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Something in me is in a state of war.  I want to fight.  Every single day, images of battles and guerrilla combat flash within my mind.  Am I going crazy?  Hardly.  What I am is a Black woman who is hearing the war drum; beats from the ancestors of long ago who looked into the future and knew that one day, their people would be taken to foreign lands, forced to labor for a savage, genetically defective enemy who by definition, is not even a human being. However, when the life and dignity of a people are challenged, a declaration of War is eminent.

The humanity of the Black man has been questioned.  Is it any doubt he is a HUE-man? Why is this even a doubt?  Someone stole his identity.  He was framed.  And now, he’s forced to reclaim his heritage and honor.  But the bastard that took his profile refuses to admit his guilt, so now, it is necessary to fight for what is rightfully his.

Is there any brother out there who is tired of negotiating with white males to cease and desist?  Are there any who have a plan of a attack to take down this opponent and without mercy?  *Channeling Willie Hutch* Are brothers really gonna work it out?

A woman has much power when influencing the mind of a man; and I am urging Black men to start organizing, strategizing, implementing an offensive plan, like the great Shaka Zulu did to destroy our enemy.  He was a general.  His tactics are studied today by special forces in our U.S. military.  Can we learn something from him?  Shaka Zulu invented guerrilla warfare.  The British were scared to death of him.  This was one African ruler who had vision and was skilled in the ways of men.

And so must Black men do as Shaka did.  No more excuses.  It’s time to devise a plan of take-down for this enemy. He has been a thorn in your side from the moment Europeans left the caves of Eurasia, entering into rich lands and wealth they had never seen when they set foot in Africa.  Those African people were too civilized to realize that these barbarians would be appreciative of their hospitality.  They allowed them in without inspection and generations later, they’re wealth would be looted and their people led out in chains.

The idiocy!

You can’t allow a snake into your house and not expect to be bitten.  For a snake is only acting out of its nature.  Petting it will not tame it.  For it is designed to be exactly what it is: a predator.

And that is what the white man is.  Stop negotiating his right to life.  You know what you must do, Black man.  I urge you to employ the wisdom of one of their own: “If an injury has to be done to a man it should be so severe that his vengeance need not be feared.”  ~Niccolo Machievelli

You have become dynamically involved in your own destruction because of the influence of your enemy on your psyche.  You must kill him!  Why?  Because nature demands it.  Stop giving him the ammunition to destroy your humanity.

You are Black.  You are the beginning!  You are Life!  You were the first kings!  God made you in his own image.  How dare anyone insult who you are!  There is no doubt about where human beings came from. Your presence on this planet was designed.

And I affirm that with boldness!

For I am unapologetically BLACK!


14 comments on “Unapologetically….BLACK!

  1. Very true words of wisdom and encouragement


  2. Great post Angel! I feel where you’re coming from! I feel your passion sis!


  3. The state of war of which you bespeak is from the Sun of God, Amun-RA, who is speaking to us. I feel it too as do other black bloggers who are acutely aware of what’s going on.

    I have very vivid images of myself wielding a machete, my weapon of choice, on the enemy. Funny that many Afrikan Deities like Ogun and Oya also have cutlasses by their side at all times.

    It is not necessary for all of us to be “ready”. Just a mighty few to start the ball rolling. This year, 2016, will be the year that we see many physical changes on the Earth realm.

    Stay tuned…


    • Truthangel07 says:

      I totally agree with that.

      Last year, I started posting videos of Shaka Zulu. Something powerful is coming and White America will not be prepared for what is about to fall on them.

      All these floods and tornadoes are just signs from God.

      He is angry with this nation and how this planet is being contaminated by these devils.

      2016 is going to be a powerful year.


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