Is Lee Daniels Helping or Aiding Black Gendercide in the Black Community?


When Empire first aired, creator, Lee Daniels, stated openly in an interview, that he wanted to blow the lid off the issue of Black homophobia in the Black community.

I read the article and I juxtaposed this with the lectures I had been listening to from Dr. Umar Johnson, Dr. Phil Valentine, and other conscious teachers, about how their has been an attack on Black manhood these days by the white power structure.

So, I had to ask: How is Lee Daniels helping or possibly aiding and abetting this?

I’m nowhere close to being naive about sexuality and relationship issues in the Black community: the DL issue is not that far long gone but really…what side is Lee Daniels on?  Yes.  He’s a man.  Yes.  He’s Black.  However, he is an over homosexual who seems to think that the only think that matter to Black people are who’s sticking his dick in another man’s ass.

Gender doesn’t matter to him. Nor does anatomy. It took a man and a woman to create him.  Yet, he acts like this is an optional reality.

Black people have a lot of issues currently that are far more important: the economy.  Jobs.  Education. Debt. Unemployment.  Politics. And most important>>>SURVIVAL!  Yes.  Just staying alive.

Lee Daniels believes that homophobia in the Black community is the culprit for DL men and men who hide their homosexuality.

I don’t think he sees the big picture:

The term, “gendercide” actually refers to the systematic assault and murder against victims due to their gender identity. And this is the reality of life after feminism.  So, how does feminism play into gendercide?  Basically, crazy white women, particularly, lesbian white women, began to promote misandry as a response to their anger and rage at white males.  Yes. The hatred of males became the backbone of the feminist movement.  And white women began to promote this message by employing Black women.  Why us?  Because we had always been the backbone of social and civil rights in our community.  Some naive sisters really bought into feminism; and I’ve spoken about it on this blog, however, the joke was on us.  These crazy white women convinced some Black women they didn’t need Black men anymore–they chose welfare and kicked their man out of the house to collect a check.  Next>>>they decided they didn’t need to get married any longer, but still have children.  Some of those children were Black male children.  What male standard was there for them to follow? There was no one but mama and other single women.  Thus, the effemanization of young Black males began.   As long as that welfare check came, who needed a daddy or husband. Well, a generation later, those unwed mothers are now grandmothers to grandchildren who have no family values, no fathers, no security, and NO JOBS.

How can those with daughters, expect a son-in-law, when this is what is becoming of Black manhood?


You got played, sisters.

These crazy white bitches used you to further their agenda and all you got was a community empty of strong Black men.

And this in and of itself, works in tandem with White Supremacy.  How, because it weakens the greatest threat of a white male patriarchy, BLACK MEN!!!

What happened to the white feminists? Many are grandmothers–they never left their husbands. They are securely retired, living in paid off mansions, and going to college graduations and tea parties, laughing about how crazy they were when they were young.

This is not about what  I think; it’s a collective message and perception that is being packaged, priced, and sold,but to what consumer? What is Black culture? Answer me that. What are the foundations and basic beliefs of our people?

Black church, Black pride, family structure and strength has always been part of our roots and that won’t change. If something is being packaged and sold doesn’t mean that a real consumer will buy into it. “Buyer Beware

Lee Daniels needs to get served!

30 comments on “Is Lee Daniels Helping or Aiding Black Gendercide in the Black Community?

  1. Soull60 says:

    Serious,large number of black people are suckers for off the wall movies and tv shows produced and controlled by white,jewish types who do not have our best interest’s at all. I do not watch tv period no more, I have gotten tired of seeing the same ole ” hollyweird shuffle ” and the updating of all this coonery,coonism as so-called entertainment. Black’s on a large scale need to be boycotting racist,phony,double dealing fox network period. This phony network and the people who run use the black population like cannon fodder for their ratings.Many do not know this even really understand.
    Anything in the media promoting some men in a wig or dress or having sex with each other I refuse to watch period.
    Those who grin and think these images are so cool,exciting,trendy and entertaining are being mentally bombarded with population control type propaganda. The mainstreal media has been tricking and brainwashing the black masses for A years. WAKE UP !!!!

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  2. nasirsmom says:

    It’s Jaaylah.I had to register and this is my new account.As far as the feminist movement,I believe that was done to breakdown the black family.Blacks also have to take part for the destruction of our own families.Black men of before wanted to get married,work and raise and family but black men of today are very different.Black women are different too.Welfare was created so that the black man could leave the housegold but on the other hand some black men couldn’t find work so the black woman took the handouts.It was all a setup in my opinion.


  3. nasirsmom says:

    I like Empire but I see what he is doing with all the gay stuff.It’s not up to me to judge the gays but I do believe he has too much of the gay lifestyle on his show and that’s why the ratings down.


    • Truthangel07 says:

      Absolutely…people know intellectually that homosexuals exist; but we don’t want to know what they do in private either. They are not the norm and their lifestyle is against the laws of nature that God set in place.


  4. reality_check says:

    Lee Daniels is a very wicked man. I have no time for this sick demon and do not support anything he has his hands on.

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  5. Tyrone says:

    Hollywood is not populated with many heterosexual/pro-black men anyway. I put 2 and 2 together based on their behavior and fear of blackwomen. In my land of Oz, we as blackmen don’t run from our shadow. Lee Daniels is the kind of negro that needs to be expunged from our ranks. Not doing us any good. The Original Man a butt-bandit…Hell Jaw! We don’t follow other men, they follow us.


  6. Tyrone says:

    Lee Daniels is a tool for White Supremacy. Any blackman that supports and promotes homosexuality should be shunned in our community. He can say whatever, that’s not us. Whitemen wish us to be gay because that’s what they are. Secondly, it takes their greatest challenger off the field. If we’re running at full speed, they’re ass out. This is already happening on a global scale. I don’t watch Empire, and will not do so now or in the future. As to white/liberal feminists, a bunch of ugly white chicks are driving this narrative. Shame on Melissa Harris-Perry and other blackwomen like her for aiding and abetting the marginalization of black male heterosexuality. Blackwomen We Love…Not RuPaul!

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  7. layla Lewis says:

    I hope with all my heart that white racists Hollywood can burn in hell, because that’s the place that deserve to the children of Satan! For the uninitiated who maneuver the ranks of Hollywood are white Jews, never forget that the white Jews still whites because they are not a different race!
    Ps Truthangel07 It me always, I do not know wordpress has blocked my profile!
    However, the photo of the handsome black guy Wow says everything!


    • Truthangel07 says:

      Blocked your profile? Why?


    • Soull60 says:

      layla Lewis sister you are on point.I have been in the area of west hollyweird during the 80’s and I remember the vibe very well.Large numbers of black’s are under some type median brainwash spell and do not even realize. Ever paid close attention to a tv addict.The reason they blocked you is because you be spitting fire and they do read what we write for sure.
      I like your style and hope to connect with you on another net work.Check out the movie called ” Fortress ” came out in 1995.They are doing data minind now as we post and talk creating profiles of every they need to spy and watch.


  8. kal says:

    If your a black male and given a platform in any major media it is to further the white racist exploitation agenda. And you must possess at least one of two qualities be completely non threatening and reassuring to all Caspers that they are right about everything.


  9. Great post Angel! What you said is very true. I have covered Daniels before on my blog. This man is a deceptive homosexual snake! His fruity ass needs to be exposed. He works against the progress of his own people. He is hired by racist whites in Hollywood to portray us in a negative light. I hope more people are waking up to this sick butt pirate! He is no friend to our community.


    • Truthangel07 says:

      He’s been on my radar too, Kushite. Believe me, my third-eye is wide open. I see through his kind.

      And not just him either.

      We need to purge our community and minds of every Black celebrity who is working with the enemy against us. Expose the hell out of them–no apologies.

      BTW: How have you been doing?

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