Black people are myopic. Not even realizing or caring how ignorant it is to put a whole race of people in one single pile. But then come over to a Black blog and tell us how racist we are. I mean what is it? Are we racist or are we stupid, welfare recipients who need to go to school, teach are children how to act (white)? Yeah, I don’t care.


    • Jaaylah says:

      It’s so sick and crazy how many I hate black sites are out there.I stumble upon them by accident.I can name at least 5 off the top of my head.They are truly obsessed with us.They have all of those sites but still want to come on a black blog.Makes no sense to me at all.


      • I asked one of those racist why is it that they make sites dedicated to hating Black people when you’d be hard pressed to find a Black site dedicated to hating whites? Of course I just got some ignorant ass cracker response.

        I don’t know why they do it, but it seem more like jealousy than hate to me.


      • Truthangel07 says:

        Did they start quoting off statistics of just how many percentage of us do this or that; as if they don’t do a damn thing.

        I’d really like to whoop some ass right now. I’m serious. I think my blog entries of late expose that.

        They’re getting on my damn nerves!


      • Truthangel07 says:

        Nothing about white people make any damn sense. They have the highest cases of mental and psychological disorders of any group. Imagine, you’re minding your own damn business, yet, some insecure white man or woman fears you, and you’re just shopping at Target.


    • Truthangel07 says:

      “And for some reason they think you care about their thoughts and opinions.”

      OMG! This quote almost made me hit the floor. So true. They love to be condescending to minorities in general…and expect you to be humble as they scold you for daring to have an opinion.

      That’s why I have no mercy for them when they come to my blog and try to disrespect.

      THIS IS MY HOUSE! And I will defend it with a fierceness unseen.


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