The Beatdown! Every Black Man’s Fantasy…


When I look at Black men these days, I look deep within their eyes for any trace of emotion.  Most of the time, their faces are vacant of any expression.  They do not tell the secret thoughts they keep. But come on…I’m a Black woman.  I can read into you like a sage.  Something is bothering you; and there’s much for you to talk about.

The number of Black males that have died young are a generation of souls.  Vast names and faces of people who could have been somebody; if only they had more time.  Did they go to Heaven or Hell?  Did they leave behind sons and daughters? Who did they love? Who did they hurt?  Why did they die?  Who killed them?

Endless streams of Black male faces go by.  I study them, as a painter studies its subject.  There’s a lot of thinking that is provoked within me.  Do any of them notice I’m paying attention?  I’m careful to note how many brothers get nervous when you stare too long without saying a word.

Their time is spent always being ready for an encounter of some kind.  Always in the moment–can’t be caught off guard. What is the outlook of Black men today?

Knowing many Black men and interacting with so many; a lot of them would tell you to “Mind your business!” with a quickness.

Do people really want to know?

These days, many white folks seem to be up to their old antics of blame.  It’s the Black man’s fault why they can’t be happy. It’s the Black man’s fault why they can’t feel safe.  It’s the Black man’s fault they are weak. It’s the Black man’s fault white women don’t want white men. The list is ridiculous.

As an African American woman, my mind is constantly riveted by Black men in some way.  I fully admit: they intrigue me of course. Sometimes, I’m in awe. Other times, they can make me angrier than is humanly possible.  I see so much potential in them yet, they distrust Black women.  We are not their enemy.

Black men are not happy because they are not regarded for their humanity.  They have been reduced to images and stereotypes.  Absolute prisoners of the white man’s Cognitive Dissonance.  Their treatment, in large part, is based on exactly the misinformation that white males have reported through imagery and print around this world.  And it is this point that must be confronted; and to the death if necessary.

Essentially, Black men are still fighting for their freedom.  The freedom to just BE–living definitively as MEN.  Not boys or someone’s sidekick or constant reminders of our ancestors enslavement.  They want to walk in the power, majesty and entitlements that Almighty God gave the first Black man of creation.  This is their birthright.

Black kings ruled this earth.  They were the first monarchs.  This is hidden from Black men.  So are the great accomplishments of Black men that went before them.

I want Black men to be set free.  The mental chains on them are real.  They see what they are told to believe about themselves.  The day they will be released from this is when they stop caring about being validated by their enemy.

The white man must be destroyed.  And the Black man is his natural enemy.  It is time for Black men to neutralize this Golem and send him back to the darkness from which he emerged.

The day you stop being afraid of your enemy, will be the very day you conquer your enemy.

A war is necessary, brothers.  Do what you must do!


22 comments on “The Beatdown! Every Black Man’s Fantasy…

  1. Blackking86 says:

    Thank you for allowing me to be here. Yes many of our people are addicted to white people. Literally afraid to speak against them. I’m not surprised about the spam list. So much truth being circulated online with black pages, their taken some of them down because they expose the atrocities from white people. I yelled at my boss a few months ago. Middle aged Irish woman. I know their works. I work with them and handle my business. I let them know that I’m not afraid of them. I walk with authority. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a very respectful man, but I don’t kiss ass. Their really pushing interracial dating/marriage a lot these days. Black men and black women still love each other. I’m sick of our people thinking they’ve arrived just because they’ve married someone white.

    Your site is refreshing because it speaks life.


    • Truthangel07 says:

      They’re taking Black sites down on WP? Really?

      I didn’t know this…

      After those white craKKKa’s tried to troll my thread after posting that woman having sex with the dog; I just decided to get even BLACKER!

      The truth will not stop because they’re feelings got hurt.


  2. Blackking86 says:

    I literally just saw this online a few minutes ago. Check this out..


    • Truthangel07 says:

      It’s been trending on Black Twitter for months. I just ignore it. Very ignorant indeed.


      • Blackking86 says:

        Yes. A lot of our people are still ignorant, fighting amongst themselves. Yet, many of them are still building businesses and families. The media doesn’t want to paint black families in a positive light, especially black men.


      • Truthangel07 says:

        No they don’t. White people control the media so that they an distort TRUTH. Images are very powerful. People remember them moreso than words. Everything the world knows about Black people comes through the lens of White Supremacy. It would be an oxymoron to make us look better than them–yes, we know that God made us superior to them genetically, but this is really the area of contention; thus, white men have to cripple their greatest threat: BLACK MEN in order to validate their sick ethos.


      • Blackking86 says:

        Exactly. They promote who they wanna promote. More so their people more than anyone. Wanna show us as slaves, but they want to be African kings/queens from archaic times. When you speak on this, people call you racist. I feel better, more than ever because of the position God put me in.


      • Truthangel07 says:

        God is exposing white people. And he’s going to destroy them. Who would have thought that one day these people would literally be at negative birthrate; and after all the evil they tried to do to us to kill us. Karma is a mutha!


  3. A Black male (man) of which I am one could possibly be the most misunderstood living creature on this planet. Take note how I put man in ()s because frankly I fall short of manhood compared to my uncles and my grandfathers.

    We have stories to tell, but of course, the 6 o’clock beats us to it and get’s it wrong every time. I know Black men that would rather veg out on sports than interact with the world. Why interact with a place that get’s our story wrong every time? A lot of Black men are unopened books because no need to open a book if the narrator or dictator is telling the story. We just follow along and nod as trained. We be tired of the lies while being tired of trying to out-shout the mainstream to look at us and listen to US!

    One day I hope to be a man.

    Beautiful words sista – always beautiful words from sista.


    • Truthangel07 says:

      Hung. These thoughts propelled my first novel, A Journey Into The Mind of a Black Woman. I spoke to Black men, as I did in this blog entry. Speaking to them…with hopes of opening up their spirit, mind, and hearts; with the motivation of starting some type of revolution within each who read it. I think there are some books that one has to mature into. I’d love for you to get a copy. I think it would most definitely be apropos, particularly considering the events of late impacting the lives of Black men around the country.


    • Blackking86 says:

      Very well said. As a black man myself, I can totally agree. People love to assume when it comes down to us. They don’t know jack.. I just know we’re extremely underrated…


      • Underrated is an understatement; we have become a self fulfilling prophecy. If they build it we will come. We are on autopilot now.

        Thank you king, it’s always good when a king has your back.


      • Blackking86 says:

        No problem King, your very welcome. I wish this site had more traffic. I love conversing with other Kings and Queens.


      • Truthangel07 says:


        Your presence is appreciated here.

        The reason why I don’t have a lot of traffic on my blog is that I speak TOO MUCH TRUTH. You should see my Spam list for the last 2 years. I don’t allow everyone on my blog. There are Black people who are psychologically addicted to white folks who aren’t going to post here. They just don’t see the enemy as what he is: EVIL and incapable of feeling anything. His behavior is a reflection of negative mutations in his genetics. By and large; white people are a genetic defect (can’t produce melanin). They fear us because we can wipe them out. In a nutshell; that’s why White Supremacy exists. That’s what this is all about.

        In some ways, I feel like my blog is like a secret society. Everyone doesn’t belong here.

        We are the enlightened ones…our THIRD EYE sees very clearly.

        And with that; you are among the chosen.



      • Jaaylah says:

        I love black men but it’s getting harder and harder to love you guys at time.I don’t know maybe I’m just tripping.But some black men don’t even identify with their own blackness.They love and worship non black women and let their non black women disrespect us black women.They want anyone as long as she’s not a black woman.
        Then when the story broke of the black comedian lady getting attacked by a group of black males for rejecting their advances,boy I was on fire.Then I went on a blog I always go on and the so called men on there wouldn’t even acknowledge this story as truth and something that happens to women.I’m losing faith in my brothas.


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