I’m Not Singing And Holding Hands With a Group Of People Who Don’t Recognize My Humanity!


Shoot a Black person.  Shock white people.  A call for peace occurs.  Memorials are planned. Then…everyone holds hands, sing We Shall Overcome; and then it happens again.

Hasn’t this become the scenario?

It is…and reflective of how white people are all of a sudden, starting to feel free about showing their bigotry, I hate to say it: because of these cop killings, and our lack of aggression in response. Would you pray for someone who killed your child? I’m not singing and holding hands with a group of people who don’t recognize my humanity. Funk that!

We are a people with a long history on this planet and we’re being treated as though we are trash collectors by a group of people who are nothing more than a mistake of nature.

I will not bow down to a low, reptilian brain, genetic defect.

Our lives matter!  Without us on this planet, humanity would not exist.

It is time for Black people to start over-standing this point.  Our ancestors were first to CREATE, THINK, and CIVILIZE this planet.  And these sub-human, Caucasoid’s dare brand us as monkeys?

The time has come to stop giving white racists a hug, telling them you’ll pray for them, and falling to our knees, asking God to forgive them. This attitude needs to die in Black people.  It’s sick and ridiculous.  An intelligent human being responding c correctly to their environment perceives what is being done to them.

Hell, just last week, a group of Black women got thrown off a damn train for of all things, laughing and having a good time on a California wine train.  It’s like…”Just snicker one time, Nigger.”  Really?  So sorry that happy Black people upset white people so badly; they get treated like gun toting terrorists.

Here’s the story:


One of my friends and I were talking about how Donald Trump has surged in the polls for the presidential race for 2016. His slogan is Make America Great Again.  While on Twitter today, someone tweeted that subliminally, it sounded like what was being projected was, “Make America WHITE Again.”  So apropos. And I totally agreed. What is happening now is that the REALITY of white America is making Trump a hit. He is saying what they haven’t been allowed to say since Obama has been in office. They’re basking in “victimization” now. He attracted over 30,000 people in ALABAMA. They hate northerners. But…he’s got their attention.  That’s something to think about.  Even infamous David Duke is giving him praises.

There is a certain attitude in white people right now. And it serves me to educate Black people of this: You teach people how to treat you; and we have to stop being comfortable with terrorists, to the point, we subconsciously begin to collude with those who want to destroy us.

I will not allow this in my life!



32 comments on “I’m Not Singing And Holding Hands With a Group Of People Who Don’t Recognize My Humanity!

  1. Sabrina says:

    Holding hands with Caucasians in the midst of a 5,000 year war is upholding white supremacy.

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  2. I love how all their stupid ass racists, are coming to black videos and calling us all types of niggers and wishing black people death! They all are no better then this black man who killed these two people,THEY all are the reason why racism is still alive and well! When that crazy ass white boy killed 9 people in the church, no one celebrated or said fuck all white people, but this black man kills 2 whites and here comes the racist comments even though 90% of the people on here are condemning his actions! White people only care to preserve their whiteness!
    How much proof the blacks need to wake up and break their ass of these bastards? White people get upset easily,why? Because just a group of black women were too loud,they asked to trow off their black asses from a train! THIS IS WHITE PRIVILEGE!
    Because some blacks believe that without the help of whites our conditions would not change! They don’t want to realize that the lives of blacks, the white people don’t give a fuck!
    Stringere hands with bastards, they think that our conditions would change? Yes, as all the lives of those innocent black men and black women who have been thrown way?
    When black people will realize that our lifes in this world is worth nothing! WE are not worth anything!
    It disgusts me the submissive attitude of some negroes who with whites! I want to see who will be the new American President, some white candidates have given confirmation that the rights of blacks are not included in their programs!
    Really that picture make me sick,I never considered white people as my brothers and sisters! That picture disgusts me!


  3. Truth, you are out doing yourself these days with these hard hitting articles of truth and revelation.

    I don’t know where Black people in this time feel the need to still kiss white ass when it is proven that white people wouldn’t spit down our collective throats if we were thirsty. And with the hate starting to reach pre-civil-rights era openness we still find it in our bleeding hearts to forgive and hug these people. Black people haven’t learned yet that we have no friends and we have no friends coming. We for some reason still feel the need to love massa and his offspring like the last 500 years were a dream. And for this I’m afraid we’ll get what we deserve.

    There is a real possibility that Trump could become president of this place and if that does happen we ain’t shit yet. Trump is the kind of person that’ll show Birth Of A Nation in the white house and then turn around and tell “the Blacks” to stop being so sensitive. The white people that think the elite really care about their trailer park asses will be in for a rude awaken as well, but nothing compared to us. The one thing I can give Trump is that at least he has the guts to speak in an uncodified, unrefined way so we know where he is somewhat coming from.

    Again, sis very good article and I’ve already reblog this all over.


    • Truthangel07 says:

      Hi, Hung.

      Thank you very much for the compliment.

      As I said some my months; in the course of 18 months, I’ve been studying different areas of knowledge and if you see a degree of evolution in my writing; it’s because my mind has elevated. I’ve changed frequencies I guess and the words coming out of my mouse are from a higher part of my consciousness.

      You are more than welcome to reblog this article in order to spread the knowledge to the people.

      Love Always,



    • Tyrone says:

      The bulk of Donald Trump’s supporters are pissed-off white conservative men and apolitical types who hate both parties. And truth be told, they’re fit to be tied like a hog. Honesty is a must in these times. America as we have known it to be for the past 400, 450, or 500 years is “No Mas.” Basically, the other Native-Americans from the Central and South are reclaiming the lands that were stolen from them by Spain, Portugal, England, and France. Naturally, white folks see it all slipping away year by year. And, the cruel irony of their demise is rooted in the one group of women they should have kicked to the curb long ago…Whitewomen! They comprise the majority of center-left voters in America, and have for decades. Name any issue that whitemen cringe upon hearing, and their women will be front and center. Make no mistake about it, the 2016 election is the ballgame. Will America continue to be a culturally black nation with a white majority, or, will it become a hellhole like Venezuela? As a blackman, I don’t give a damn about so-called Hispanics. I know the ugly truth about how they view and treat black people in general. As others have correctly stated many times, we have no friends on this planet. She may not be the land of milk and honey to us, but, other folk see it differently. What sense does it make for us to get pushed aside, while other folk just bum-rush the borders and take full advantage of what our foreparents sacrificed and died for? I see America as a black nation with a white majority. Because of suicidal ideology, our numbers are lower than they should be. The world is on fire right now, just look around? If we lose this, everybody is f@#ked. Black folk need to care and have the same passion as white folk, being honest. Europe is dead, Africa is just crazy right now, Asia is no better, Latin-America is hella racist and corrupt. We need to think long and hard about this!!!


      • Truthangel07 says:

        Tyrone, I really do feel a lot of what is happening on this planet is deeply rooted in the metaphysical.

        Spiritual forces in high places are manipulating a lot of events currently happening on this planet. Make no mistake about it; the Bible is yet again being fulfilled.


  4. Tyrone says:

    In order for black people to truly be free, we have to cut ties with the “Integration Fallacy” first and foremost. We don’t have to walk around hating white people, that only leads to what we witnessed yesterday in Virginia…Vester Lee Flanagan II. Kills 2 white reporters live on the air because he was a conflicted gay blackman. I don’t condone that type of evil to get back at “The Man.” Right Now, angry black males are no better than the whitemen they claim to hate so much…Real Talk! Killing black people, cops, and random white people signifies that we have lost total control of our humanity as blackmen. I agree with you, the Kumbaya stuff is some fantasy island nonsense. Let us not morph into what they have always been…Godless & Inhumane! As to Donald Trump, whites have lost this country because of their own stupidity…Bottomline!


    • Tyrone sir, I understand the gist of what you have said here, I really do. But when you say we have lost our humanity, when has that ever worked for us against this enemy when we were wearing coloroids, black polyester socks, bow-tie, and bible in hand we still got the short end of the stick that sodomized us as black men during slavery, reconstruction, and Jim Crow. You couldn’t get more docile than the people living in that era. Now mind you… this is before Hip-Hop! This is before sagging pants, gold teeth, Crips & Blood, Drugs, crack and cocaine. And look how bad we were treated back then. I bet you didn’t even hear about the stories in Florida of black babies (newborns) being fead to alligators. I mean the psychology behind what you are saying is the same mindframe that got us into this situation to begin with.

      That docile negro turn the other cheek while the cops stick a baton up the other type of negro. I disagree with everything you have said. Because when it comes to the type of person black people have become in this system was exerted on to us as things really didn’t start going down hill for us until 1985 anyway. So it really has been only 28+ years of this pathology we are going through. An angry black male to me right now as it stands currently is my best friend of friends.

      I’m not going to relegate this down to some shooting incident you filter out the reasoning behind justified black males who see this whole system as the enemy. The humanity you describe here is a standard most black people try to follow behind because white people set the definition of what humanity is supposed to be for some strange reason. Humanity has never worked out for anyone on this planet because all it means is , see no evil, here, no evil, speak no evil, and do no evil. Well who the hell in this society defined what evil was, white people! Given their history, isn’t that an oxymoron? Because the only reference people in society have for evil is what Hollywood told you what evil was. But again, who owns, runs, and control, Hollywood? White people! I have yet to go outside to this day and run into something named evil. I still don’t know what it is outside of what has been told to me of what it is.

      Because guess what else? Most people with a brain really can’t tell you what Hollywood is. I bet you didn’t even know Theodore Hesburgh a white Vatican Jew who was also the president of Notre Dame for 35 years who also died this year back in February was the same guy that wrote the speeches for Martin Luther King. Yes’ that ”I have a Dream” speech was wrote by the same people who have been killing us since day one. Now I ask you sir, who dream or we living in? Now you can see every since so called integration we were already dead in the water? The integration ploy was only used to make sure America does not see another Black Wall Street rise because it took a lot of work to destroy it. Man look I can write all day and long about our situation in this country but I will leave you with this.

      I don’t care how nice your pet dog is to yourself and neighbors all it takes is you not feeding it, bathing it, walking it, and abusing it for about a week. His natural instinct is self preservation with out human assistance as I’m sure we see stray dogs all the time sniffing the ground looking for food and shelter. You come home one night go out into the back yard looking for the dog that is off the chewed off chain and it comes out of the blue night and attack you mauling you to death. Would you classify that dog as evil and misbehaving with no humanity? I really don’t think you know who we are dealing with.


      • Tyrone says:

        When we start thinking and acting like them…It’s Anarchy! I don’t wanna walk around being angry 24/7/365. America is a multiracial country, different nations and ethnicities we’re forced to deal with. If we really loved ourselves as much as we claim, holding hands in churches would not be necessary. All of us are pissed at what goes on in this country and abroad. But, how we handle these various challenges matters as well. I don’t hate white people enuf to wish them harm, I just choose not to be in their circles. Again, 2 races don’t have to like each other, but, respect is paramount. Unlike a lot of folk, Karma is real in my mind. The wickedness they have done to us, it’s coming back on them…It’s Real! Whites are eliminating themselves anyway, just stand back and let nature take its course. Never allow the bs to get under your skin. It’s not about them, it’s about us realizing and actualizing how special we really are…Straight Up!


      • Truthangel07 says:

        I hear ya, Tyrone…well said as usual.


  5. Once upon a time, a woman was picking up firewood. She came upon a poisonous snake frozen in the snow. She took the snake home and nursed it back to health. One day the snake bit her on the cheek. As she lay dying, she asked the snake, “Why have you done this to me?” And the snake answered, “Look, bitch, you knew I was a snake.”


    • RayMore says:

      Great analogy. It reminds me of a time when someone told me that scorpions sting because they are scorpions. They cant help being what they are. So no use in wasting your time asking why some people are mean and do things that hurt you.


    • This was a comment by a reader to the link posted in this post dealing with the black women kicked off that train.

      Connor Smithers: Sadly, this doesn’t surprise me. When I did my Soc undergrad I found Social Anthropology studies confirming white bias toward exaggeration when it came to Blacks in social settings. There are myriad studies that 1) show whites report Blacks as being louder, even when sound measuring tools showed they weren’t; 2) when shown pictures of ethnic groups and asked to estimate how many in the group, whites over-estimate the size of the Black groups by 25-30% and 3) when shown film of ethnic groups talking, with the sound off, whites characterized most of the conversations of the Black groups as “angry” even when the talk was humorous. For all of this, there seemed to be a direct correlation between skin color and negative reporting by white subjects.

      In this case, interestingly, the train, initially, said there were “about 20 women”, that they were “ridiculously loud”, that they were “threatening” and talking in an “aggressive manner”. The train, eventually, back-tracked on those statements. End quote.

      Ariel: Now when you read this people what is the thought that comes into your mind? Brainwashing, sub conscious thoughts, xenophobia, prejudice, etc. I mean pick something because regardless of what term yo use to describe the perception white people have of African Americans does not and will not excuse the reason they come up with why this seems to be the theme with everyone who is not black as they have a stereotype for everyone but is more concentrated on black people of course. Why? Because they are the true aliens on this planet. The invasion happened when they came out of the Caucus Mountains. There is no green eye aliens coming to invade this plant because they too are to worried about how the white man will treat and react to them. That Hollywood ploy of some extraterrestrial threat coming was a diversion to keep attention off of them as a race of people who are the true intruders of this earth. This is why everything every other race does is so strange to them. Everything is internally incongruent with how they see they world outside of white behavior. They are the ones who are not supposed to be here which is why they can’t fathom themselves being the problem because every time you turn on the television all you see is , white, white, white.

      This image of what a human is supposed to be is defined by them which is why anything outside of that definition is scoffed at and is foreign to how white people view what a human is supposed to be if the person being just a human isn’t white! Every time I see black people doing something outside of how a human is defined, you always got black people saying stop… you making us look bad. Look bad in front of who? White people? We always looking for black people to pronounce words a certain way, act a certain way, dress a certain way, because the idea behind of how they see there own people is through the eyes of how white people see us. Which is why every time black people are talking among each other we always lower out tones and put our skin color in or back pockets until said white person is out of the vicinity. How in the world did these people acquire the positions in society from all the bloody things they did to acquire that seat of power to then arrogantly set the standards of how other people who they didn’t kill set the standards for what a human is supposed to be?

      This is why Hollywood has nothing on what goes on in real life because the things that really go on in this world can not be scripted and staged to be made as a motion picture. It is only a machine that can shape the behavior and steer people into thinking a certain way that sedates and take their minds off of what is really going on in this country. I can’t begin to tell you all the blood thirsty images that run through my head everyday. But you know what though, whether it’s the sun, time, murder, or disease the white race has a myriad of ways they will be escorted off of this planet. Nature itself is tired of them. Let me get off of here an attend to my tax attorney and get my money straight as she rolling her eyes wondering what the fuck I’m doing. Peace.


      • Very good, Ariel, Very very good. This comment hit me like a brick wall, everything you said here was spot on…


      • Truthangel07 says:

        Ariel, I’ve never been impressed with white people. All of my life, I’ve looked at them as though they are beneath me. Why? Because intrinsically, I knew they were not who they claim to be when left to themselves. What they are basically, are sad, lonely, self-hating, genetic defects, who either take irresponsible risks with their lives (jumping from planes without parachutes), other forms of self mutilation, or killing themselves out right. Nature has been trying to eliminate them since the Bubonic plague; and it’s time for the original people of this earth to take nature’s cue and assist in cleansing this earth of these alien demons from this planet.


      • To Truthangel: I adore and respect you so much Truthangel. You are so rare in your thinking and agenda. Because yes internally I too felt a little nudge in my gut that just now 8 years ago showed me why I had it. To me they are people who don’t know they are cannibals that will be eating themselves once the world dismisses itself from them as a food source they then will have no choice but to turn to each other and eat them selves out of existence. As Dr Phil Valentine and countless other have said that the reason white people like doing all these life risking activities is because that thrill they are seeking is the void they are filling that is empty of a soul literally.
        They want to feel alive because they are dead of the life God breathed into the original man and woman. Which is why us sitting in the back of a store with a crate and a pack of squares and a good conversation is almost the best part of the day when you add a bottle or two into the mix. Because to me the only good white person is a white person trying to help us eliminate this beast and even then after that we can trust you to stay with us because white people will be that scared even if they were one of the racist people causing us problems just to dismiss themselves of any responsibility and karma they will appear to help us only to not suffer at our hands thinking they can get away by not looking like one of the people we identify as racist.

        These people are that conniving and sneaky. Non-blacks if you are reading this and feel a little queasy in the stomach then you know you are one of the people that atonement will not be skipping once the knock on those doors of injustice start to happen in the most macroprudential ways. No one will escape what it coming down the pipe. So enjoy the last vestiges of your temporary reign of terror on this planet as those days have already been counted and allocated to be hours not continued on this planet. Black people will get the last laugh as it has always been the plan since we made you. How does it feel that your very life is nothing but a perfunctory artificial program designed to put you at a disadvantage since birth? You never really had the upper hand if you think about it. You have always came up short as the very ideas you have are nothing but subconscious thoughts implanted by the very people you think you are smarter than. It is a reason why the biblical books had this story written out before you even got here and yet be so pin point accurate of how they describe you behavior to a T. Yakub should have told you how this was going to end but then again, you already know which is why you are trying to get rid of black people before it actually happens. Which was never going to succeed in the first place. You very guns were given to you by the Dragon Moors of Europe along with the occult science you use against their descendants today.


      • Truthangel07 says:

        Well said, again, Ariel. You are truly under some type of metaphysical upliftment. Your words are like oxygen.


      • Jaaylah says:

        Ariel,perfectly said.


    • When it comes to demons, monsters, or the devil himself. White people will never cast aside how they feel about black people in lieu of another threat that has to be greater than the threat they already perceive us as before we knew what to call evil or see evil as. We are their waking nightmare. Anythings else is saved for Hollywood movies and fiction novels. Black people are under the impression that sense black and white people go to church and can talk down to Satan that somehow exempts us from them treating us as they would treat Satan if he were a living breathing entity because he represents a place none of us want to go which somehow supposed to make black and white people team players in sharing a common notion on what hell is to be for anyone doing so called evil deed and not repenting. Again my black people look what race is giving you all the things they choose for you to hate and love. All benchmarks of how you are supposed to assess your reality are set by them.

      Have you ever asked yourself what would white people really be like if they were not controlling everything? Think about this for a second. What did they do when they found out you had all of this wealth and control over your own community without no one paying rent to anybody white? They burned Black Wall Street to the ground! This was the time where you truly were controlling your own dollar, your own communities, your own education, your own businesses. And they killed all of us by the thousands.
      This is why it is so hard for black people to make another Black Wall Street because the education system itself is designed around not giving you any inkling of what it is like to control your own destiny like we used to do not to long ago because the people that are teaching us is the enemy for all we know can be direct descendants of the people that slaughtered so many innocent black people because we didn’t have to answer to anybody who wasn’t black. They were perplexed at how can a race coming off the heels of slavery acquire this much wealth and power in such a small town on par with a big city and not have anyone white involved? Black people you will not truly awaken to your true self until you see white people like they see the devil, which is you!

      You are their Omen, their Damien, their Beelzebub. They do not separate you from this so called demonic being because I have yet to run into a being with fire and brimstone jumping over white people to cast hell upon black people because we don’t go to the white mans church and worship a man that looks just like the people responsible for actually causing us all hell. I’m am so tired of these people setting the standards of who people are supposed to behave. Especially in the corporate world where you have to discard any resemblance, remnant of any culture that makes you stand out more than what is comfortably allowed. I got tired of looking for the good white people because one morning I woke up and had a Eureka moment and said this to myself.

      When it is all said and done I have to go with my people at the end of the day and white people have to go with their own because we can not continue to coexist in the same environment and expect black people to rise and take back control over this planet. One of us has got to go. Because on a cosmic level this earth will continue to get hot and will over time become uninhabitable for not just whit people but people who also share the genetics of the neanderthal which is not just white people. 85% of the world are not real humans. That’s about 5 billion people. Because the original number for this planet is only supposed to be 1 billion.8m and is not supposed to exceed that. And trust me non black who are reading this. That number will be shaved down to exactly that.


      • Truthangel07 says:

        God is moving. These are cosmic rumbles. It’s time to get this being off of this planet. God is stirring Black people–the original man of this earth to EXTERMINATE this genetic mistake. People like myself, are prepared to get the people motivated, organized, and in line with doing what is necessary to stop this evil race of people. They’ve done too much damage already.


      • Truthangel07 says:

        Your words are very powerful. I’m inspired by them.


      • To TruthAngel: I don’t know what it will take but I don’t want to wait for the sun and race mixing to see this earth back to it’s pristine state of being for another 50 or 100 years watching these people continue to bloody the waters on their way out. Because even though they will be gone one day I know that there are some black people who have been contaminated with the white mind set and will also cause the same problems white people have in a more severe way because it will be hard to distinguish them from us sense they are us. The ”Black Boule” are such people. These ”Advisers To The King” are the reason this enslavement has went on this long. They are satisfied with the crumbs this beast gives them as long as it is more than what the above average person is making. This is why they see nothing wrong with playing the token negro or the odd one out with nothing in but coon tap shoes in a square dancing club. These people will get the sharper end of the sword as they truly deserve a death untainted with white blood on the blade of our enemies.

        Because what good is the injustice going on right now that we have to wait 5 decades of retribution when all white people by then will be non existent? The prophecies of the bible promised us revenge and avengeance? This is why I think religion had to be used to sedate black people into not retaliating against this beast because causing harm to the white man is synonymous with going against God. Which was why the Charleston shooter was able to go into a black church shoot up and kill people and be treated to Mc’donalds afterwards and black people still not do a lick of nothing to anybody affiliated with Dylan Roof. Something has to give today! God and the winds of change moves to slow for me. But what is slowing down this penalty of justice for white people is interbreeding and friendships. It’s like someone being held hostage but don’t know it because a clear shot would be much easier if the victim was not trained to love the enemy.


      • Truthangel07 says:

        Good point, Ariel. Love thy enemy has become a twisted ploy of the enemy to neutralize his greatest threat. So true.


    • eightbeetles says:

      Pure wisdom and truth. Our people are lost. One of our beautiful sisters speaking truth: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XRQ-Ci6LwVw


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