What’s On My Mind for 2016?

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Well, it’s a new year, folks…and I’m listening to R. Kelly’s The Buffet.  I like it.  The guy just can’t miss.

And please, HATERS–I don’t want to hear it.  Put it in your closet and build a fence around it–don’t bring any dead talk here.

My first official blog of the new year and there’s a lot I want to talk about and debate.

There’s been so much going through my mind of late but I truly feel positive about the new year.  However, as relates to the blog; you can say…what I topic, will most certainly be like a buffet for sure.

So much is trending and right now, we have an election to think about. Who is going to win the Black vote?  Hillary Clinton had a case of entitlement and thought the 2016 was hers for the taking–that is: until Mr. Donald Trump stepped into the ring.  And he came out swinging.  Scared the living hell out of the Republican base and just won’t quit. The Donald ain’t playin’.

donald trump make america great

As for the beleaguered Bill Cosby, could someone please tell me why in the hell are mostly white women (*wink*) accusing this man of drugging and raping them after decades.  Uh, one would think that if someone offers you a “blue” pill at his house; even Stevie Wonder would give them the side eye at that one.  The man is 78. Really?  I’m totally suspect.  He made someone powerful very angry…that’s what it sounds like and they’re trying to destroy him.  Sound Familiar (MJ).


2015 was a very violent year–from beginning to end.  Started out with a riot and ended with terrorists killing 14 people in San Bernardino.


There were many people who shed tears for loved ones who were just in the wrong place at the wrong time.  It could have been one of us.

Yes.  Of course, I will keep it raw and just bring the TRUTH.  Uncut. Unedited.  And with bold discourse that provokes real thought.

We have to support each other, Black people.  We haven’t been doing this and that’s why our community has been under attack.  Our economics have been backwards; we’re making people who hate us rich, ironically, from selling us our culture, then taking the money and sending their children to college while many Black children, particularly Black males, end up in prison or dead.  There’s something wrong with that picture.  The Black buying power currently is over 1 Trillion dollars and if we aren’t putting that money back into our communities then we’re financing our own demise.

This blog was inspired by the love I have for my culture and people.  I want us all to soar like eagles.

So, ladies and gentleman, that is what is on my mind…for 2016.  I promise…it will be an interesting year.

Extra:  For your listening pleasure, here is the full album that I eluded to about The Buffet:



5 comments on “What’s On My Mind for 2016?

  1. nidotopianwarrior says:

    Although I try to remain positive, I sense that 2016 will be just as tumultuous if not more so than this previous year. Here’s what my mother let me know the other day, a Caucasian guest at the hotel she works at told her, “no matter who wins the election, America is doomed, there’s no coming back” I for one am not sad in the least. For all America has done to our people, they deserve what they get…..


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