“WhiteSplaining”, Again?…SPARE ME!



What is “whitesplaining?”   The term might throw the casual urbanite off but it literally is a term for white folks who love to give their paternalistic view of something they’ve never experienced or for the persistent white folks who love to apologize for their stupid, racist behavior when they get caught.

Basically, I’m tired of it…and I’m going in on a recent event that took place at a high school in Phoenix, Arizona.

The above girls were suspended from Desert Vista High School in suburban Phoenix were suspended after using gold tape to spell their slur with two letters marked out with asterisks during senior picture day on Friday.  Six members of the senior class of Desert Vista High School in Phoenix, took a photo after posing for their yearbook class photo spelling out “Best*You’ve*Ever*Seen*Class*of*2016.” Some of the girls apparently got together later with the bright idea of standing together to spell out the n-word and posted it on SnapChat. –

See more at: http://cocoafab.com/racists-defending-arizona-teens-n-word-t-shirts-is-best-example-of-white-privilege-youll-see-today/#sthash.Biahv3U3.dpuf

Apparently, as you can see with the smiles in the photo, doesn’t it remind us of something else whenever white people expose their innate evil?


The girls thought it was funny…however, after the photo was posted, first on Snapchat, then made it’s way to Instagram, it caused a firestorm of controversy and outrage, calling for expulsion of the girls via an online petition.

One of the girls, Rachel Steigerwald, the young women in the photo wearing the letter R, attended a rally with civil rights groups outside the school on Monday where she apologized for her actions but said that she isn’t racist.


And so it goes…this has become commonplace for white people in this country.  They do something racist, then do a 360 and “apologize” for their actions, expecting a smile and an empty, “I’m sorry…” will make it all better.

Give me a damn break!

This was intentional racism and she can take her apology and wipe her racist ass with it.

You know, it’s ridiculous for this type of thing to continue to happen…but it does.  There seems to be some subliminal prompt among white folks, particularly since this is the last term of Obama; that attacking Black people is fun.  And the typical ignorant whites among us will per usual, find a reason to act out their sick, sociopathy on our community.

The irony here is that President Obama visited this high school just two years ago.

When I was growing up, no white person dared disrespect or insult a Black person–that ass would have been kicked with a quickness–and they knew it.  However, the lie of inclusion and multiculturalism, diminished that sense of self-preservation in our community; and many foolishly allowed a wolf in the house.

Now we’re being inundated with outlandish behavior and actions from whites that have literally taken the lives of innocent Black people.

This was hateful.  Pure and simple. There’s no excuse for it.

The latest news is that there was actual sympathy for the girls in social media from many whites.

How nice…White Privilege always protects the guilty among them.

I don’t know what will happen to these girls, but it is apparent that there is a serious problem in Arizona.

Racism won’t take a break until white folks are held completely accountable for their hate.





41 comments on ““WhiteSplaining”, Again?…SPARE ME!

  1. qnubian says:

    The irony of this history, that one of these cave beast females has a black boyfriend!
    If a white woman called a black man nigger for him ” it is a compliment!”, but if it is a white man has to do it is an insult!


  2. didn’t these muthafuckas says that when the old crackas die off racism will end? I’m sorry sis, but I am sooooo sick of these effing people. WORD!!!


  3. kelley says:

    I’m sure I’ll be using this new word a lot.


    • Truthangel07 says:

      Right…Black people are so clever–white folks keep learning this–THE HARD WAY!

      Liked by 2 people

      • Truth,thanks for the blog.As disturbing as this is,you can’t be surprised that these women are getting sympathy.Remember that Darrin Nelson the cop that killed Michael Brown got 500k from ABC and millions more in donations.White people got a website that is saying that Obama is responsible for white genocide.Now,white male Republicans are begging white women to have more white babies, because they are having negative birth rates around the world. Despite increasing their wealth,white people are the angriest, because they are now seeing what black go through everyday.


      • Truthangel07 says:

        What is happening to white people is DIVINE RETRIBUTION. They are being destroyed by their own arrogance. Everything that they have done on this earth is the antithesis to God’s laws. Well, they are finding out firsthand what happens when you anger the Creator. Nature has declared war on them; and there is nothing they can do about it.


      • Hue-manity is walking up, and uniting to defeat the cave beasts! Trust me one day the whole melinated world will rise against them, and destroy them! These caucasoids will be cut off, and become the least among the hue-mans! Everyone knows they’re the devil, and the border of wickedness they’re equivalent to cancer! Ever since their exsistence hue-manity had suffered epidemics. They lie to us by blaming that god is responsible for this, but these bio-engineered diseases are all created by them. Who brought to the native americans small pox, bubonic plague, measles and many more diseases? Wasn’t it the european colonists, who were the illigal immigrants and the invaders? Remind white people how disguisting they were back in the 7th century, they feared ablution of water! 😆😂

        Liked by 1 person

      • Truthangel07 says:

        Despicable! Absolutely! And I remind them of just what, who, and where they dwelled before becoming infused with true HUE-MANS. They are not of us; no like us. And nature has declared judgement on them. They deserve to be exterminated.

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  4. Nothing but white racist tramps! Amerikkka breeds them everyday! Filthy sluts!

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  5. Racism won’t take a break until white folks on the whole are eliminated forever. If only I could slap the smug smiles off their bitchy faces which by the way should be in bags

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