The Awesomeness of Black Women Is Just Too Much for Golem Females!

aba kate menson

A few days ago while surfing Twitter, one of the birds RT’d a tweet by a white girl named Emma Swan (alias–not real one). The tweet basically indicted Black women for being Black–and…adding: Black women were jealous of white women, etc., inferring this:

Of course, this child got slaughtered. This particular post came from some group on Facebook; The Shade Room.  I looked for it but could not find it.  I’ve since put my friend on the case…(still pending).

Most of you who visit my blog know that I’m more than candid about how I feel about white women in general.  Given that this is a young white chick, obviously not schooled in her European HIStory nor ours.

Thus, I am forced to give the smack-down, via, this blog, inviting all to “share” this with all your friends and on social media.

Everywhere we look these days, there is some kind of attack on Black people.  Now, clearly, what this chick said was out of line, racist, ignorant, and void of the current social state of White America who seemingly is obsessed with all things Black. They hate us but want so bad to be like us.

When I first read that tweet, I wasn’t really shocked. However, the perceptions of it were glaring.  First and foremost, I want to address the arrogance of this child: No Black woman is jealous of white women.  We know that we’re better.  Saying that Black women are jealous of white women is the equivalent of saying that an eagle envies a chicken.

It is the fantasy of white women that Black women are jealous of them.  You see it every time there is some kind of interaction socially or randomly. Their eyes scan us up and down, sending the subtle hints of jealousy as we glide by them, our natural royal presence completely intimidates them.  For they are witnessing nature’s greatest creation in human kind. Our genes are the strongest and are the mitochondrial thread within every single human on this planet.  Most Black women have this within them and it can’t be duplicated.  For the first queens on earth were Black women. Africa is the birthplace of man and woman.  It is our knowledge of beauty and femininity that changed the world.  We own fashion. Our natural sense of style made the fashion industry. Just let a sister step into the room–she literally owns the air. Our regal-ness is of the divine.  It’s just how we are.  And surely, something who’s ancestors descended from the caves of Eurasia, dares not implicate that such women want to be THEM.

The thought of that is hilarious given what Black women see every single day regarding white females: they are snotty, whiny, insecure, conniving, nasty (lack of hygiene); really, these bitches don’t like to wash their hands after using the bathroom.  They have no style, phone (as plastic as Saran Wrap) desperate for attention, generally predictable, are prone to head lice, participate in bestiality (having sex with animals);have psychological and mental disorders from A to Z (never met one that wasn’t prescribed something); and think dating or marrying Black men is proving they are superior to us.  No. The white woman’s vagina has become the Battle of Waterloo for the white race.  It’s the reality of how nature uses one species to destroy another and they ain’t gettin’ it.  But we do.  Thus, we laugh…as they are yet not aware of how science and biology are using Ninja moves; with the intent of annihilation being the final judgment for the evil of their forefathers.

These women literally carve themselves up, trying to make themselves appealing to their white male counterparts, who seemingly, is more interested, as noted by his own history, of enjoying the bodies of young boys or wanting to become female.  A testament as to why the white race is currently at negative birth rate, all thanks to the white female, who has become the most infertile in the world.  She is desired by the sick, demented, lonely, homicidal–a favorite of serial killers. Born to be insignia’s of tragedies throughout time.

This is a real female!

You get the picture…the nerve to presume such lunacy on us is beyond offensive; it demands a complete stance by all the sisters to check this genetic recessive, fragmented-thinking, reptilian brain, defect, and put her in her place.

I am that Black woman that white women love to stare at–and mysteriously, that smile appears, glaring at me, sometimes trying to insinuate superficial conversation, as to conceal her true intent: Reveal the mystery of the African Goddess.

If white women were happy being who they are there would be no need to go to tanning salons to darken up that pale, lifeless skin.  There would be no need to get butt lifts, lip injections, boob jobs, and Botox, to appear voluptuous.  Injecting dangerous substances in their bodies just to feel desirable?  No white woman in 2015 dares insult Black women, claiming we envy you, when many keep having brown babies!!!  Yes. These trick bitches even try to walk like us, talk Black-talk (imitating ghetto children) not realizing their bipolar racism and emptiness of culture, exposes their stupidity with such brilliance.

We are from tribes of various ethnicity of Africa.  We are not characters from Disney and we were not made by Mattel. Our brilliance and creativity is emulated and imitated but YOU CAN’T BE US!!!

Yes.  You are the poster children of the Golem generation.  Real-life Brides of Frankenstein’s–scary monsters looking for someone to love them.

Does anyone wonder why Black men are addicted to the Black woman’s curves? Our body type is the prototype of what is WOMANhood.

So to this little, pale-skinned, T.H.O.T: a swan would never settle for being a duck.  It’s beauty is what sets it apart, as the Black woman is set apart from the Neanderthal  female.

In essence, No Black Queen would dare bow down to any cave bitch!

Is that clear, Emma Swan?

It’s just not natural.

The Queen has spoken!!!

48 comments on “The Awesomeness of Black Women Is Just Too Much for Golem Females!

  1. batterytrain says:

    I have tried explaining to black people and other “non-whites”, with mixed success on places like abagonds blog and on youtube, that White Europeans and white people are not actually a race and there is no such thing as a Caucasian race and there is no scientific evidence for it. I was met with open hostility and skepticism on several places. But the evidence is overwhelming and undeniable from the population densities of White Europeans in certain climates and temperatures to settlement patterns of early America that White Europeans are albino’s and not a race.

    The late Francis Welsing was 100% on point and on the money when she came up with the theory that white Europeans are albino’s or a people characterized by the disease of albinism. Because from the time that her theory was published to now, there have been countless and increasing number of photographic and genetic evidence that has arose to indeed confirm the albinism claim.

    So to everyone here, to those who want to see the idea that White Europeans are infact albino’s, please take a look at this:

    Please go look through every single picture of these Indian albino’s and tell me they don’t look like “white people”.

    Let me repost this picture gallery of Indian albino’s from india that show White Europeans themselves are albino’s.

    Please go look through EVERY SINGLE picture of these Indian albino’s and tell me they don’t look like “white people”.

    Indian albinos:×1000/31832.jpg


    Do you notice how they look EXACTLY LIKE WHITE PEOPLE? THAT IS BECAUSE SCIENTIFICALLY AND GENETICALLY, THEY ARE THE EXACT SAME AS MODERN DAY WHITE PEOPLE! Research Haplogroup R1a, Haplogroup R1a has it’s origins in South Asia and is found in high frequencies in Europe.

    Now what this gallery disproves is that Whites are the result of a single mutation and a single event which arose in history as they like to claim. Indians and Whites are in many ways, THE EXACT SAME FUCKING RACE! THEREFORE THESE ALBINO’S ARE ON PAPER WHITE EUROPEANS!

    Because as you can see, even in hot climate South Asia, albino’s that look like White people still get produced daily which means that Whites are not the result of a single mutation genetic event in Eurasia and is also not an evolutionary adaptation. In these albino’s you find the entire color spectrum from blonde hair to red hair to brown hair JUST LIKE IN WHITE PEOPLE!


    • Truthangel07 says:

      Thank you for this information. I don’t need to be convinced, but for others, this is extremely educative.


    • batterytrain says:

      One of the key defensive arguments whites use when cornered about their albinism is they bring up the fact that Whites themselves produce their own albino’s and thus can’t be albino’s. Well Whites produce albino’s that are OCA-1. while Whites themselves fall within the OCA-2-OCA5 of albinism; there are in total seven levels of albinism known so far.

      Now further proof that there is no such thing as a “White race” and “never was”, is this in this:

      and this:

      As you can see, ALL White Europeans are genetically distinct from EACH Other, enough to be genetically distinct groups; which debunks and refutes the whole idea of a “white race”. Not only that but modern White Europeans are NOT NATIVE TO EUROPE! They are not indigenous to Europe! They are Siberian, Central Asian, and West Asian migrants who all arrived to Europe in separate waves and formed the modern White European countries that we see today! This is evident in the distribution of genetic haplogroups R1a and R1b in Europe today, WHICH ALL ORIGINATED FROM OUTSIDE OF EUROPE! Check out this haplogroup map of Europe:

      So what you have to understand is that a “white race” never existed and does not exist but it is a false socio-political term invented in modern day society. However just what unites all these “White Europeans” in their “whiteness” and why do they all “look white”, if they are “genetically distant groups”? Well the explanation IS ALBINISM! All White Europeans and Whites ARE ALBINO’S! ALL OF THEM! MODERN DAY WHITE EUROPEANS are the RESULT of AFRICAN ALBINO’S OF THE FIRST AFRICAN EUROPEAN SETTLERS FROM AFRICA/West Asia, and INDIAN ALBINO’S FROM SOUTH ASIA AND CENTRAL ASIA MIXING TOGETHER TO FORM MODERN DAY WHITE EUROPEANS!

      This is evident if you look at the modern day genetic table of White Europeans as I showed you, as you can see there is a difference in genes for each distinct European genetic table, and that is because the rate of mixing between the first Black settlers of Europe and their albino’s with the Indian Albino’s from Eurasia was different resulting in the DIFFERENT EUROPEAN GROUPS TODAY! There were different waves of “Indian albino’s” from CENTRAL ASIA AND SIBERIA coming to Europe in different time periods successively resulting in different rates of admixture in modern White Europeans.

      Now how Europe turned from non-white to “white” and how this all happened in detail, I can explain to you if you want me to. But the main gist of it is that modern White Europeans and specifically North-West Europeans are the result of ALBINO INDIANS mixing with ALBINO AFRICANS. And further proof of that is this little chart:

      As you can see the vast majority of White Europeans overlap with Indians on a genetic level, and in many ways are THE EXACT SAME RACE! But they look NOTHING LIKE EACH OTHER! But albino Indians look EXACTLY LIKE WHITE EUROPEANS! Therefore all WHITE EUROPEANS ARE ALBINO’S! And here is one more photograph to prove that, here is an albino Pakistani family, Pakistani’s pretty much being Indians on a genetic level again:

      and here is a group of albino bengali students:

      and here is a Sri Lankan albino man:

      As you can see, ALL THESE ALBINO’S LOOK LIKE WHITE PEOPLE OR WHITE EUROPEANS! Albino in Latin literally means “white”! So what causes White Europeans to exist is a GENETIC DEFECT AND DISEASE! Whites are the result of DEFECTIVE GENES!
      It’s crazy people don’t realize just WHO ARE WHITE PEOPLE!


      • Truthangel07 says:

        Thank you for this information.

        Are you an anthropologist?


      • batterytrain says:

        Hey! Thanks for the thank you responses!

        Could you please forward these two previous posts I made or at least make a blog post about it? Because it would spread awareness on WHO WHITE PEOPLE ARE AND HOW THEY CAME TO BE! It would clean up all the cognitive dissonance on white people real fast.

        I am hoping my efforts will spread awareness and education about just who these people are, and the gigantic scam and con game they have pulled off the rest of humanity.


      • batterytrain says:

        Could you PLEASE PLEASE write a new blog post on these two specific posts of mine Truthangel? Not everyone has seen these comments, and I WANT EVERYONE TO SEE WHAT WHITES REALLY ARE! AND THEY ARE NOT A RACE AND THERE IS NO SUCH THING A CAUCASIAN RACE!

        Could you please at least quote these two last posts of mine with the pictures and everything? I would appreciate it a lot, because I’m trying to educate and spread awareness of the nature of these people.


      • Truthangel07 says:

        It will take me some time to read all of the articles you posted. When I do, I’ll most certainly pass on the information. But here’s a better idea: Why don’t you start a blog specifically dedicated to educating people about this as well…


      • batterytrain says:

        Because i’m not really a good writing type of person, person who can write good blogs on the internet type of person so…


      • Truthangel07 says:

        Do you have any friends that can edit for you? That’s an idea…


    • batterytrain says:

      Here is one more very vital anecdotal evidence I want to add, that proves whites are albinos; this is something I gave to an online White European person who was skeptical of my claims:

      “Ok I will start with some more additional but notable anecdotal evidence, why is it Helgi that both African and Indian albino’s get confused for ACTUAL WHITE PEOPLE in the West like here:

      Black albino’s and albino’s in general get confused for white people in the U.S by people who are not aware of albinism:


      “A LOT of CAUCASIANS think I’M WHITE because they’ve never run into somebody that has ALBINISM … At the same time, I don’t feel like I’m passing. I can’t hide being Black. My nose, my eyes, my lips, my cheekbones. Come on, ain’t no white part of me except my skin. You can’t JUDGE a book by its COVER.”

      “I’ve always had a FEAR of being MISTAKEN FOR WHITE because you have to deal with people’s ignorance … It’s a way that someone can use language to really erase who you are and your own past.”
      In the U.K:


      Ayo is 18 and lives in London with his parents, who originally come from Nigeria. He talks about the complications of having parents who are black when he has white skin. “I have African features but my skin is white so I look different. People tend to stare and call me ‘WHITE BOY’ if they don’t know my nationality. They say ‘You’re not black’. I ask ‘Where do you think I’m from, then?’”

      Mian is 30 and was born and raised in Punjab in Pakistan. He came to Britain three years ago to study because he found it impossible to live and study in Pakistan due to abuse and intolerance.

      “I have white hair and pale skin. It’s really a strange experience when your skin is a different colour to your parents’ and your sisters’. When I was growing up people swore at me and pointed. They said I was cursed and called me WHITE BOY and ENGLISH MAN. At first you get a bit hurt. But you get used to it.”

      “So these things encouraged me to think am I ENGLISH or Asian? I realised it might be better for me to be an ENGLISH MAN. Where I live here most people are English. I feel more comfortable here. I’m a NORMAL MAN HERE. I LOOK like EVERYONE ELSE.
      The Albinism Fellowship”

      How come albino gypsy’s/indians, get confused for regular white europeans, like in this story?

      “A DNA test has confirmed a Bulgarian Roma woman is the mother of a mystery girl known as Maria, found living with a Roma couple in Greece.

      Bulgaria’s Interior Ministry announced the results of the test Friday after matching Sasha Ruseva’s DNA with that of Maria.

      But Ruseva, 35, and husband Atanas, 37, are now believed to be in hiding in fear of arrest for child trafficking.

      The couple fled their one-room hovel in Nikolaevo just hours after they were forced to provide blood and saliva for DNA tests to confirm Maria as their child.

      The Daily Mail can reveal that a woman with Sasha Ruseva’s name has twice previously been arrested for trying to sell babies in Greece – and on both occasions skipped bail.

      The Mail tracked down Mrs Ruseva to an impoverished gypsy camp in Nikolaevo in rural Bulgaria where her family share a one-room home without running water.

      Her husband has an ALBINO GENE in his family that may have resulted in Maria’s BLONDE HAIR and PALE COMPLEXION.

      Today police toured the settlement searching for the couple further details of the heart-breaking Roma trade in children began to emerge.”

      Then remember the case with the albino gypsy boy who was taken by the police and then was given back to his dark skinned parents due to genetic testing?


      “The little boy, two, was removed from his Athlone, Co Westmeath, home by gardai fearing he had been stolen, even though his parents — who we are not naming to protect the youngster’s identity — had his birth certificate. Cops swooped on the house at 7pm on Tuesday following an anonymous tip-off. The family explained his BLONDE HAIR and PALE COMPLEXION was down to the fact he is ALBINO and insisted he was born in nearby Ballinasloe Hospital.

      Blood Cops were not convinced and he was taken away and placed into overnight care. He was RETURNED yesterday morning after DNA TESTS were carried out. The incident comes after a girl was wrongly taken from a Roma family in Tallaght, Dublin. “I said, ‘I don’t care. . this is my son, you can take my blood.’ Then he tests me in my mouth, a swab.” The family was reunited with the lad yesterday.”

      And how come the African albino lady in this video got confused for being a person from Scandinavia?

      And how come whenever scientists try to identify if a body or corpse belongs to a white person, they look for the OCA2 gene, which is an albinism gene and stands for albinism?

      “But in the far north—where low light levels would favor pale skin—the team found a different picture in hunter-gatherers: Seven people from the 7700-year-old Motala archaeological site in southern Sweden had both light skin gene variants, SLC24A5 and SLC45A2. They also had a third gene, HERC2/OCA2, which causes blue eyes and may also contribute to LIGHT SKIN and BLOND HAIR. Thus ancient hunter-gatherers of the far north were already pale and blue-eyed, but those of central and southern Europe had darker skin.”

      I mean surely it’s not by coincidence that ACTUAL ALBINO’S are getting confused FOR ACTUAL WHITE PEOPLE by OTHER WHITE PEOPLE IN THE WEST right?

      And surely it’s not surprising that modern “White Europeans” bodies are identified by the albino variants of the albino OCA2 gene and HERC2 gene right?”

      As you can see, even BOTH Black African Albino’s and Indians albino’s get CONFUSED FOR ACTUAL WHITE EUROPEANS BY WHITE EUROPEANS!

      And when scientists try to see if a corpse or body belongs to a White European person, THE FIRST THING THEY LOOK FOR IS THE OCA2 GENE! OCA2 stands for Oculocutaneous Albinism Type 2.



  2. TheOriginalBlackWoman13 says:

    Those bitches look something awful! They can’t duplicate the natural beauty of black women.


  3. TheAwk says:

    To stop this nonsense, Black women should stop imitating european hairstyle. I see weaves everywhere around me and I don’t like it! I have weaves on Black women!


  4. TheAwk says:

    I laughed so hard ahahahaha


  5. They still said black women are jelous of them so then why white crack female publish videos about them on sites, where they shake their flat white asses as look like black women? This is an insane despair of attention! Why roleplaying like us is the only way to be noticed!
    The true is white people don’t like how they look like in the mirror,there are a lot reasons why! White crack female are waiting from the black community to be recognized as the title of the new black mothers! Why they like to travel to Africa and embrace between their arms and take pictures with black poor children? The whites have always had this syndrome of nigger! They are the only people who have this syndrome!


    • Truthangel07 says:

      Frankly, there is nothing about Caucasians that is worth emulating. NOTHING. We are the beginning. Creativity is in our DNA. American culture would be nothing without the contributions of African Americans. And WP know it.


  6. Really black women don’t get upset for what this white chick she said, because everything that comes from the mouth of white women is just rubbish! You forgot to say that white women not only don’t wash their hands after using the bathroom, but when they are drunk or they use high heels,they have a habit of walking barefoot in the street, they don’t use underwear,also they have a habit of vomiting and urinating in the street!! I told you everything! The hygiene of these women, they leave you speechless!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Truthangel07 says:

      Disgusting. It’s appalling. And it really galls Black women that this cave bitch is being put on a pedestal by many of our men. Not having it. That’s what I’ve been confronting on many of the topics of my blog. Let’s show ’em the truth when you see this thing, sucking the penis of a dog.


      • They always speak of the stereotype of the angry black woman why they do not speak of the bad habits that have white women?
        In England it is typical to see these trash walking barefoot when they are drunk and they are not ashamed to urinate and vomit in public! White women are cave-dwelling, which is why they are so rude and dirty! When I see these things there is nothing to be jealous of women who have been born of the dirt!They are prostitutes of white society, are designed to destroy our people!
        Black women are one of the most beautiful creatures, I want my sisters are holding firm to the attacks, and the abuse and all forms of discrimination!

        Liked by 1 person

      • Truthangel07 says:

        All one has to do is just observe the daily habits of white folks. Not one damn thing to admire. No wonder they love dogs so much.

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  7. Blackking86 says:

    One black lady I know just sent this to me in a message earlier this week. Their really some arrogant people. We add flavor to everything on this planet. No one is hated,emulated, and feared more than blacks people on this planet.


    • Truthangel07 says:

      Right BK These aren’t REAL MEN! They’ve settled for a “thing” that’s not a real woman, with a mind by Fisher and a body by Mattel. Not to mention, settling for a genetic defect. Being that white people are genetic recessive. With all due honesty, the white woman’s vagina has literally become the Battle of Waterloo for the white race. White people are at negative birthrate. Isn’t this counterproductive? It’s funny how nature will use a species to destroy another.
      These women look at Black women, ignorantly assuming, this proves their superiority to us because they are with Black men. The cosmic joke here is that it’s hard to consider yourself superior to any Black woman, particularly when they keep having “brown babies”. The Black men that choose white women are typically those that have been rejected by Black women and the white women they are with are typically the ones white men don’t want. The Black woman is the original and ONLY GENETIC EQUAL to the Black man. And most Black men date and marry US. Remember that. Black men don’t love white women–they just F### them. That’s really all it is…


      • Blackking86 says:

        Well said. No one can compete with us and they know that. So many blacks are coming together through social media. BET lost over a million viewers recently. Now more blacks are boycotting Christmas/Black Friday. It’s circulating on social media. I’ve even seen clips on YouTube about white people admitting that the black people are the chosen people. It’s real and it’s serious. I come from a functional home/family, however black women make me proud to be a black man. Exactly, the vast majority of black men and women are married to each other in the USA. I screenshot a comment from a few weeks prior. A white woman left a comment on Facebook saying she never saw blacks as inferior. She saw the opposite, she said she bow.

        Here is that clip I was telling you about. They spent billions of dollars keeping our identity hidden from us.

        It was spoken to me that the Vatican has the biggest archive of artifacts in the world. I also saw something on YouTube about a Pope praying to a black Madonna aka black Mary with a little black Jesus. Yet they have a white Jesus all over the world.

        Like the man said at the end of hidden colors 1, if you ever find out who you are, your enemy is destroyed.

        Those words are lethal.


      • Truthangel07 says:

        Oh, of course.

        I’ll check out the video.

        And you’re so right about the power Black people are exhibiting in social media–and white folks are PAYING CLOSE ATTENTION. Black Twitter has exploded, even attracting the attention of the news media, Wall Street, Businesses of all kinds, and a University study. That’s right. Last year, Black Twitter was selected by a team of university folks for study.

        For what?

        Because white folks just found out that the biggest mistake they ever made was to presume Black people weren’t intelligent.

        That’s power, baby.

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      • Truthangel07 says:

        Oh, I saw this one, King…

        Very detailed.


  8. TiredSista says:

    HAHAHA! I’m just looking at those white females in the photos above and shaking my head ; just a hot sick ugggly mess!


  9. nidotopianwarrior says:

    Another thing, I mentioned before these heffas don’t look that good in person, it’s make up and tv that accentuates their image. When I am on the pool deck at work, these heffas and their husbands go through atleast 4 to 5 cans of sunblock per day, and the thing is, it still isn’t helping the. At the end of the day their skin is red, peeling, blistered, botched and there I am thinking, “WHO THE FUCK IN THEIR RIGHT MIND WOULD WANT THAT??” especially when I see some of these interracial couples, but most of the guys I saw this past week looked bi-racial.


  10. Che says:

    She asked for it.The truth has been spoken.Maybe now she will keep her mouth shut,and comment only on what she is qualified to speak on, whatever that is!!


  11. “Of course, this child got slaughtered.” and “The Queen has spoken!!!” No more words need be said.

    Peace to The Queen.


    • Truthangel07 says:

      Hung, just when I was going to give the cave-bitch a reprieve. One of them go and do something like this. I had to go there…


      • Truthangel07 says:

        It’s still apropos. Ah, la…Caitlan (Bruce)Jenner. This is the future of manhood in white AMerica.


      • Tyrone says:

        Caucasian women are the jealous cave-b!@#$%^…Not Sistas! Based on what I see in pop culture and in the streets, they’re the ones with the inferiority complex. Many angles to this insanity, but, their behavior is a byproduct of Coonish negros like Lamar Odom, Kanye West, and the rest of Coonville. They helped create stupid white chcks like this Emma Swan. They’ve single-handedly destroyed their white brothers, and our blacks asses wanna be next on the list. They’re a destructive force in the human family. Whitemen should have kicked them to the curb long ago. Her comments are related to the ongoing hatred of blackwomen via media, which is fueled by her white sisters in positions of power at the networks, magazines, blogs, etc. See them for who they really are.


      • Truthangel07 says:

        Every single white bitch that I knew who stepped to a Black woman wrong, got her assed whooped. They know we are REAL WOMEN–and that’s why they like to try and intimidate us (especially on the work force) but only through the veil of White Supremacy.

        Frankly, I see white women as the weakest of all women and if it were not for white men; they’d all be exterminated–as is their preclusion to self-destruct when faced with life challenges or situations for which they are not primed or educated to handle.

        That’s why Black women dismiss them.

        Liked by 1 person

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