Acting On The Presumption of Intelligence…


I don’t allow whites on my blog.  But today, I responded to a white man who seems to think that Black people will just have to accept the fact that without white people, we can’t do anything.

However, I let his post stand so that others would respond to him.

Today, I choose to speak to white folks in general who have the same attitude as this misinformed Caucasoid:

Any Black person in America can tell some story  of a white person trying to insult their intelligence on some level.  Even Black professionals tell tales of how white coworkers often talk down to them–even while having more education than them. It’s ingrained in whites from birth that they are supposedly more intelligent than Black people.  However, from my interactions with whites over the years, and particularly while now residing in the south; white people are not that intelligent, if one is to look at emotional intelligence and not conceptualized views of it, as is promoted by the white media. They are not more intelligent.  What they are basically are products of a media system, designed by white males, who market image and other brainwashing techniques that project a certain psychological and visual aesthetic of a valued paradigm they wish to convey about themselves. It’s not substantive.  White people have developed their attitudes and thought patterns through their associations with other white people who think like them.

I simply say this: If white people are so intelligent, why are they the only people on earth who have to be rescued from mountaintops?  White people seem to have a pattern for participating–even to the point of death, in activities that are physically harmful.  Surely, intelligent people should know better than to walk through the desert without sandals and no access to water.

White people only assess their intelligence based on their psychology of themselves not through actual evidence or scientific examination.  Basically, many whites look at others with a microscope while looking at themselves with rose-colored glasses.  Their innate pathologies prevent them from seeing or understanding anyone else’s point of view.

But Black people see the truth.

In 1996, the white population reached negative birthrate. And given the position that “we’ll always need white folks”; my rebuttal to that in regards to nature, not so. White skin is a result of a genetic defect (you can’t produce melanin). You see, white people have always acted on a presumption of intelligence. White people, in their your grand whiteness, have assumed that every race on earth can’t do anything without their participation. That is historically incorrect and based on an attitude of pathological narcissism. Through their psychic affinity, all of what makes up White America was created. But I pose this question: Where was the white man when the foundations of the earth was created? When the white man appeared on the earth–emerging from caves, 100,000 years of history had already been completed. Civilization began in Africa.

It is very clear that many white people have never heard of Black Wall Street. Blacks had only been freed from slavery for 46 years and were quickly becoming an economic threat to white supremacy. Something had to be done to impede it. The economic success of these Black people scared whites so much, they resorted to violence to stop it.

Black people don’t fear white people; many simply don’t over-stand just how weak white men really are. White people became who you are because of KNOWLEDGE SUPPRESSION. Using information and misinformation as weapons of psychological warfare against Black people and other people of color in order to oppress, handicap, and destabilize those groups in which you felt would impede the economic empires you built from the labor of poor people. White people can’t compete with us fairly, thus, you bend the rules to your favor, strengthened by white supremacy, and extended privileges based on your white privilege. This is what has caused so much destruction of many people of color. We have had to adopt to a paradigm that was meant for our destruction; it was meant to keep us below the ceiling of our potential.

Ever heard of Universal Law? Innately, white people are evil people. They have no spiritual consciousness and this is why you have been selected by nature and God for extinction. Their actions on this earth have been judged and this is your sentence.

If they didn’t fear Black people; there would be no need to hinder this population for their survival.

That is coming to and end.

There are higher laws in this universe and they apply to white folks as well. Like it or not.


18 comments on “Acting On The Presumption of Intelligence…

  1. TheOriginalBlackWoman13 says:

    Great post! White folks have sealed their fate a looong time ago and there will be no help for them.


  2. Blackking86 says:

    Great day Queen. Thank you for this post.

    I notice something here in NY. And just in life period. They are very arrogant. I’ve been hearing that a lot recently lately. Their a dying race. Their the recessive trait. Black is more dominant. They can preach equality in the media, but behind closed doors they try to change the rules. Whenever a black person is gunned down by police, I see the comments online. People really let their demons out on social media. White folks do no want to take accountability for their actions. Then a lot of them love to call black people thugs/niggers. It’s disgusting.

    Minister Louis Farrakhan is very brave. People try to twist his words and say he’s promoting hatred. Look at this interview.

    Check out this other video about black people identity.
    Amazing insight. They tried their hardest to hide our identity.


    • Truthangel07 says:

      Minister Farrakhan is just telling the truth. And white folks hate the truth, as we both know. However, TRUTH and speaking it boldly to the white man about himself is the silver bullet. That’s the whole point and catalyst of my blog.

      I just hope folks are starting to really over-stand what I’m putting down here.

      Your presence is greatly appreciated.


  3. The human race has had life by people of color, and that even the most racist whites know it, but with these argumentare moron is a waste of time!
    Whites are one of the most insecure and paranoid people, their state of frustrating when they use N word, or by defining the blacks unintelligent and stupid people!
    We blacks know where we come from and how they were the first black men and black women! But the whites? Where they come from? They know what they are but they don’t want to declare to the whole world because to be a genetic defect and a mutation is not a case to be proud of! If you go to the supermarkets you can notice that the food products have always included vitamin D! Are coincidences?
    The first white albino people, probably they are mated with dark skin people, because Caucasian race today would not exist! For survive they need people who have the dominant genes!
    The ethnic groups most populated in the world are Asian and black Africans, but whites don’t care how many Asians are born in the world, but how many black people are born in the world!
    The fact that in the future there will be more blacks than whites and this event doesn’t let them to sleep at night!
    In 2060 the black population will be 25.38% of the world against the 9.76% of the white population! Because whites have created AIDS and other deadly diseases in Africa? To destroy the black African population! They don’t accept the idea, the people they hate so much and they fueling a morbid jealousy and envy, we will destroy them! But it is not we who are destroying them,but they are destroying themselves because are genetically defective! Whites are not one of the smartest people in the world! Their genes are proof!

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  4. Chrystal Emma says:

    you are so right, sis. Imagine working in a health food store and one of these troglodytes waltzes in and asks for plant based fish oil, trying to sound smart and then getting snippy and aggressive when you try to explain to them that fish oil can only come from a fish. Turns out the person was a vegan. Some of them are so ignorant, they think Buddhist monks are Islamic, also they think Utah is a country, Fidel Castro was a singer, a triangle has 4 sides, some think one, many don’t even know the currency of the United Kingdom, some even don’t know what the United Kingdom even is. Some think Kofi Anan is a drink, some don’t even know what a mosque is, one woman thinks its an Animal. One person thinks the Berlin wall is in Israel, some think Africa is a country is South America, the list goes on and on and on and on…..


  5. Not only have they been targeted for extermination by The Great Mother but they, in their obsessive fear of retribution are now destroying THEMSELVES. White on white violence has hit an all time high along with escalating suicide rates. They literally smell their death and are terrified.

    Technically, there are no more “whites” on this planet. Only pale mulattoes and reptilian hybrids/ humanoids. Whites died off many decades ago. A really good book to read is The Birth Dearth. Russia is so desperate to have more “white” babies that they must resort to PAYING their citizens to reproduce. They also are in the midst of giving away FREE land to anyone who wishes to farm and remain a Russian citizen.

    This negative birth rate, coupled with the fact that white females are CHOOSING to mate and spawn with black males and choose homosexuality/ beastiality rather than mate with their own man is very telling indeed. It’s as if they are willing participants in their own genocide.

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    • Truthangel07 says:

      I think it’s even deeper. God is playing a part in their destruction as well. Let us not forget that many white people worship Satan. They make up a large part of the Illuminatists and are involved in other forms of paganism and the occult. Their behavior is anti-spiritual and their entire realm of consciousness lies in dominance, control, and hatred. Their actions are violent and thus, nature has no choice but to remove them. Genetically, they are inferior and can’t produce anything outside of themselves. When this occurs in a species, genetic annihilation is eminent. I don’t feel a bit of pity for them. All of the things you mentioned are symptoms of a race of people who are innately depraved. The retribution for evil always returns back to the perpetrator of it.

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    • Blackking86 says:

      Wow that’s crazy. Excellent comment.

      People have the nerve to hate us. It’s because they hate themselves.


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