For Whom Does The Bell Toll? For Them or US?


My people are destroyed from lack of knowledge. “Because you have rejected knowledge, I also reject you as my priests; because you have ignored the law of your God, I also will ignore your children.  Hosea 4:6

You know, each and every single day, as I watch the news, it becomes like a box of chocolates: you just never know what you’re gonna get.

White racism has made it’s return, or should I say…it’s been swept from under the carpet in full view of the world.

Black men all over America have become the targets of stone-racist white cops, and being tried in a system of white jurors, high on white privilege and Adrenalin, as they are given legal nooses to hang some Niggers by proxy; carrying out subliminal lynchings, just so “they don’t have to fear for their lives“, as they smile while handing the judge that white piece of paper with a GUILTY verdict written in red.

This the reality in light of having a Black president.

An irony or oxymoron?

You know, I swear…every time I look at the next situation that causes our community to react, I think of the many conversations about race that I initiated on my old Alma-mater, Blackvoices over 15 years ago. Back then, people didn’t want to discuss racism. It was all about the bling-bling, celebrity news, superficial nonsense, Black intellect had died–ignorance was on fire in many of those forums. Nobody wanted to discuss the hatred that was still being inflicted on Black people socially, on the job, and subliminally. Remember Multiculturalism?  It was being marketed all over the place. Everybody started calling themselves, “mixed or biracial.” Interracial marriage became the new Black. The census allowed this in 2000 for the first time in its history but no one asked why. The Big why was that in 1996, the white population reached Negative birthrate. In the year 2000, Hispanics became the largest minority, surpassing Black people.   And the white media played this up. Why? No one saw the sinister intent behind all of this: To create division in the Black community by creating the illusion of inclusion and making Negroes believe that racism didn’t happen anymore.  This covered the true reality of a declining white population; and infusing the original people of this earth to participate in the boosting their numbers, albeit, theoretically.  We were now all the same.

It almost worked.

The art of war is deception; and our enemy has mastered Military Science.

There were so many issues that many tried to infuse into the daily discussions on the new racism but everyone was asleep.  Those like myself, who never slept on the Oppressor, were called The Soul Patrol.

It was well known that whites were planted on those websites–even paid to disrupt conversation of serious topics. Many would actually report certain people on those websites for their comments, causing many to be censored or banned.

Anytime a white person tries to befriend a Black person; it’s not because they like you, they are trying to uncover your thoughts and actions and have a proper counter.

Many Black people got their degrees, nice cars, SUV’s, stock options, and told the Black community and Black issues to kiss their black ass.  They took pride in being middle-class; uppity and proud, turning their nose up at their people–and having the nerve to crack ghetto jokes.  Then, in 2008, the economic structure was threatened, those same Negroes got laid off; and as karma would have it, those ghetto Negroes honked at you while you were standing in the unemployment line.

Frankly, some Black people allowed themselves to get played.

People in high places care about what Black people think. The prevailing fear is that we can destroy everything built by White Supremacy if we actually start  and organizing. Since the days of Cointelpro, our government is on high alert of this happening.

And then, Trayvon Martin got killed–and everyone finally woke up!

Many deaths later, the intensity has built up and everyone now wants to march and protest this and that. The signs were there but you chose to ignore the warnings.

My question to you today, all of these years later: Why didn’t you heed the warnings of the messengers before all of this happened?

7 comments on “For Whom Does The Bell Toll? For Them or US?

  1. Tyrone says:

    What’s Up Sis? Stubborn is the word that best describes black people in general terms. All the years I’ve observed the behavior of other races, we’re the hardest nut to crack. It’s not all the fault of slavery and racism. Groups of humans in the same tribe exhibit common tendencies more or less. Whitemen are most often serial-killers, pedophilles, homosexuals, power-hungry, and just crazy. As blackmen, we’re arrogant, attention-hungry, disloyal, jealous-hearted. hypocritical and so forth. People think we’re so in love with ourselves, however, that’s not the case. Right Now, I see a lot of scared brothas walking around who hate themselves, each other, blackwomen, etc. Instead of standing up to other men who have malice towards us, they wanna be buddies with them…It’s Insane! As you stated, the new school blacks assumed racism was a thing of the past. Of course, that’s a damn lie. Everybody is jealous of us because we’re First Borns(Creation). We’re always gonna be hated for being God’s favorite in the human family. This reality will never change. As to Obama, folk already know how I feel about him masquerading as a Blackman. He’s done more damage to our race than any white president could ever do, and that’s a profound statement of fact. I tuned out the black left/progressives years ago, one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Today, all I see in pop culture are swirlish negros and gay black dudes pushed on us via white media. This is how far black manhood has fallen in the past 30 or so years. We hate blackwomen and are not attracted to women anymore. Growing up, I never imagined we would hate ourselves like this…Seriously Sis? It’s a big ass mess in these streets. All of us know the rules of the game by now. Racism isn’t going anywhere, but, for us to turn on our people as many have…It’s Disgusting! As Always…Love U Truth!

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    • Truthangel07 says:


      So glad to hear from you.

      I get nervous when you disappear, man.

      As always, your insight and wisdom is always appreciated.

      You know, I’ve been watching the headlines for several years now, and I can’t help but think how all of those years ago, I and other Black nationalist and conscious types, took so much heat for beating the drum and trying to educate people about a lot of things that were going under the radar back then–but now, they are in the headlines today.. Just because their aren’t any bombs going off, it doesn’t mean there are not battles being fought.

      I had to purge I guess…


      • Tyrone says:

        Sis, you know I love you like banana pudding…Always! True indeed, all that you and other sincere sistas and brothas have warned us about has become a self-fulfilling prophecy. Sadly, many will not make it to the other side. Only the strongest of us will survive the Volcanos erupting all over the map. Scary times right now, but, we too can overcome this season as well. With the support and loyalty of Sistas such as yourself…We Can’t Lose!


      • Truthangel07 says:

        True that, Tyrone.

        God always sends messengers to warn the people about calamities, but sadly, as with Noah in the Bible, there are those who just don’t heed the message, and will perish.


  2. nidotopianwarrior says:

    “Why didn’t you heed the warnings of the messengers before all of this happened?”

    My dear, just as in the days of Noah, so shall the coming of the son of man be, you and many other soul patrol agents were/are the proverbial Noahs

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