When Black People Stop Accepting Lies…


For several years now, I’ve centered myself around new areas of knowledge that not just speak to the Black Experience but to our consciousness and elevation as a people, reporting education that is relevant to our existence, not just our status.

Everything that has been happening to us is to get our attention and motivate Black people to push-start the new revolution that is about to happen to this entire world. Things are about to change; and our enemy is scared. They are trying to manipulate events to dis-stabilize their end–but it’s already set.  It’s written in the stars and Holy men know that God is about to correct some things on this planet–where you stand on the side of his mercy, matters absolutely.  For he will repay all according to their works.

We have been violated on so many levels by our enemy and I just don’t understand why so many of my people just don’t get it.

Do people even understand what the colors mean of the Black Nationalist flag?


My blog is somewhat of an open diary of sorts of what I think on every social issue that impacts my community.  I don’t apologize for speaking the truth about what is on my mind nor how I dissect, examine, and diagnose those things in my environment that affect me and my community.  Simply put: I LOVE MYSELF and I LOVE BLACK PEOPLE.  We are so awesome and there is almost a child-like impetus to let the entire world know that–without explanation.

As I’ve told many of you before, I’m humbled and honored that so many HEAR what I’m saying.  To those who don’t know what I’m talking about and scream offense: they are probably guilty as hell of the very things I speak of.

Frankly, I just don’t give a damn; and will not waste my time becoming an apologist for our enemy.

We know what time it is, Black people.

It’s time to OPEN OUR EYES and SEE what many of us have tried to run from.

Please listen to this important message from Dr. Umar Johnson.  It speaks volumes of what is really going on:


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