God is Calling His People Back To Him!


The perimeter of truth is in what is factual.  Who are the people that are judging Black people, really?  What have they produced?  What have they changed?  I am a woman who believes in Black People, but I do not accept white people who are engaged in immoral acts–“many of them”, who think they know everything, watched a few Black shows; then, they decided, hey!  A new way to control Black people.  If I talk fast enough, sound deep enough and trick them into thinking “we care about them”; I can make some money off of fools who don’t actually read.  And that’s how I see many white folks

So many questions about Black people; but do they realize they’re talking about God’s first creation?  What temerity does something that burp, farts, and shits, have in questioning an omniscient, omnipresent, omnipotent God?  Where were they when the foundations of the earth were created?  Many white folks don’t believe in God and call Black people spiritually immature for believing in God.  They have problems with a deity that is actually superior in his nature and demands accountability in his creation. He gave Black men entry into his kingdom and spoke into a Black man, giving life to us all through him.  A question for white folks: ? Do you think it is inconsistent for someone who “lacks belief” in God to work against God’s existence by attempting to show that God doesn’t exist? The Bible describes how Christ looks. And many people within the Bible are African.

Conscious Black People, It’s time to do what needs to be done. We are the gatekeepers of consciousness and it is the responsibility of ALL BLACK PEOPLE to maintain spiritual order on this planet. The cowardice that has been tolerated is no longer acceptable.  We are responsible for guarding this earth from spiritual defilement. Everything that is happening right now is a result of the war the Black man has had with himself.  His enemy is determined to steal his identity, as Jacob did to his brother Esau; claiming all rights to a birthright that doesn’t belong to him.

The enemy has tricked many to believe that we are less than he.  We are not intelligent, says he.  But who gave him knowledge? What has the Caucasoid done in relation to creation?  Where was the white man when God created the heavens?  Does he think that he can tell God about the stars?  God knows their names.  Where was the white man when the morning star sang?

As God quizzed Job in the Old Testament, speaking from a whirlwind…”And who is this that speaks words without counsel?” I pose these questions to the white man:

This is the most powerful event in the story of Job. It is often one of the most talked about books, but not many people even remember pastors talking about this part of the story. It’s a lesson to those who dare question the power and authority of God.

Get off your knees and FIGHT the enemy!  We are God’s people.  Many of us have gotten too comfortable being subservient to this low, reactive, reptilian brain, genetic defect.  God will allow what we allow.  Everything that has been happening is to MOVE US back to him so that we can restore spiritual order on this planet.

When you attack Black people, you are challenging God.  Do not make war with God.  Many men are not prepared for the confrontation.


23 comments on “God is Calling His People Back To Him!

  1. Blackking86 says:

    There is a shift taking place. We truly are the original people and I believe he is calling us back. I never left the country/USA. However I’m just tired of all the racism. I see so many wonderful beautiful pictures of Africa online. I would just love to live they’re for the rest of my life and just travel. Bestirs doing my main job.


  2. TheAwk says:

    Nice post! But the word “God” is confusing (referencing a term christians use to name the Creator – why not Creators?). There was no such term in the original bible, the original term is Elohim, and the manifestation of this entity proves plurality. This is why I always insist on people to use the name(s) given to “God(s)” in our African spirituality (Amen-Ra etc.), so we can detach from the way christians think.

    Your message is very powerful. There are too many cowards trying to improve their position in the system of white supremacy instead of fighting back. We have to STAND UP and FIGHT!


    • Truthangel07 says:

      Yes that is correct.

      The message is very clear. Elohim, as you referenced, is one of the names of God, yes. There are 72. He is communicating through the circumstances and nature to get our attention. He is not please with America at all. And this is becoming very clear.

      White people have turned a deaf ear to him and if you look at the pattern of hurricanes, tornadoes, and floods, who are the primary targets of that weather? White people. With exception to Katrina; many of these disasters are hitting towns with high populations of whites.

      Is there a reason for that?

      Something to think deeply about for sure.


  3. I love that pic at the top! Powerful!


  4. I do not agree with eightbeetles, the bible is the black man’s book, the white supremacist power structure has tricked us into believing otherwise


    • Blackking86 says:

      It sure is. I’ve been researching and gaining knowledge about ancient times and it’s really amazing to see what our people built. However, America is right on schedule with the prophecy of the holy book.


      • Truthangel07 says:

        Yes, sir. About 2 years away I believe.

        Many people simply aren’t understanding that a lot of everything that is happening to this country and to us, has everything to do with metaphysics or divine reciprocity.


    • Truthangel07 says:

      This has been a growing discussion on various websites. I think I’ll look into it more and create an article about it.


      • Blackking86 says:

        Yes we are very close. America’s destiny is sealed.


      • Truthangel07 says:

        When I was thinking of what to blog; this post came to my spirit. There are times when I feel a divine hand has a lot to do with what I post. However, there is a spiritual reality that many reporters aren’t communicating to the masses. There are things happening metaphysically that are impacting this world every single day and it’s high time folks start paying attention.

        A message is being sent.


  5. eightbeetles says:

    Why are you still reading and referencing their best seller, the Bible? Really……throw that book in the trash and rely on yourself (NGR) to remember and recall everything you need or want to know. Why would you continue to refer to a book of stolen truths, half-truths and deliberate lies, with the intent of confusing and causing chaos? Why are you in their religious churches? Why are you reading the very book by the people you are referencing in your post? It makes no sense! Just get rid of that book altogether. Get out of the roman churches and get rid of that book; trust me, you will be delivered.


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