The Black Queen! Respect Her or Else!


When you look into the eyes of most Black women, the power that is in those eyes is real.  So powerful, some can be brought to fear  and tears when gazing into them.  That power comes from the inner knowledge of being the earth’s first mothers and queens.  From the womb of a Black woman, ALL HUMAN LIFE evolved.

Black women have been indicted for their strength.  We are the only females on the globe that outperform and are more educated than our male counterparts.  However, the difference in Black women is that we do not use this to emasculate Black men.  It is necessary for us to be high achievers because it makes absolute economic sense to do so.  But the “strong” preface is what really gets to many and their seems to have been a campaign of sorts, meant to indict and weaken, this formidable representative of female power. We have to face sexism, racism, and heterosexism.  We have to handle business when there is no man around; Hell! Bills still gotta get paid.  Black women have a very strong work ethic–we have highest workforce participation but often, many have to work 2 jobs.  Oh, well, we gotta eat.

The Black woman is not a whiner; she moves with the wind, handling each issue and problem with divine energy; and commands respect because of her ability to master any and all tasks with the mentality and attitude: “the job must be done“–with excellence of course…no excuses.

We get this strength from our fore-bearers.  Most of us have strong mothers and grandmothers who set the examples for us.  The were not spoiled and pampered.  Many had to work right alongside their husbands, farming, while often having to work other jobs to make ends meet, as well as raising their own children.

My mother and grandmothers fall into this category.  However, I was raised to believe I can do anything.  Never once did anyone ever say to me that I couldn’t achieve something because I was Black or a woman.  Just the opposite.  My late godmother wouldn’t even allow the word “can’t” to be spoken around her.

Most Black women don’t really have an option to not be strong; it comes with our territory.  Our men and boys face daily assaults and threats on their lives.  Our enemy–the white male and his female counterpart, bask in their tactics to keep us at war with each other so that it weakens the Black family.  We have to stay mentally acute, aware, and prepared for engagement, if necessary, to defend our communities and people. This is a reality we live every single day.  There is no one to fight for us, unlike our white female counterpart, and this is the catalyst of THE STRONG BLACK WOMAN!

This is what many white women find out when they make the mistake of testing a female that is far superior to them in just about every single area. I am not saying this from vanity, but affirmation. It is what it is.

But let us examine where this power in Black women came from.

History has been controlled by the European male for over 500 years, and if one did not have the benefit of libraries, encyclopedias, and well-learned Black Scholars over time, we’d never know the names of Black queens who not only ruled with absolute authority, many fought right alongside the men against the enemies of Africa.  Some of their names are known, others are not, but what is most definable is that the strength of Black women has a definite origin and legitimacy.

I will not entertain any thoughts that inhibit me from being the woman God envisioned the day he made me.

And this is what Black women must embrace as well; for we were designed with purpose.


19 comments on “The Black Queen! Respect Her or Else!

  1. TheOriginalBlackWoman13 says:

    Reblogged this on TheOriginalBlackWoman and commented:
    Very powerful and truthful post!


  2. Your post gave me life! Which beautiful words you said about black women!
    Really always I said thanks God made me a black woman! Never in my life I felt to ashamed to be black!
    I have noticed that non black people don’t stare for a long time to look into our eyes, especially white women!
    White women can’t look into our eyes for so long time without they stare you with a nasty look of hatred and envy!
    If it is you have to stare them for a long time and in a manner intended they lower their heads quickly! It seems that they are feeling the power that lurks in our eyes, I do not know how to explain it!
    Black women don’t need necessarily to be big and curvy bodies,no matter which physiognomy we have,but something in us that puts fear!
    The majority of black women have these amazing big eyes,almond shaped,deep and long!
    If the people don’t want look us,not because we are physically unattractive because this is not true! They have fear us and what our eyes have!
    Black women have magnetic eyes and deep, there is something in our eyes that frighten but at the same time fascinates people!
    Now you can tell me what it is so nice in round,tiny and blue eyes?


    • Truthangel07 says:

      Years ago, I actually had a supervisor tell me, “There’s something powerful about you.” I just looked at her. And another supervisor earlier than that–real crazy, cunning bitch, actually told me that “there was something about my eyes that intimidated people.” I was very young, and at times, when white people ambush you with this shit; you really are stunned, and don’t or can’t respond right away. In hindsight, it’s just examples of how much fear and awe white people have of us.


  3. nidotopianwarrior says:

    respect to each other is desperately needed in our communities. There is no one like the black woman….


  4. It feels good to be able to comment on this website again. I’m sure I missed some good post but I will go back and see what was presented. But as usual what has been said thus far on this particular thread is what the entire planet is contingent upon. The womb of the ”black woman”. The very portal from which all things incubate. This is what the ”westernized” mindset is hell bent on destroying, yet utilizing to configure a way to circumvent around to prolong their life span while reducing the African Americans life span through disease, chemicals, medicine, and abortion. The value of the womb of the mother has been reduced to ”Black Market Value”. From which black body parts are soled in lieu of platinum, diamonds, and gold which is worth far less than what can be offered with what melanin possesses.

    Did you know Melanin, the aromatic biopolymer and organic semiconductor responsible for human skin tone, the color of Black cats, Angus cattle and crows has a dollar value? It does. When we first looked into the dollar value of melanin it was listed as $353 a gram. At $353 a gram melanin is worth more than silver, platinum, gold, paladium, and coltan. A gram of gold is $53. Melanin is worth $300 a gram more than gold. An ounce of gold is priced at $1,315 while an ounce of melanin is worth $10262. A pound of melanin is worth $160117.98 and a kilogram of melanin is worth $353,000. Three kilos of melanin is worth more than $1,000,000. People under the radar knows the value of the black womb. This is why on the surface it appears to be the opposite. Which is why no one would ever believe you are worth more the precious medals.

    This is what that movie Hotel Rwanda was about featuring Don Cheadle. Black bodies are being sold on the Black Market for rich elites. The black woman named Henrietta Lacks as was an African American woman who went to Johns Hopkins Hospital in 1951 because of a painful knot in her stomach and abnormal bleeding after giving birth to her fifth child. She was diagnosed with cancer and two parts of her cervix were removed (the healthy part and the cancerous part) without her permission. The doctors discovered that Lacks cells kept alive and grew. Her cells were named HeLa and for over six decades, they have been used more 74,000 studies. HeLa were the first human cells to be successfully cloned.

    The conspiracy theory of blacks being murdered for organs is now being linked to the string of murders that happened in Atlanta during the late 1970s to the early 1980s. I don’t think most black people are really ready for the role they play when it comes to genetic weaponization. Can you imagine the revolution that would take place if black woman truly knew what their value was if they were to find out what is really going on with why you have had 64,000 black woman go missing in 2010 and damn near no one reported on it. Why? Despite representing supposedly 12.85% of the population, black Americans accounted for nearly 226,000 — or 34% — of all missing persons reported in 2012.

    According to the FBI’s National Crime Information Center. But I know why and now you know why. You are the lifeline of the entire universe. This is what confuses me when these Latin/Hispanic girls like to throw their hair around talking about the black woman is so jealous of how they can whip it and twirl it when you wouldn’t have such texture if it were not for the black woman existing period. You are the ones that have to thank her for that material, not the other ways around. Black woman at the end of the day will get the last laugh on everyone. And guess what? That will be revealed less than 5 years from now. It will start from the stars an work it’s way down to your very feet. This is what the so called U.F.O. Disclosure from our government is all about. This is what I tried to cover in my last post about the ”Predator” movie but I didn’t have the time and really still don’t but it is coming. You guys take care and keep the truth coming fast and furious Truthangel. Peace.


    • Truthangel07 says:

      Ariel, this is so deep; people might drown from the TRUTH of what you’ve written.

      Black women don’t have to be jealous of anyone–we cover the spectrum of skintones, our hair is as diverse of any group from silky straight–to kinky-nappy, and happy. We are BEAUTY–personified in human form–no apologies for it either. God is manifested in our diversity and his creativity is within our genes.

      The rest of the world is dumb–we KNOW the TRUTH! And that’s why we are feared and envied!


    • Truthangel07 says:

      I have to share this with you, Ariel. This video totally concurs with what you said:


  5. Beautiful post Angel! Very powerful words! I put this on Twitter. Is that Tyra account yours? Cute lady. 🙂


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