Black America vs White America: Alien vs Predator; Only 1 Species Can Survive!


Remember Alien vs Predator from 2004?  Two of the greatest cinema creatures of all time in a battle of survival.  Only one could survive.  Whichever one, humanity would lose.

That was Hollywood.

Let’s look at the reality of the premise of this movie.

Our humanity has been attacked by a race of people who by all accounts are nothing more than a genetic defect.  We are the original people of this earth; and this invader from the Caucasas Mountains of Europe, has literally been a thorn in our side; struck with greed, envy, and malice, at the splendor of Africa.  The genius of African minds are the true architects of Europe.  White Neanderthals knew nothing of organized civilizations.

We all know the history of our people.

Slavery interrupted 100,000 years of evolution of our people.  It retarded us in a strange land.  But when our ancestors were freed; in less than 100 years, we built our own society (Black Wall Street) and again, the white man became envious and scared. So, they formed mobs, and burned it down.  Then Jim Crow laws were enacted to hold us down so this type of economic progress would never happen again.

That act in and of itself, did not destroy us. Black Wall Street was rebuilt in 5 years.  What really destroyed it was integration.

The illusion of inclusion was yet another ploy to detract and fool Black people into believing that they were being accepted but in reality, it was to neutralize us.  Remember Multiculturalism?  Then, the promotion of interracial marriage to Black people.  Then, they changed the census, to add different racial categories.

Made people go, hmm…what was the devil really up to?

Let’s speed up to current topics of today.  Since April, there have been 3 innocent Black people killed by police: Freddie Gray, Sandra Bland, and more recently, Sam DaBose.  We’re still trying to heal from the Trayvon Martin murder by George Zimmerman in 2012.  All of these people, with exception to Trayvon, were killed by cops.

There have been many of us penalized simply for being Black among white people.  I wrote about the ladies thrown off the train in California for of all things, laughing too loud.  Even our presence is offensive.

So much is happening every single day, I literally feel as though there is a war going on and just how many more casualties will there be?

We are at war!

Everything from Michael Brown to the Charleston Massacre is our enemy trying to destroy our humanity.  Our lives don’t matter to them.  There is a genetic war being waged on us because white people are dying–literally.  They are at negative birthrate and they know it.  Thus, they have to get rid of us, who are the biggest threat to them genetically.  Our genes are the strongest of all races.  The white man fears this.

They have come to their end as a race/species and nature has selected them for elimination.  Given the suicidal nature of white people in general; they are trying to eliminate us as they too must face their own demise.

That’s not God’s will is it?

I’m sick of playing with these people.

I’ve never been impressed with white people. All of my life, I’ve looked at them as though they are beneath me. Why? Because intrinsically, I knew they were not who they claim to be when left to themselves. What they are basically, are sad, lonely, self-hating, genetic defects, who either take irresponsible risks with their lives (jumping from planes without parachutes) exhibiting various forms of self mutilation, or killing themselves out right. Nature has been trying to eliminate them since the Bubonic plague; and it’s time for the original people of this earth to take nature’s cue and assist in cleansing this earth of these alien demons from this planet.

The premonition I see has our people finally seeing the divine justice being given for the inhumane injustices we’ve suffered at the hand of this evil humanoid.

We all know what happened at the end of the movie and who won:

So shall it be for our people!


24 comments on “Black America vs White America: Alien vs Predator; Only 1 Species Can Survive!

  1. Tyrone says:

    Whites are doing a bang-up job of offing themselves from this planet, but, they’re dragging a lot of us down with them like the ill-fated Titanic Voyage on April 15 of 1912. All sane and logical people can clearly see that we are the stronger breed, that’s not in question. I’ve analyzed and thought about this issue for years, and it always comes back to us. If a blackman walks in an elevator, they get nervous. God forbid, a blackman is sitting at a bus stop when they roll up. They’re already afraid of us as is, and we have to witness spineless men in and out of the political realm constantly crying and whining about this and that. We claim to be bad-ass, but, i can’t tell. Right now, the genetically inferior crowd is winning. They’ve turned us into pseudo-aryans and fire-jockeys if you know what i mean. No reason to spin this stuff. Based on what i see day to day…10% of us are Sharks that patrol the underwater realm and the rest are Seals that get snatched down below for breakfast, lunch, and dinner…As The World Turns!!!


    • Truthangel07 says:

      Tyrone, the neighborhood where I was raised in Chicago had some of the strongest, wisest, successful Black people you could ever want to meet. We didn’t take anything off of whites and treated them like the inferior, genetic recessive mistakes they are. When you look white folks in the eyes and tell them about their ass; believe me, there’s no need to shout Black Power. They know what they are. The moment you make them over-stand that you aren’t deluded nor deceived about them; they back down.

      It’s the presumption and lie of white supremacy that fuels their behavior. Once you smash it–NOTHING left.


  2. In right now I was watching the video of a German athlete Cindy Roleder who refused to shake hands with black athlete, Shermaine Williams a Jamaican woman because she won the 100 meters hurdles final last Friday! That so called white female dog is just showing her true colors like the rest of the miscreants in her race when it comes to how they really feel about black people! She just resents the fact that she lost to a black female that had more athletic prowess and was physically superior to her, and she didn’t have to take steroids, chemicals or enhancing drugs either. Pale skin people male or female hate it when blacks excel over them in anything. As far as I’m concern she’s a steroid filled chemically enhanced devil! Really black people should stop look for approvingly these cave demons! For that’s why I do not hang with These white bitches. That cave bitch pushed That sistas hand out the way! White female are pathetic! They act like this because their race are going to die!


    • Truthangel07 says:

      Wow. That was rude and very much exposes the inner inferiority whites have toward people of African descent.

      We can’t help it. Genius is in our blood.


    • Tyrone says:

      German female athletes have been doping for years off and on. They’re basically men in a bikini. Europe is being flooded with migrants from every direction, so, this episode is an example of (Karma Life). Wrong is always punished, regardless of time and space. These same racist whitewomen in Europe and beyond lust blackmen and despise blackwomen at the same time…The Facts!


      • Truthangel07 says:

        Germans are also extreme hedonists and embrace the most lascivious lifestyles you could imagine. Some of the things they do, including bestiality, defy the laws of decency.


  3. This is the third account I will post this comment with as for some reason it is not showing up on the blog. Because someone is tampering with my accounts. Because I know this site is being watched for sure. But here it is for the final time.

    Lets Go Deeper: I get the basis of what is being said here in parables comparable to our plight as a people. This is always a wise approach in relation to what can be used to not come off to detailed and verbose getting straight to the point as to appease the attention span of those who have to much to do to stick around for a full analogy beyond what is used in lieu of a literary story with many pages and chapters of truth. But I on’t think most people who watched the ”Predator” really saw what was being revealed to them. Remember, movies of this nature and scope of influence over the masses when it first debuted is not for passive minds who just saw it as entertainment as the ones in the occult like Stephen Hopkins who directed the Predator sequel that starred Danny Glover which was released in 1990 was very subliminal in it’s depictions of a certain people and made you wonder why certain African symbols like dreads, staff, jungles, and being called a savage made it’s way into the predator franchise. Now mind you, Mr. Hopkins was born and raised in Jamaica. Remember at the end of the sequel it is a reason why the predator didn’t kill Danny Glover,a very good reason.

    Remember this people if you watch movies with just your two eyes what I will be saying may go over your heads because this is 3rd eye thinking we are doing here. So there is another level I am trying to reach just to see where everyone’s head is. We always here our metaphysical teachers refer from our relatives from the stars as our fellow African brothers and sisters who may occupy the planets Mars and Saturn. As a matter of fact Dr. Norman Bergrun a former NACA and NASA who wrote the book ”The Ringmakers of Saturn” did an interview with ”Project Camelot” with Kerry Cassidy and elucidated on a very taboo subject with it comes to the U.F.O. community and how they conventionally present what aliens are and why they frequent our galaxy as they pressure our government to disclose these secrets as they see it as a pivotal stage in human consciousness as this pertinent time.
    But in that interview Dr. Bergun says he has seen space craft through out his career that inhabit people of a particular race who are not popular in this subject of extraterrestrial studies as it is a whitewashed world saturated with images of those with fair skin. But as these craft landed the race of people who he has said disembarked on earthly terrain were in his words,black people! Here is the link (

    Now why do I bring this up? Well it brings us back to the subject at hand with the ”Alien vs Predator” topic. I want you guys to think back to the first movie with (Arnold Schwarzeneeger) who played Dutch, and his costar (Carl Weathers) who played Dillon. Again keep in mind the character who plays the predator is a black man. People that is not a coincidence in the slightest. When you watch the first movie I want you to pay attention to the sequence at how the cast was killed. The Predator was very strategic at how he eliminated certain people as the guy who played Dillon… Carl Weathers was not killed until later when he teamed up with Dutch played by Schwarzeneeger because there were plenty of opportunities for him to die as it was almost self inflicted or what I would call suicide by predator. But now lets look at the first scene of the first movie when (Elpidia Carrillo) who played Anna was being dragged through the woods by (Shane Black) who played by Hawkins and the predator sees the two of them but yet only kills the white guy and leaves her alone. Why? Remember we are talking about a supposed predator that is not supposed to have any compromise.

    Then the second white person to be killed was good ole’ Jesse Ventura who got blasted from behind with a shot to the back exiting the chest, brutal right? But then you have your first black character killed (Bill Duke) who played Mac as I personally think this scene was a buffer act as to break the suspicious trend of caucasian characters getting killed because the last character to get killed was (Richard Chaves) who played Poncho who was a white man. Now lets stop here and work our way over to the sequel with Danny Glover and look at the last scene when he was inside their space craft and look at all of the those predators approach Glover with all of the African necklaces they are wearing with the ornaments in the back ground. People do you get what I am telling you right now? Think about this. It is a reason why they kept calling the predator a savage and he was from out of space so how does that definition of a savage supposed to fit someone before he even lands on earth before his first kill? Why does when the predator have his back turned you can’t tell if that is a black man or an alien? Why did at the end of the Sanna Lathan at the end of the 2004 predator movie get engraved on her forehead a tribal symbol like they do in Africa after you complete certain rituals? I’ll do you one better. Why is the predator standing on a pyramid in this scene which is in again, Africa? ( Guys do I have your attention now? Do you know what I am trying to say? I want to type more but I don’t have the time so I hope this is enough to get yo thinking on another level. Peace.


  4. ChildofRa says:

    I always saw vampires,werewolves,aloen and predator as an analogy for blacks and whites. In every movie that deals with vampires vs werewolves, vampires are always considere themselves as the superior supernatural race whether is in the underworld franchise or the Twilight saga. Werewolves are always seen as the stronger race but they are below the vampires & they are considered nothing but filthy wild animals (doesn’t that sound familiar ) Now with aliens (xenamorphs) they are essentially a parasite, basically are creatures design to kill & breed;they have no other function -as see them as white people. Predators are a race of warriors who have superior advance technology and they hunt the xenamorphs -i see predators as black people especially since the look like they have locks.

    Even in the movie avatar by james cameron you can see that play out as well. The na’vi when you look at how they are design resemble african and native american. Now Neytiri’s mother is played by a black woman while her father is played by a native american (Cherokee). Neytiri who is played by Zoe Salanda who is dominican which is nothing but black and the natives mixed together. Now the film presents the whole white savior narrative(Jake the marine saving the natives & gets the native princess) along with showing what white people have done to all pocs on this planet ( the human cone to pandora for their resources and are willing to kill the natives to take what they want) ; the film is also environmental.


  5. Sis, I got a better example of a cinematic feature that reflects black people vs white people, it’s the Underworld Film Franchise…… The premise of Underworld is an ongoing blood feud between the aristocratic and sophisticated class of Vampires and the Feral and fierce race of Lycans (Werewolves). Both species descend from the First Immortal, Alexander Corvinus who had 3 sons, two of which inherited his immortality. Marcus Corvinus, bitten by bat became the first vampire and blood leader of the vampire race, his twin brother William, bitten by wolf became the progenitor of the lycantrope race. The lycan race is stronger and has been persecuted and hunted for centuries by the vampire race. Jacob and Esau anyone?

    sorry, I accidentally pressed send before I completed what I was writing

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  6. Sis, I got a better example of a cinematic feature that reflects black people vs white people, it’s the Underworld Film Franchise…… The premise of Underworld is an ongoing blood feud between the aristocratic and sophisticated class of Vampires and the Feral and fierce race of Lycans (Werewolves). Both species descend from the First Immortal, Alexander Corvinus who had 3 sons, two of which inherited his immortality. Marcus Corvinus, bit

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