Our Children Are Not Going To Be Targets of Monsters with Badges!



Deputy Ben Fields: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Last night while watching the news I witnessed, in my opinion, was a crime being committed on a juvenile child.

The image above is that of a 16 year old student from the Spring Valley High School in South Carolina.  She was on her cell phone and when asked to put it away, she refused. When asked to leave the class, she wouldn’t and then Richland County Senior Deputy Ben Fields was called to the classroom. He asked her again to comply, she wouldn’t.  What happened next resulted in the girl literally being flipped in the chair, slammed to the ground and pulled out of the classroom.

My reaction was typical of everyone who saw this on national television last night and there is no excuse. He could have killed that child. No matter how stubborn she was; her age should have been the cue–uh, duh! She’s a TEENAGER. They act like that. He’s out. From the way the superintendent of that district sounded, that dude is gonna be looking for a new job before Halloween.

No matter what the provocation was by the student; that was EXCESSIVE AND VIOLENT FORCE. An uncooperative child with a cell phone is not the equivalent of a terrorist or criminal with a loaded gun. What if that had been a white girl and a black cop did the reverse? Hhhhmmmm…think about that. Just what the course of response would be by the majority?

We can’t keep being silent and still when these type of things happen right in our faces.

Those children were absolutely frightened.  They didn’t move.  Totally frozen, neutralized to even react with anger at what was happening.  One student did intervene, yelling at the officer to stop, and was also arrested.

When are we going to get violent and take a stand against this assault on our community?  Really, the looks on those kids faces reflected many in the African American community who watch things like this and DO NOTHING.  We don’t have a right to protect our own bodies–and our children?  What kind of message are we sending?

Cowardice should not be pitied. It is as insidious as any kind of abuse that goes unchecked.

Per usual, there are those in the community who said that she should have just complied.  Don Lemon, again, is the band leader of this attitude.

The pool party shocked people this past summer in McKinney, Texas. This act is far worse.

I will not tolerate it.

The time is NOW for our community to stop acting weak and TAKE ACTION by any means necessary.

Our children will not be used as bait for racists to violate our community.  Our children are not objects to be abused. They are gifts from God to be developed!

I value who I am and thus, I value those in my community as much. I will not be a tool to be used by the establishment to demonize the one true jewel we should treasure above everything else. It is just my opinion that God is making America and US face some ugly things within ourselves, our culture, and our nation, and challenging us to: FIX IT!

Will this be the flicker that is needed to start the FLAME OF REAL CHANGE in this country?

Update: Earlier today, MSNBC reported that the officer was fired.

23 comments on “Our Children Are Not Going To Be Targets of Monsters with Badges!

  1. Tyrone says:

    Defenders of this officer had the nerve to say that he’s not a racist because he allegedly was in a relationship with a blackwoman for a period of time. As if all whitemen who lay with our sisters truly respect them to the fullest. He’s a grown-ass man twice the size of the young sista, What physical threat did she present to him? Incidents like this get cops killed…White and Black Alike! Again, we don’t cherish our black sisters. Not shocked that a white cop would show his ass like he did. He should have been fired on the spot. His career in law enforcement should be dead in the water, but, these rogue cops are like bad coaches…They Bounce Around!


    • Truthangel07 says:

      Yeah, I heard about the “black girlfriend”. Like it really mattered. That was not the issue. Intrinsically, ALL WHITE PEOPLE are the same. They are racist and when it comes to Black people; they overreact in regards to behavior.


  2. reality_check says:

    Did you all hear that the students at Spring Valley- many of whom were black- staged a “walk out” in support of fired officer Ben Fields? If you look at the video, you’ll see that most of those students in support are black students. This is embarrassing, where are those kids’ parents?

    Black people STILL don’t get it. SMH


    • Truthangel07 says:



      Talk about being seasoned.

      You know…slave masters really knew what they were doing. They conditioned the slaves so well; many did not realize they were participating in their own destruction. And quite frankly, I feel that many Blacks that we are at war with today, are descendants of those weaker slaves.

      The greatest slavery is mental enslavement.


  3. nidotopianwarrior says:

    I was so sick to the stomach to watch that video……


  4. Every Black person killed by the police has white America making excuses for their death!
    Not to be “THAT GUY” but it looked like a lot of AA students and an AA teacher were “sitting around” and watching this young girl getting assaulted rather than coming to her aid. While it’s all well and good to take video of this event, what was missing from the video was someone being BRAVE enough to step in and CHAIR that asshole cop and stop his assault.

    This cop was only doing to that young girl what he has become accustomed to. In slavery days it was called SEASONING. You make an example out of a belligerent slave in order to make the larger group COWER rather than meet violence with violence. Not ONE person in that classroom tried to come to the aid of that girl. SHAME ON THEM…!!!

    I’m reminded of the stories about “500” slaves standing around and watching 2 white guys whip a slave to death. This shit has got to end. Violence against our people can’t be tolerated any longer without an in-kind response. If the “state” thinks they can murder us and our only response is to hope for video evidence, we’re screwed.

    The 60’s proved that for every Dr. King you need a Malcolm X AND the Black Panthers so that the choice is freedom vs war!


    • mswanda says:

      I saw how everyone had their heads down and in fear and I felt discuss looking at that. Black people are cowards. I mean not only did they not help or say anything, they didn’t even look up from their desk. It’s like they are in prison. I don’t think even in prison they get treated like that. Schools are like prison today. That is why I homeschool my child.
      I refuse to put my child in a position to get hurt by some thug with a badge.
      Black people are gonna have to rise up and say no more. All we do is pray and march. What has that done for us? Until we start fighting back instead of praying this kind of abuse will continue. We are too busy waiting on karma and the Lord to help us.


      • reality_check says:

        Praying and marching are actions of cowards! That’s the problem with black folk…we need to get off our knees- literally- and start fighting.

        End of discussion.


      • Truthangel07 says:

        In the neighborhood I grew up in back home in Chicago, let someone put their hands on someone’s child; it would be World War 3. Seriously. They’d get medieval on a mutha in a heart beat.


    • Truthangel07 says:

      Well said, Lewis…Excellent points.

      This has got to stop, indeed!

      No excuse for it at all.

      There’s nothing wrong with righteous indignation.


  5. Blackking86 says:

    I knew you were gonna post this. These people don’t care about us. Their calling that little girl a thug. They love to talk trash. Many of them can’t fight. I saw a comedian online just now with a shirt that said breathe easy, don’t break the law. People are literally justifying this cops behavior.

    These people are lazy, drained Africa and this country is built off our backs. I’m not into interracial relationships anymore. We need to stick together because no one has the black man back like the black woman.

    Look at this video


    • Truthangel07 says:

      The link said it wasn’t available any longer.

      Anyway…the term, “thug” is codespeak for Nigger now.

      I’ve never been naive enough to expect anything less from whites. All of my life, I’ve seen them for what people are seeing them for now exclusively in 2015. Who said they changed? I can’t believe Black folks bought into all of that multicultural crap back in the nineties.

      Look at where it got us.


      • Blackking86 says:

        Sorry, they probably took it down. Yes, thug is codeshares for the word nigger. They’ve started using the wort thug more after the NFC championship in 2014 when Richard Sherman yelled at Erin Andrews. Blacks bought into it because of propaganda. We have all the power. Seriously. We’re the biggest consumers. We dominate in all that we do. I read something on social media a few months ago and it said this “The only thing integration did for black people, was change the way white people treat us in public.” So much truth in that

        This young king knows his stuff. Check this out


  6. We live in a police state. We are second class citizens in Amerikkka. This sick behavior will continue. It is the sad reality of living in an oppressive racist society. Our skin is our sin.


    • Truthangel07 says:

      I’m ready to WHOOP SOME ASS, Kush-man. Seriously. This is a line drawn for me. When you mess with our kids; you’re asking for death.

      I’ll go there.

      Liked by 1 person

      • RayMore says:

        Just heard the latest….that monstrous lowlife of a “deputy” go fired. The question is….will he be facing charges for this animalistic assault and be convicted? I highly doubt it, given the way things are right now.


      • Truthangel07 says:

        Can you imagine what would have went down if the situation was reversed, and the officer were a Black man and that was a white teenage girl being treated like that.

        It was violent force being used on a child. She wasn’t a terrorist.

        He deserves to be fired…and I heard he was fired earlier today.



      • I understand your anger. You have every right to be!


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