Why Some Nubian Bloggers Aren’t Around Any Longer…

2 years ago, when I started this blog, I really wasn’t sure if anyone would even pay attention to what I had to say.  I spent a lot of time creating a page that was easy to read.  The inserts and widgets you see were carefully put in place to make it look, at least, like a professional blog.  Well, quickly, as I started posting blog topics, people responded.  Soon there after, I gained a following.  Wordpress rewarded my blog with all type of awards for “likes” and number of follower attraction and such.  I was flattered.  However, my primary motivation was to just speak the truth–as I saw it.  Raw, unapologetic; pure critical thinking in action.

People responded positively.  They liked what I had to say.  Cool, I thought.

I’m very humbled by those who follow this blog and have learned by the mind pieces I’ve presented. For those who’ve visited, you’ll be greeted with this message: “Only the TRUTH is spoken here. Get used to it!  What is this blog about? It’s very clear that I’m promoting Black love, community, and family values of the African American community. If you do not understand that and have negative attitudes, and views about my people, you are not welcome here–and will be banned immediately.”  I was serving notice to any and all non-Black, but in particular, white folks, who thought they would have access to my blog, giving their unwanted advice or comments with impunity.

First and foremost, I don’t allow whites on my blog for a reason:  For almost 20 years, no matter where I visited online in various discussion groups or sites that were mixed or African American sites that allowed non Blacks, it was always the same experience, Black people would be muzzled from speaking about OUR ISSUES for fear of offending “the others” or when things got heated in racial discussions, the whites would feign abuse and complain, thus, either well known personalities would get sanctioned or banned.  That’s precisely what happened to Blackvoices (my cyber Alma-mater).  And is the foundational reason why I absolutely will not esteem nor invite whites on this blog.

Why?  Because they are arrogant, fragmented-thinking, reptilian brain, reactive, duplicitous, hypocritical, cretins.  It’s always…how they see things.  They don’t have the ability to understand another’s point of view nor do they have the character or conviction to introspect and examine themselves for being the reason why this country and this world is the way it is.  Simply put, white people don’t have the courage to take responsibility for their evil. It’s easier to demonize others.

The time that I spend going through the comment filter from many of them–I have no choice but to spam the majority. Complete idiots.

It is my pleasure to block that type of negative energy.

Consider your presence on my blog, as one who has been chosen.  Almost like a secret society in some ways.  We speak about those things truthfully that oftentimes, aren’t spoken and should be.

I’ve noticed how the lack of African American voices is becoming ever more present on WordPress.  Our voices need to be here as well as our POV.  It is necessary in this current climate.

Someone commented yesterday that WordPress has suspended many of the Black blogger pages.  I can only guess why…They should have put in more security and not been intimidated to be inclusionary to an enemy who does not see us as human beings. They wanted to appear as “nice Negroes” and they found out the hard way of what happens when you allow snakes in your house.

I assure all, that will never be the case here.

11 comments on “Why Some Nubian Bloggers Aren’t Around Any Longer…

  1. Tyrone says:

    Your blog is successful because it’s unapologetically Black and Proud. Oftentimes, activist blacks seek to be inclusive of this or that group for the wrong reasons. In other words, our people want the intelligentsia to be selfish in relation to us. Big Things to come for TruthAngel07 in the present as well as the future. Kudos to you Sis!!!


    • Truthangel07 says:

      Why thank you…Tyrone. I appreciate that.

      It took a long time for me to get here…I mean, I had to pay my dues, and it wasn’t always easy.

      There are so many of US that are brainwashed. It took a lot to get through.

      And I am most grateful and humble that there are people who really do GET IT!


  2. nidotopianwarrior says:

    Ecclesiasticus 12:10-12

    Never trust thine enemy: for like as iron rusteth, so is his wickedness. 11Though he humble himself, and go crouching, yet take good heed and beware of him, and thou shalt be unto him as if thou hadst wiped a lookingglass, and thou shalt know that his rust hath not been altogether wiped away. 12Set him not by thee, lest, when he hath overthrown thee, he stand up in thy place; neither let him sit at thy right hand, lest he seek to take thy seat, and thou at the last remember my words, and be pricked therewith.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Truthangel07 says:


      We got our eyes on our enemy…

      Right, Nido?


      • nidotopianwarrior says:

        absolutely, especially on Monday, during a bachelor party one of them got so drunk he tripped and busted his face in a mirror in one of the restrooms, he had to get stitches, hahahahahahahahahahaahaaahahaa I don’t feel sorry for him in the least


  3. reality_check says:

    @Truthangel you hit on something here. But there is something more sinister I want you to consider. Many of those black websites you mentioned (Blackvoices, The Root, etc.) have whites agents paid to be “agent provocateurs” that infiltrate these blogs and basically disrupt the discourse for black people. You know the Root had to recently shut down its comment section because white agents had completely overrun the conversation- ridiculous.

    You can usually find these plants posting on topics that involve black injustice via racism. Their purpose is to disrupt the conversation by either saying something so completely asinine and offensive that black people will spend all their keystrokes typing, debating and arguing with these plants. These white agents know black people all too well. They know we are an emotional people that are easily thrown off target. Their job is to make sure that we don’t put our “heads together” to create an online movement around our issues. They know that if they can keep us arguing with them, then we will be too exhausted/distracted to discuss solutions with each other. The sad thing is that it is highly effective, as blacks continue to let them lead them away from productivity.

    Remember the McKinney, Texas pool party incident? That was a perfect example of what I’m speaking of. I was reading about the story on another popular black website, and when you went to the comment section, you saw over 400+ comments from mostly white people that I had NEVER seen commenting on the site. ALL of them were making completely inflammatory remarks about the incident and getting black people worked all up in a lather over some nonsense. I knew what time it was then and implored blacks to ignore the agents- to no avail (because blacks erroneously think its our job to educate ignorant whites).

    Anyway- good job truth angel. I just wanted to share that information with you so that you know that there are paid agents that monitor black blogs (if you didn’t already know).

    Keep up the good work.


  4. subse7en says:

    Hey sister, it’s about TIME now that you decide to truly OWN your blog (by getting a *hosting* plan and website) so that “WordPress” nor ANYBODY else can ever “suspend” or “shut down” your blog…

    You can get a HOSTING Plan for like $5.00-$10.00/month, sister :). So long as this site is hosted on “WordPress”, you are giving THEM *full AUTHORITY* to shut you down (should they want or anybody “report” you) :(!


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