I’m So Tired of “Mixed” People! What’s Confusing You?


Last week, while on Facebook, there was an article by Bossip regarding how some Black celebrities deny their blackness.



You know, I’m so tired of the low self-esteem in some Black people who seem to think by denying their African roots, this will ingratiate them to white folks, who frankly, wouldn’t hesitate to put a bullet in any one of them, granted, we all look alike and are considered guilty before proven innocent, even while out shopping.

As many of you here, I have had the displeasure of encountering these type of people. It’s always very interesting how even white people or those guilty of this behavior, try to deflect responsibility–throwing the ball back into the court at Black people, but their statements, typically, are always ignorant and presumptive. As well as their condescending attitude to infer that number one, Black people are not educated about what I’m speaking of. This is what Black people talk about when in discussions about white people: it’s their ARROGANCE and ATTITUDE to assess that because we are speaking about things we have experienced, of course, we have to be hallucinating, as if, per usual, they, wouldn’t dare act in such a way. This is what’s called, Cognitive Dissonance. And at my age,  I’m quite sure by now, I know what I’m experiencing and can translate those interactions intellectually, particularly to those, who insist on looking at life through rose-colored glasses.

African Americans with mono-racial parents aren’t concerned with people who can’t make up their mind about their identity. Frankly, I’ve always felt superior to white people–as most of the African Americans I grew up around. Africans have the purest Homo-Sapien genes (Modern Humans) than all other races. Thus, those who do not understand genetics; literally, are embracing the sad fact of being genetic defects when you claim to be “mixed”. There are only 3 distinct races on this earth. Most humans have what is called multi-cultural ancestry, but if 75-80% of you is African, you look like a fool, when you can’t understand that what you claim is not going to free you from the sting of racism. The bottom line: it’s just a chic way to hide your blackness (from which all races emanated).

White Power is real and don’t act like you can’t see that.

This topic was started to generate responses. And as I scanned some, it is clear who is guilty of the behavior. Denying one’s self is the ultimate betrayal of your humanity. To be dehuminized to the point; one has to list the ingredients of their ancestry, as is done on a cereal box, is just absolute lunacy. No one cares if you’re mixed with Irish, Italian, Greek, Russian, et al!  The bottom line is that for those who have a Negro/Black parent; and know it, trying to claim a heritage that you have not been socialized into, is just a clever way some biracials play the race card: they’re not really Black, however, claiming the status of a minority, ensures them certain benefits; but conveniently, they aren’t giving up the White Privilege they’ve inherited by proxy either.

As a proud African American woman, I am giving my blessing to these type of people–and holding the door to the nearest>>>>>EXIT! You are welcome to be what your are–keep us out of it!


13 comments on “I’m So Tired of “Mixed” People! What’s Confusing You?

  1. layla524 says:

    I do not leave my comments regarding mixed people!
    I was thinking about what one sister wrote in her bloggers where non-white men are forced by the oppressor to procreate with white women!
    Europe is falling to pieces, at the mercy of immigration and refugees, where behind all this lurks the hand of whites!
    They hate Muslims people and non-white people, they wish our died but at the same time they need fertility! They lead wars in not Europeans countries to ensure that these people can bring new DNA in Europe! They are genetically dying, and therefore require both labor but also of fertility! As in US black men have convinced themselves that breeding with white women the US will turn brown, so the same with Europe!
    What All Those “groups” have in common? Is, they are disenfranchised, driven, and / or kidnapped from their homelands and left impoverished, powerless, and the oppressed victims of white supremacy.
    As a result of their psychologically traumatized condition, some have equated Wrongfully HAVING SEX With Their oppressors’ females (white females) as a blow against Their oppression and a blow against the dominant white male!
    They are using our DNA to their interests, because no one never realize that interracial marriages were not created with the initiative to bring love but only opportunism?
    White people are finding every way possible to survive, my question is this why we people with melanin we give them this opportunity?
    Procreating with our oppressor not destroy white supremacy rather give them the opportunity to live again!
    White people are the bearers of the destruction of the human race!
    I believe that if there will be unification or better equality of the human race a genetic level, the human race will have ceased to live! The world cannot be only white, people with melanin, they should dominate and control this world!
    If human beings are at the physical and genetic level different there will be a reason! It means that if Mother Nature has created genetic diversity it means that “BE different is good thing, not bad thing.” They believe that if the human race is genetically similar and aesthetically similar it will be no more racism!
    I do not believe that racism will end if these brown children with Neanderthal blood that flows in their veins, they have demonstrated the failure of multiculturalism!
    Interracial love it should be something happens by love, not something that has been forced under threat or by an oppressor!


    • Truthangel07 says:

      I totally agree with this, Layla.

      Very well stated.


      • layla524 says:

        I had a conversation with a black guy who has an affair with a white woman, he said to me, that white women too are victims from parts of white men!
        Why do only us black women are more sensitive to see the reality of the facts as it is? These black men and non-white men always will see white women only as victims but not as racist!
        For me, white women are more dangerous than white men with guns!
        Because they will always be faithful to white supremacy even if they share the bed with black men and non-white men!


      • Truthangel07 says:

        A long time ago, I read a very powerful book, Makes Me Wanna Holler by Nate McCall. In that book, the author, who went to prison but worked and received a college degree, becoming a journalist, noted in his experiences in prison, that many Black men were “weak in the head” and that’s why they act and think as they do. Honestly, some just DON’T GET IT. And you’re correct, white women are not victims; they are co-conspirators of White supremacy and racism. Their gender camouflages that.


      • layla524 says:

        I want you to watch this! This is the real beauty, that all men desire and that all non-white women should not be jealous! This is the kind of woman that black men and non-white men are looking for! I want to know that their kind of education this kind of women will give to their children!
        The mixed children or muslim children born by white women the 90% will not be assimilated into the culture of origin of the father but the mother! We know that the first teacher of life for a child is the mother! God saves this!


      • Truthangel07 says:

        The sad part of it all; many Black men don’t suspect that the white cave bitch they are kissing, also had her mouth on the penis of a dog–given the proclivity of white chicks in general to sleep with animals, particularly canines.


  2. dieva says:

    Why cant mixed people just be mixed? Whats the issue? Im not trying to be rude but I always saw mixed race people as mixed, never mono racial. 99% of the time I can tell when someone is mixed, especially when they are half Black. I hate to describe it this way but its the way I do, mixed people always come off as half full or something is lacking in their soul. I always feel like something is missing with them.


  3. I cannot stand those mamzers


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