Black People Need to GET ANGRY!!!


Our children are getting killed or violated by white cops, and you have people trying to keep us all calm.  For what?  If you messed with a bear cub, do you think its mother will be cuddly toward you.

Hell no!

Stop being polite to the enemy!

Get radical.  Get mad.  Go postal, if necessary. But damnit!  Stop responding like scared little chickens, and show our enemy with absolute force that: WE WILL KILL THEM!  By any means necessary.  If they continue in their actions.

Today, it just seems that Black people have lost their backbone.  And this is why white folks keep messing with our communities.

Let’s go back to the late sixties, and early seventies, we didn’t play. “TELL IT LIKE IT IS!!!” That was the cultural norm back then.  And we let go.

In the community I grew up in back home in Chicago, no white person dared insult anyone. Why? Because they were not given the license to do that by the Black people in the community through quiet or subliminal acquiescence.  They were proud people.  Intelligent, articulate and wise.  My neighborhood was self-reliant and focused on empowerment for all. When you visited my neighborhood, you saw very attractive Black people who kept their homes and yards immaculate. The children were well cared for, smart, and weren’t used to being called Nigger or being chased home by white kids. Hell no!  It wasn’t tolerated.  The Black women in my community were considered the most beautiful in the county.  Yes!  Black beauty was a norm there.  Black power was the example, not just a slogan.  Many of the residents were not only employed at good corporations, there were plumbers, electricians, military veterans and active members, policemen, fireman,building contractors, very active in the school system, entrepreneurial, and family oriented. The Black men that lived there were strong fathers, who raised strong sons.  There was no breakdown of family; most of the children that lived in North Chicago, IL came from 2 parent homes.  And white folks who made the mistake of disrespecting anyone in our community, found out quick that we were not going to play around with them.  We were Zulu in our mindset.  Militarized, organized, and unapologetically African.

One of the reasons why white people have been taking pot-shots at our community and people is because of COWARDICE that is perceived.  Europeans are innate bullies.  But what I learned as a child was that when you get in their face–and I do mean, nose to nose; show them that African warrior inside who is ready to go to war with them; they will back down. Intrinsically, they are scared of Black people.  They are weak and powerless against us physically, thus, when you do what our elders don’t want us to do, ACT LIKE MEN and FIGHT for what you love; ignorant white people who are prone to racist behavior benefit from our inaction.

Stop being afraid to get angry!

Righteous indignation is not a crime.  It means you’re intelligent.

Black power is unapologetic!

20 comments on “Black People Need to GET ANGRY!!!

  1. Sabrina says:

    I dislike it when they try to calm us down like trying to suppress our human nature.

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  2. nasirsmom says:

    Hi Truth I guess your site changed.I had to register again.It’s me Jaaylah but I changed it to Nasirs mom.Just letting you know.


    • Truthangel07 says:

      I was having a problem with trolls and there has been one white woman who keeps Stanniing my blog for 2 years, literally, stalking and trying to incite and provoke people because she can’t handle the truth of what I write about regarding race and racism. You know I don’t allow that. So, I had to change some of my settings to stop people like her. As always, I appreciate those, like yourself, who have been loyal to my blog.


  3. Blackking86 says:

    Another lovey piece. I saw a statistic recently about black families before the feminism movement. It was at least 80%. Our people are waking up, trust me. Many are cussing white folks out online. Society loves to portray is as savages and lazy but it’s really the other way around.


    • Truthangel07 says:

      White people are inherently depraved. You and I both see it every single day. I remember how they would get mad at any Black person who would walk into a room–you know we command our space, but with dignity and grace, unlike them, who need to be caustic and obnoxious in any environment they invade.

      We are God’s original people. It’s against nature to prove anything to something that is a genetic defect.


  4. reality_check says:

    *sigh* I hear what you’re saying but it’s not happening. Blacks today are immobilized by fear and drunk off the “Jesus is Love” Kool-Aid.

    No black person will ever admit this, but Blacks today truly believe that white people are God- we really do. This is part of the reason why we stay oppressed.

    I don’t know truthangel. I hear what you’re saying and I do agree— but we are slipping further and further into irreversible pathology as a people.

    What is it going to take?


    • Truthangel07 says:

      Right now, we are at the crossroads for our people and culture. We must CHOOSE which path to go. That choice, whichever one, will lead us to our true destiny.


      • They still do get angry when Blacks walk into a room, not only them but their non black/non white counterparts also do this. White people are truly a disgusting group of people. They have absolutely no morals nor souls. Next you got nasty ass White men preying on young, naive Black girls and tricking them into thinking they will save them from the Black community. You see how angry they get when they get rejected by a Black person?


      • Truthangel07 says:

        Oh, I’ve seen this. Many times. I’ve told white people to their face what I think of them. I don’t hold back! And I’m encouraging other Black people to do the same.


    • Blackking86 says:

      Nah.. I wish you could see the responses on these black pages on social media. More and more black people are referring to each other as God’s and Goddesses, Kings and Queens. Yeah some are still afraid of white people but many are awakened and angry, including the women.


  5. Can you add some share buttons? That way people can share your stuff on Facebook,Twitter etc. Thanks sis!


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