The Illusion of the White “TRICK”, Oops, I meant Chick!


Many Black men today have or will be approached by white women these days. There is a prevailing attitude among many white females that every Black man on earth wants and desired them.  Thanks to the construct of mental images throughout the world, created from the racist minds of white males of the white female being the most desirable above all women; a lot of attitudes toward Black men and women are merely white people projecting their arrogance and fear onto our people, as a means to divide and conquer the two most powerful people on this earth: The Black man and Black Woman.

Interracial marriage and couplings are being promoted by the white media as just another ploy in that tactic in order to stop Black men and women from creating Black babies.  They hate seeing a happy Black man with a Black woman.

Over the years, I’ve seen many IR couples and I don’t become disrespectful toward them, however, I want to be truthful. Intrinsically, I lose respect for any Black man or woman who lays up with a white man or in particular, a white woman.  Why? Because it means that such people have bought into white supremacy.  It also promotes a different kind of hate: The Hate of Self.

Whenever you scan the topic of IR relationships between Black and white people; it’s never about love, but the infusion of hatred.  Just go to YouTube and check some of the various video titles: White women hate black men!White Men Who Date Black Women But HATE BLACK MENWhy white men hate Black men with Asian women or non black women, etc. Nothing promoting love of himself or his woman; just provoking him/her to choose a white man or woman as an initiate to white supremacy; life over death so to speak.

The late Elijah Muhammad once said that “The white woman would be the last trick the white men would play on the Black man.”


We are living in those days.

The white female is the prize trophy.  She embodies the symbolism of everything minorities have been conditioned to covet. To reject her means that a Black man sees clearly how the white woman and her body is being used and exploited as bait to lead Black men to destruction. He is not blinded by the Illusion.  Nor does he desire the symbol of death that white women truly represent.  Many Black men were killed because of the lies of white women.  And the U.S. Government allowed it.


To compete with Black women; many WW get bust and hip implants. As example, the infamous wife of Ice T is a good example.  This degenerate of a man allows this woman to look like a whore–and behave like one, as he smiles into the camera, and says, “cheese.” What a buffoon.  A real woman should never be discarded for white trash!  I never liked Ice T and frankly, I always felt he was a wack rapper. However, the man represents strongly how some Black men in this country continue to be deluded into thinking that a white woman is his equal.  Quite the opposite.  She is a genetic downgrade.  The Black woman is the only woman who is genetically compatible with the Black man; Black people have the strongest genes on earth.


This woman, Coco, is surgically enhanced.  She’s also had numerous sexual affairs with other Black men. Yet, this MF just holds onto this slut as if she’s some prize he can’t let go of.  Ice T is sick man and I for one am tired of his kind.  You know the ones, the guys in the club, the thugs, criminals, sexually deviant, and psychologically impaired black males who always have attitude towards Black women who have a problem with them dating or marrying white females who enable them.

I’m so glad I never had to look like a Ho in order to keep a man interested in me.

Black women have the edge over white women image wise in some degrees.  We are considered strong, bold, sassy, sexy, articulate, smart, and fearless.  However, these qualities have brought on labels such as, “The Angry Black Woman“.  No. we’re not angry; we just know that white women are not our equals and should not be esteemed in any way, shape or fashion.  We recognize them as bottom feeders. Black women are within their territorial and cultural rights to challenge, confront, and expose white women for what they are: Their image is the creation of the white male who is the promulgator of white supremacy. And the white female has benefited from that system at our expense. In essence, how dare anyone think a Black queen would bow down to a cave bitch! They have and are being used as psychological warfare against our people to infuse cultural discord between Black men and women in order to destroy the Black family.  You want to know why some white women raise their black children as biracial?  Because many can’t admit to themselves they bed a Ni##er and gave birth to a non-white child.  White women have done nothing to esteem the Black community.  We’re not impressed and as anything that is dominant, we are merely attacking something that is inferior and is a genetic defect.

The greatest response to White Supremacy is BLACK LOVE.  Put it in practice; and there will be no need to have to defend our lives or qualify our humanity to a low, reptilian-brain, reactionary, genetic flaw.

60 comments on “The Illusion of the White “TRICK”, Oops, I meant Chick!

  1. I’d rather be castrated with rusty chicken wire than to not have a Black woman next to me for life.

    I work with these fucking coons that worship white women and we are always going at it about their complete disrespect of Black women. I refuse to have that bullshit in my ear and I let them know to carry it elsewhere. So it goes without saying that I don’t hang out a lot with my coworkers at all.

    I look at these Black women that hang together in these packs and not one of them has a mate and it’s not for lack of wanting one. Here in metro Atlanta where we have the most beautiful sistas in the south, but they remain single because a lot of Black men that are worth anything are chasing latinas or white girls. And the sistas that do manage to get with a Black man, for the most part, has to share him with lord knows who. I know this cause most of the people I talk to are Black women and I hear all this stuff constantly.

    We have a deep history here in Atlanta of Black women “keeping” men because they are either so lonely or so disparate to have someone where a piece of someone is better than none. Black women who have corporate jobs, driving high-end European cars who’ve never settled in their lives having to settle with half-assed men.

    These to me signals that this war on us is already won and those of us that continue to fight do so [almost] in vain.

    I wouldn’t touch a white woman with gloves on – that to me would be spitting in the faces of all those people that hung for even looking at one.

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  2. Jaaylah says:

    Truth, it’s sad and funny at the same time.I have my life to live and I have them gawking at me.They need to get a life.


  3. TheAwk says:

    More than 95% of IR dating is an HIGH PROFILE Black person (negro with degrees, athlete etc.) with a random non-black person (sometimes ex-stripper or dumb white person). This is sick! Our people lack respect for themselves, they are brainwashed into believing that dating outside of their race is a step up. They are quick to procreate with non-black person because they don’t want to miss the opportunity of having a biracial kids. This kind of post has to be widely spread!


  4. Tyrone says:

    All of this foolishness is about sticking it to “The Man.” But, we’re the ones that are getting pinched. Memo to these dudes…Caucasian females are not God’s Gift to men. Any beauty that may exist, came from another race of women…Especially African! They won’t acknowledge the truth, but, the masses know better. The blackmen that lust them are just sad to me in many ways. I’m beyond outraged. All iI can do is bow my head in lack of understanding. No way in hell, a bunch of pale chicks are superior to The Chocolate Rainbow…Hell No! Honestly, I don’t try to understand why they think as they do. Useless is what they are…Bottomline!

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    • Truthangel07 says:

      Tyrone, 15 years ago, many Black men would have smashed this article. However, I’ve noticed more and more Black men, like you, are having some definite opinions of the white female, opposite of what the media tries to portray.

      I can tell you some funny stories I’ve heard from Black men.

      Wanna share?


    • Jaaylah says:

      Tyrone, it’s great to hear a black man say what you’ve said.So many have bought into the lie of white women being the definition of beauty.

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    • thank you tyrone for everything you said! Why are black women attacked? because black don’t crack! Black women are perfection and the true natural beauty! White women can only be stupid dolls controlled by white men! They are not superior to us,because they tremble like rabbits when comes the lioness!

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  5. This is especially important for black women who have black skin don’t hate themselves for what they are!
    Do not forget that white women hate to see black women with non black men!
    Not only their male counterparts have this ego to control racial unions but also white women have!
    White people feel a duty to monitor and especially to advise us, which person we should marry!
    I happened long ago to have a conversation with racists, I said to them” I wanted black men!”,and some white women and some white men said “why black men?”. “Would not you like to have a white guy?”
    For example, if an Asian guy was interested for me, they told me “no, we don’t see you with an Asian guy, is better white guy!”.
    This is to make you understand how their arrogance has no limits, have convinced themselves to be the best of all us!
    They want to control more possibly how many black people are married with white people!
    White men have created a fake myth that only white men have the right to say black women are beautiful, but that other non-white men especially black men must consider black women ugly and unattractive!
    For this reason the majority of black women when they dating outside of their race dating white men!
    But a smart black woman would understand immediately that this is a lie!
    The majority of white men don’t want their children resemble a black person, they promote only the beauty of white women!
    The same white men in the history already they have showed us, they don’t love white women really, they use them only for the procreation of white children!


  6. This
    This happens when they insult the power of our melanin! They believe that their white skin is invincible and superior to ours, this is madness!
    Every little effort to look like us, will always be a complete failure! Black women are goddesses!


  7. LovelyTee says:

    This is absolutely true. Many black women, including myself wholeheartly can agree and understand the depth of what is written here. This is exactly what’s been going on even until this day. History & facts don’t lie! Majority of these genectically inferior racist white women are envious and jealous of us, they will never admit it because of their racist belief system (WHITE SUPREMACY). They are very neurotic, barbaric, cold-hearted, psychopaths by nature. Check their track record. White women always needing to feel superior especially when pursuing(capture) a black male and flaunt her “catch” around black females, as proof of her superiorty over us. I know, this is what they do. However, she always have an hidden agenda and it lies right beneath the surface. Their evil intentions is inbedded in them. Always needing power and control in any and everything they do. Ww knows that their Wm counterpart don’t want them do to them being homosexuals. That’s why they cling to self-hating bm. I will never let the media, magazines, the internet, or these defective animals get to me or make me feel some type of way. Just look at them; who wants “pale skin”, bony no shape haven wash-out so-called “Beauty”. I know I don’t! Black/Brown is Beautiful and I love it. We as black women are so underrated, so degraded(even by our own men), so invisible, and so easily dismissed yet our “Inferior” selves possessed the same full breasts, bigger buts, and lips to die for, drove millons of “Superior” white females to the plastic surgeon office.To look like who. Lmao. White ppl are obsessed with us. Even the so-called white scientist say our black bodies are the most fertile female bodies on the planet-fully capable of creating the miracle of life in all the colors of the rainbow.~They need to face the fact that WE are overall naturally beautiful, genectically dominate and superior to them.~Gotta love that MELANIN and being the chosen of the Most High

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    • Truthangel07 says:

      Your words fit your name–and WELCOME to my blog.

      Here is an article I think you’ll find interesting.


    • Jaaylah says:

      I find that white women who are with black men stare at me until I notice or look at them.I can feel them looking at me.It’s very strange.Even sadder is that I notice at time the black men with white women do this also.They do know how much I don’t care.The black man doesn’t know how sorry I feel for him because he’s with a woman who doesn’t understand his being at all.


      • Truthangel07 says:

        This is funny. I’ve noticed and witnessed this. It’s so bizarre, yet pitiful how much hate is filled in white people; and ignorant, self-hating Black men and women, deserve no pity from us.


      • judy says:

        I noticed this also. White women with Black have tried to fight me before simply because I walked past them and didnt acknowledge them as in look at them. Many times I also notice that some of these Black men are ashamed to be seen with their white wives/gfs. Some hide or some keep them at a distance when they are out together.

        Since Irs are becoming prevalent with BW, many white men think they can speak to any black woman however they want because in their warped minds, we all want them now. I have seen white men when they are with black woman, follow me around the store, try to get my attention and try to flirt with me because they have a black gf.

        In general white people dont view blacks as humans. That clearly doesnt change when they date Black people. I have yet to see an IR that was out of love. You notice how rich white women dont date poor black men? When a rich white man married a bw, his money still stays white regardless. These types of white men are usually extremely old and dont want to procreate or they adopt a biracial child so their money will never go to the Black community. When rich Black men marry poor white women, their money goes straight to the white community, thats a fact. White people certainly know how to survive and keep their bloodline white and wealthuy.

        I always felt that trash from other races can easily boost up their self esteem and self worth easily by dating a Black person. Black people who seek IR, usually date trash and put them on a pedestal.


      • Truthangel07 says:

        Judy, this is a sad truth. However, we both know that it’s very true and a reality.

        I hear you on the white chicks trying to cop attitude when they are with Black men…that is, until they provoke the wrong sistah. We know what will follow don’t we?


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  8. Blackking86 says:

    No one compares to black men and black women.

    Yall are goddesses/queens. My mother is a feminine beautiful black woman. Held my dad down since the beginning. They’ve been married almost 40 years.

    Besides following my assignment from God, I want/need/strongly desire a black queen. When I get situated Im going to Africa to find her.

    I don’t have no tats, diseases, kids, never been promiscuous. My parents raised me with integrity and honor.

    Black women have the best physiques also. Full lips, breasts, thighs, etc. they pay to look like yall and still hate yall.

    God was showing off his creativity skills when he made yall.

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  9. TiredSista says:

    Many Black Women are getting sooo tired of soo many Black Men fallin for these false white beauty standards. I see discussions and comments from Black Women and Girls everyday when I get online about how their tired of the Black Male Collective not defending and protecting Black Womanhood and pedestal placing non-black women. Just soo sad. What will be the response? More Black Women and Non-Black Men? I think so cause a lotta non-black men are watching and waiting while many Blackmen continue to slander Black Women in front of the entire world. Will we get it together before it too late????

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    • Truthangel07 says:

      Don’t fall for this.

      T.S., the white population reached negative birthrate back in 1996. This means, they are dying as a race.

      IR unions are being pushed in order to recreate themselves genetically, being that they are genetic recessive and can’t produce melanin; nature has selected them for elimination. It’s called, genetic annihilation. We don’t need them to survive. Any time a species begins to die off they will interbreed with a stronger species to pass on their genes.

      Now tell me…do you want the genes of something that is a genetic defect?

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      • Blackking86 says:

        Very true. I keep hearing that their race is dying.


      • TiredSista says:

        @ Truth
        I am definitely not fallin for the tricknology. I Overstand it all. The negative white birth rate, the IR propaganda etc. I’m just sharing what I’m observing how too many of us are fallin for the tricknology. The White supremacist want to get as many Black Men as possible to turn on Black Women so that Black Women can turn to white and non-black men. Some Black Women not understanding what is going on and are tired of Black Men who have fell for the tricknology are doing the same thing these Black Men are doing in response.

        I’m definitely not a fan of IR and I’m definitely not saying that IR is the answer to Black People’s relationship woes. We have to find our way back to God and each other to solve that. Otherwise we will continue to have these problems.


      • Truthangel07 says:

        True, TiredSista.

        I’m just trying to open the eyes of the blind. And there are many of our people who just don’t have a clue.


    • Blackking86 says:

      Stay strong sister. I’m a single young black man. I refuse to give my seed to just any woman. She must be black. No one can compare to yall. Also the vast majority of black men are still married to black women. The vast majority of black women are married to black men.


    • Blackking86 says:

      Those men are caught up in the matrix. Drinking that cool aid. I been there also. Following the lies about black women. No more. I unplugged myself from the matrix. No one can compare to black women. A perfect example of black unity. Yesterday, million man march. If all these other women love black men so much, how come they weren’t there yesterday?


  10. This is so true. White women are not our equals. They are controlled by those who place them on that pedestal. White women are weak in every way. The surgically enhanced Coco is just a plow doll. She’ll lay on her back and take it with the soft essence of her helpless screams. That’s it. Nothing about her, like all white women is real. She’s a conquest disguised as a goddess. Knock her off that pedestal and she can’t survive. She needs a man to justify her self worth. That is pure weakness, plain and simple.

    Black women have been great leaders and warriors, leading armies to defeat empires in battle, with full armies of men. While the white woman lay as a conquest to the white man. Obedient to the same men who were getting beat in battle by these great warriors. They are not our equals. They should be ours to push around and make examples of to the public. Display the white woman with all her deficiencies to the world Every chance I get, I take it. I grab hold of the opportunity to pounce and show them whose their superior. Whose the dominant woman. I am. A black woman.

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    • Truthangel07 says:

      Glad to see you posting, Ro’Shumba. And this is why I have posted so many pieces about white women and the true negative presence they are in our community. They have no purpose and have contributed nothing to our community. They know that we are superior to them; look at how they try to imitate how we look. Our physical attributes are natural; white women risk death to achieve our feminine appeal and body type.

      Yet, so many Black men keep falling for the tactic.

      I pray for our people to WAKE UP!

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