It’s About To Be A Revolution!

Here’s the performance:


First, Beyonce stunned them with Formation.  We didn’t even see this coming.  But then…IT HAPPENED!

Did you catch Kendrick Lamar’s performance on the Grammy’s last night? He completely scared the hell out of White America in his fiery performance of The Blacker The Berry. For those of you who watched; the faces of white folks spoke volumes.  The infamous HATE STARE.  His performance was inspired by the Black Lives Matter movement.  This was a message to White America: Don’t mourn Trayvon Martin if you’re going to continue participating in the type of overt and subliminal violence against Black People.

Every true artist has the responsibility of expressing the social plight of their generation. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!


A sleeping generation has awakened!

Kendrick’s performance was an assault on the conscience of the very people who love to photo-shop themselves in selfies when using cultural appropriation; as to appear as though they are down for Black folks.  He killed it.  Even celebrities had to react.

It’s only 47 days into the new year and we’ve already lost almost 25 celebrities, including: Dr. Frances Cress Welsing, Natalie Cole, Maurice White, and most recently, Denise Matthews–Prince’s former protege’ of Vanity Six.

Last night, I watched the PBS sponsored program Independent Lens: The Black Panthers: Vanguard of The Revolution.  As you know, the Black Panthers were formed on October 15, 1966 in Oakland, CA.–the 50th anniversary is coming up.  The Black Panthers were one of the most powerful Black groups that not only inspired Black youth; it galvanized people of color around the world who were fighting against oppression. They were a human response to serious social problems.

It’s only February–it’s already heating up.

2015 was a violent and bloody year.  So many lives lost.  What was the purpose?

Those like myself, saw a metaphysical counter that would be forthcoming.  And it’s already happening: There has been a lot of violence against cops within the last 6 months around the country.

What is so profound about Kendrick’s performance at the Grammy’s and Beyonce’s Formation video, is that that are both unapologetically Black.  And both done in a forum that is profoundly white mainstream.

The Bible warned that judgement would come in this generation.  Just look at all that has been happening; things are lining up.  The actions of white people from the past toward Black people and people of color around the world created the circumstances and consequences of responses that are occurring today.

As the days go by and we anticipate each tomorrow, I wonder just what will spark the rise of a new Black Panther movement.  Will new leaders emerge that will incorporate the tactics of the leaders that went before them?

This scares America–white people don’t know what to do.  They are trying desperately to use tactics to control the social response they deserve.  Nature has been warning them for centuries.

As the old saying says: If you can’t hear; you’ll feel.

And so it goes…

Kendrick Lamar.  Beyonce.  Both have America’s attention now.

And so we wait.

This Revolution Will Be Televised!



10 comments on “It’s About To Be A Revolution!

  1. White folks in that audience looked uncomfortable as hell even when they were applauding…. I must say I am very much pleased with Kendrick Lamar…


    • Truthangel07 says:

      Man…he killed it. Ripped the hell out of racist white folks and hanger-ons (The KarTRASHians) who think imitating Black culture is the ultimate fashion statement. It is not. We are a proud, intelligent, determined, and spiritual people. Who are tired of the bullshit of White Supremacists. Kendrick’s status and stock rose 1000% that night. I literally envisioned the late Tupac Shakur and Bob Marley standing up out of respect and holding their fists in the air as he performed. Blown away…


  2. nubian queen528 says:

    Nice article congratulations! What he did was something incredible and powerful!
    Whites living in their world of Wonderland countries, do not want to hear the truth, do not want to see the truth with their own eyes, they do not want to speak the truth!
    The truth that is! A people of oppressors who exploit and live on our shoulders!
    If you think that whites are the minority in the world, their number does not cover even the world’s population, because the world’s population is made of melanated people!
    I’ve always wondered how a people who represent the minority as it does to have world control? How they managed to get to this? Do you know the answer please?
    The power should belong to melanated people, no to this inferior race!


    • Truthangel07 says:

      The White Elites practices Satanism or are Lucifarians. They are direct opposition to the most high God–abusing his chosen people. Their days have been cut short. The Almighty does not tolerate people messing with his children and he abhors arrogance and pride. They rejoice in their wickedness and are going to reap the Karma of their hatred and evil. Two African Americans, Beyonce and Kendrick, are in positions where they can transport images around the world. Their in-your-face performances literally was like giving a wake-up call and giving the finger to White Supremacy. It’s about to start. And their isn’t a damn thing they can do about it.


  3. Africa Fifth says:

    And so we wait. No we don’t wait and see…We seize the moment and continue with the momentum…Otherwise it will fizzle out!!!


    • Truthangel07 says:

      The past is calling out to this generation (50th anniversary of The Black Panthers). IT IS TIME to bring about the CHANGE that we have been marching about. Will it happen? That’s the big question.


  4. Africa Fifth says:

    No we don’t wait. We see the moment!!!


  5. kelley says:

    I saw the performance. In my eyes/ears, he’s a living legend.

    “Every true artist has the responsibility of expressing the social plight of their generation.”


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