Do Black People Understand Purpose Today?


Today, I left my house at 9:45 a.m. to run some errands. The sun was out; shining so bright.  I felt good and relaxed.  We had been getting a lot of rain in the earlier part of the fall, and any day that looks like this is welcomed with open arms.

I like to take walks on days like this.  It relaxes me.  As I head to my destination, consciously, many thoughts emanate through my mind.  I do my best thinking when I’m moving a lot.  The thought that ran across my mental billboard related to the San Bernardino massacre and all of the events that have impacted our attention over the course of this year.

From the killings of Freddy Grey, Sandra Bland, Texas Pool Party incident, Charleston Massacre, Sam DaBose, police videos indicting cops, terrorists shootings, et al.  2015 has been a violent and bloody year–as I predicted it would just last year.

But I ask: why?  Why are all of these things happening?  Is there a deeper message?

Is God unmasking our country and forcing us to deal with a lot of issues that we refuse to reconcile?

I believe in Divine Intervention and also revelation. It’s time for our people to WAKE UP and take our leadership back and show  people and things that have contaminated our community, the EXIT door. We lost our way. God is trying to lead us back to him. I pray for 2016 to show greatness returning back to our people. Too much decay and indifference has allowed things in our lives and communties that aren’t edifying us. We now must take responsibility and get rid of this bacteria in order to restore dignity and honor to the people.

We are Black people living in a country that our ancestors were forced to live in.  Their reality created our history here; and their struggle paid the price for all of our lives.  How dare anyone tell me that my life doesn’t matter.  The blood of my people was shed on American soil, bonding the rights for us to claim America as our land.  We owe nothing to anyone.

From the Revolutionary War to Civil Rights, our people have been there. We fought for a country that didn’t even see us as human.  But we felt a strong pride and willingness to represent, not for just America but to honor the purpose of our existence.  God’s power was in us–his spirit carried us through as dark spiritual forces raged against us.

We were not broken.  Our backs remained straight.  We were not cowards.

But the Black community I see today seems broken, lost, without purpose, and confused as how to respond to the cognitive dissonance of White America.

This is the challenge to Black America today.  We must remember who are ancestors were, yes, but we also have a duty to find our purpose for this generation–at this time.

Sometimes, I think we’ve lost our way, but as I walk, in my heart, I know, we shall rise.



4 comments on “Do Black People Understand Purpose Today?

  1. 25 Black and Alive says:

    Some days I am in despair at the things that I see in our people, but then as you and diaryofanegress said, I can see and feel the change coming. It may not be coming as fast as we would like, but it is coming. Reading sites like yours and others, reconfirms that there are more of us that are awake and willing to put the work in, in order to free us from this bondage.


    • Truthangel07 says:

      Welcome to my blog, 25.

      Don’t be dismayed.

      People like myself and DOAN, have been in the trenches for a long time, inspiriting, educating, and informing the people.

      Yes. We have put in a lot of work but the joy comes in seeing that many of our people are FINALLY waking up.

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  2. We already are…

    It’s a slow moving process, naked to the untrained eye, but it is happening. I see, hear and feel it. Do not despair. All is not lost.


    • Truthangel07 says:

      I feel it too, Diaryofanegress. There is a spiritual meaning to everything that is happening. God’s power is manifesting in areas where we are not yet concentrating. I feel 2016 shall be a year of manifestation for many prayers by the faithful.


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