They Killed Our Brothers; And Now It’s Blowing Up!

Black ferguson revolts

Our history in this country is one of hardship and triumph.  Black Americans were birthed from African people who were kidnapped and herded like cattle onto ships; taken to foreign lands and enslaved–forced to build empires, paid no wages, brutally treated; but taught to worship a white Jesus as a mental enslavement buffer to ease the pain of watching white children who never worked for the wealth they inherited from Black labor.

This is the story of Black people.

It makes one angry, yes.  We have a right to be angry.

I’m sitting near a window typing on my computer; the sun is bright, I’m surrounded by beauty but there are complex, multi-dimensional images going through my head.

The bodies of Black people were chatteled.  They were beaten, maimed, even killed.  Evil permeated those plantations, binding God’s first people.  The abuse inflicted on the bodies of Black men and women, angered our creator, but he allowed it in order to fulfill his will.  We persevered through it all. Our ancestors were forbidden to read.  Some more clever slaves would sneak books and learn how to read through strategic manipulation at times.  One of my favorite stories is that of Frederick Douglass who would trick the white boys into teaching him to read if he would win at the childhood games.  His story is legend.  He was one of the first pioneers that ushered in the Black Nationalist era that would soon come.  For those of you who have never read the autobiographies of Frederick Douglass, I urge you to do so.  Powerful reading and so many lessons for Black men to learn.  His life has inspired millions.

Then came Jim Crow.  White folks were so scared of Black economic power after the slaves were freed.  That first generation birthed the first Black middle class in less than 50 years.  It scared white folks. They had to do something, thus, they created laws that stopped that progress.  Racism became structured–infused into the channels of justice; creating injustice on a people, simply because of their skin tone.

Alas, the Civil Rights movement, made Jim Crow null and void–the illusion infused.  But the reality is slowly creeping back into consciousness and what do we see?

We have paid the price in blood, sweat and tears.

In 2015, we have witnessed a new lynch mob being mobilized to get us back in check after the election of a Black president in 2008.  And what has Obama done for us.  Absolutely nothing.

The domino effect of young Black men being killed by the police has become a weekly scene on the news.  But now, one of their own was brutally cut down. A deputy from Texas was pumping gas and a Black man by the name of Shannon J. Miles, walked up to him and shot him 15 times.  Of course this was reported by the white media as a tragedy; quickly demonizing the shooter.  But was this Karma reaching back on the police who’ve taken as many Black lives in recent months?


White people are so scared right now.  So scared, their fear is what is fueling the rise of Donald Trump in the 2016 presidential race.  He’s saying what many white folks, particularly white males, think.

As the late Tupac Shakur rapped over 20 years ago: “I see death around the corner”.  The days of the white man are numbered.  Their demise is already set in place.  Nature has selected them.

It’s starting.

You take a life; you must replace it with your own.  This is Cosmic Order.

5 comments on “They Killed Our Brothers; And Now It’s Blowing Up!

  1. I can honestly say I don’t give a damn about a dead cop or one that is still breathing. I was made to feel this way by the constant terrorism and intimidation cops have been leveling at me and people that look like me.

    Do they truly think this would continue in a vacuum? Did they not think caged and corned we would not come out swinging? Well, like you said this is but a beginning and I for one will not lose 10 seconds of sleep.


    • Truthangel07 says:

      A lot of people feel like you, Hung.

      Just a week before this happened, I tweeted: If white people think shooting Black men is ok; then they better start ducking.

      And look at what has happened.

      It’s just a precursor of more to come.

      It’s their own fault.


  2. nidotopianwarrior says:

    White people are finally getting a taste of what they have been dishing out to us for years. It’s high time they had a taste of their own poison


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