Formation Video: So…Did Beyonce Find Her Blackness?

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The Video:

Ladies and gentlemen.  As you have just witnessed, Beyonce Knowles–“Jigga-girl”, wife of Jay-Z, etc., etc., suddenly become BLACK before our eyes. Or has she?

A day before the Super Bowl, Beyonce released her video, Formation in which she audaciously quips, “I got hot sauce in my bag”.  This child has been a force of nature since she ceremoniously left Destiny’s Child (in which we had been prepared before the last album).  Her rise was swift and the hits just keep coming.  What is Beyonce?  Is she human?  Is she a clone of something inhuman?  Or…is the child just gifted and ambitious beyond comprehension.

This video single has caused quite the stir.  Everyone is debating it’s meaning.  The Black power themes of the video provoked hand clapping and Hootie-Hoo’s for those worried that all of those blond wigs was making that child turn into a Barbie doll mannequin void of anything that reminded us that she has African roots at all.  She really does eat corn bread and collard greens.

She twirls on her haters…and thus, is this the emergence of the new Beyonce Knowles–Carter?

For those of you who’ve read this blog from the beginning, know doggone well I have not been a fan of Ms. Knowles or her Jigga Husband.  They’re worth over a billion dollars together but what in the hell are they doing with their wealth if they’re not trying to help they’re people.  They weren’t always rich; well, Jay wasn’t.  He was a drug dealer back in the day in Brooklyn. But Ms. Beyonce grew up pretty privileged–her daddy being an executive and all. She truly lived the life of a BAP (Black American Princess) with all the accouterments of the Black Elite.  What does this child know about poverty, hunger, bad education, low expectations and such?  Really?

I studied the video intently, watching it numerous times.  I’m like that when I’m doing research.  I’m in search of a person.  You know…a being with feelings, personality, intelligence, and spirit.  That’s been in question in reference to Ms. Beyonce.  These things seem to be amiss–at least in the old Beyonce.

Has Ms. Beyonce become CONSCIOUS?

That remains to be seen.

Some people feel the video is a cheap exploitation of the Katrina disaster.  Where was she with all of this 10 years ago? Is she just capitalizing on the Black Panthers and Black Lives Matter movement or does she really care?

As a footnote: There is a scheduled protest boycott of Beyonce from white people offended by her Superbowl performance in front of the NFL headquarters on February 16, 2016; which marks the 50th anniversary of the Black Panthers.

This is what happens when you your “so called” white friends penalize you for not being silent on race/racism.

So many questions, but one has to give credit to the timing of this woman.  She made a calculated move–knowing that this would cause controversy.  But where have we seen that kind of political moxy before?  We haven’t seen anything this political and artistically brave video wise since Madonna.

Beyonce was absolutely: UNAPOLOGETICALLY BLACK!

Hhhhmmm…Me thinks Ms. Beyonce might actually have a brain after all.

Borrowing a line from the formation video/song: “You know you that bitch when you cause all this conversation.”



2016 Superbowl Performance! Did she slay?


9 comments on “Formation Video: So…Did Beyonce Find Her Blackness?

  1. I would like to think so personally but the powers that be of course wouldn’t let that fly unless they know it would cause a controversy which it has and I believe that’s what they were going for

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    • Truthangel07 says:

      I posted a comment on Dr. Phil Valentine’s forum on fb; and this is his response on this issue:

      “There are “proper” venues in which to represent our struggle. Relevant musicians of the past (particularly Michael, EWF, Richie Havens, The Last Poets, Gil Scott; etc) never needed to enjoin half-nakedness and gay men twerking to push their message. Adding the body gyrations of “Single Ladies: If you want it put a ring on it” to a song meant to bring attention to a serious situation, is a noticeable distraction. Regarding the Superbowl…Our Panther sisters weren’t bumpin’ and grindin’ to represent their strength and resolve either. I “get” that this new generation has THEIR way of “representin”…but to me, spreading one’s legs in a “work-dat-twerk” exhibition of butts and crotches severely demeaned the message. Our beloved big Brother Khalid didn’t pull his pants down at “half mast” to speak his powerful message…Sister Soulja doesn’t bump and grind to represent Black Power…our beloved Sister Assata is posting “twerk tweets” to bring attention to Black Power…and neither did our beloved mother Dr. Francis Cress-Welsing. These giants did (and still do) it with GRACE and DIGNITY! When choosing a way to visually represent something as SACRED to our cause as the IMAGE of what JUSTICE and Black Power should look like…this ain’t it…!!! Think about it… When serious messages regarding US get played at a GAME…you KNOW its content was meant to be trivialized. Yes… in all the excitement and hoopla of a Superbowl half-time show, Beyonce’s INTENTIONS may be seen as “courageous” and “honorable”…but as my sainted departed mother used to remind me “…The road to hell is paved with the *best of intentions*…” All in all…I’d give her an “A” for effort…but an “F” for execution…”

      He’s right…

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  2. I can see alot of cave women whinning, and can’t shut their blather.

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  3. qnubian says:

    Musts of these white cracks, they have spent all the time to hate and criticize the Beyonce performance,because she represented as entirely formed team by black women, with natural hair and their uniforms resembled the formation of the Black Panthers!
    The comments that I have read, especially bothered them too much and to see gorgeous black women with natural hair, though for us it is a symbol of love for ourselves, for them to embrace the black beauty is a symbol of rebellion, because for centuries we have been taught to hate our black beauty!
    Whites feel immediately the black threat, for example Rudy Giuliani didn’t like her performance!
    He said her performance “was racist,” they do not have a knowledge what is “racism!” because the truth they do not have never ever been victims of it!
    The majority of them have felt threatened, if the majority of black sings and blacks actors, they will start to take more aware of the black situation what would happen?


    • Truthangel07 says:

      Frankly, I’m tired of white folks and their damn offenses against us. We’ve been putting up with their asses for over 500 years. My Black life matter more to me than their feelings. Fuck ’em.


  4. dieva says:

    Everything about Beyonce is calculated. A couple days before formation dropped, Tidal which has been a struggle since the beginning donated 1 million dollars to Black Lives Matter. Now, this is the same Tidal/Jigga that made a song calling out Black people for not supporting him because hes Black. This is the same Jigga that snitched and sabotaged the idea of a Black owned distribution company. Dont forget hot Beyonce/Jay z have no problems with Gwenyth Paltrow calling them the N word. Also, remember when Beyonce wore this?
    Beyonce has never made a comment about Black issues ever but since Tidal is struggling and Jayz/Tidal wants Black folks coins, this is what happens.

    Formation is quite insulting by the way. How can you sing “fuck me good and take him to red lobster” while sitting on a drowning cop car and showing a dont shoot us sign?


    • Truthangel07 says:

      Trust me, people are debating everything you’ve stated. And I will never give a white permission to degrade me. No one better ever call me anything that is not on my birth certificate.


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