It’s Not The Place of White Women to Speak on Beyonce’s Formation Video!



Today, while scanning Google for current topics and news, I ran across a very interesting article, while choosing photos to upload.  An Australian writer, by the name of Kath, sparked an interesting reaction, when she tweeted to fellow white female writers that perhaps, white women should be quiet, and accept that Beyonce’s Formation video wasn’t speaking to them.  It was not their place to tell Black people, particularly, Black women, how to feel about issues that impact, BLACK PEOPLE.


This video has the world talking.  Pure and simple: It was marketing genius.

From the beginning of the song, “Y’all haters corny with all that Illuminati mess.”  She had our attention out the gate.  The bitch, slayed.  Excuse me, but I say that out of much respect, for FINALLY, evolving artistically, and doing something not only with purpose, but with well manipulated intent.  She knew what she was doing…ABSOLUTELY.

It made white people uncomfortable and the provocativeness of it scared the living Revlon out of them.  Its message was bold, unapologetic and dared White America to remain willfully ignorant of the lives of Black people in this country.



The reactions white people have been having about Beyonce’s Superbowl performance, speaks volumes of their disconnect.  Since when was showing Black pride offensive?  However, they say nothing at white folks who brand the confederate flag on clothes, banners, trucks, cars, even websites.  They are totally self-absorbed.

Kath’s point was that white people need to STFU!  Period.  Their analyzation is not merited, desired, nor does anyone in Black America care.  Basically, Beyonce doesn’t need the permission of concerned white folks to tell her how to speak to or about issues that are impacting her people.  She woke the f*ck up!

The lyrics of that song are an anthem.  She’s embracing all the roots of Africa in her genes and twirling on her Haters, as she said.  She’s got paper, baby.  LOOONNNGGG PAPER–she can do what the hell she wants.

For almost 3 years now, I’ve been stating bluntly exactly what Kath said.  There are things that white people can’t speak about as concerns our community but many of you know that white people naturally and arrogantly assume that even topics they can’t relate to, for some reason, their opinions matter more than those living the reality.

Fox and Friends didn’t know what the hell to think.

Love it!

“But perhaps the most intimidating thing about “Formation” is how Beyonce used the song, and the noise it made, in such an incredibly shrewd way. She released it for free right before her Super Bowl performance — which itself nodded to the Black Panther party’s 50th anniversary and Malcolm X in front of 112 million people — and right after Trayvon Martin’s birthday. In a commercial after the performance, she announced her three-month world tour and a partnership with the United Way for a long-term, comprehensive commitment to Flint, Michigan’s water crisis. For a woman who hasn’t spoken to the media in years (with the exception of this BEAT magazine Q&A), Beyonce said a whole lot — especially at a moment when feminist icons emeritus are bumbling over themselves. She might just be a black Bill Gates — not an Oprah or a Martha Stewart — in the making.”

Beyonce has not been on my good side for a very long time but she nailed it with this one and I pray that her growth continues.

She got hot sauce in her bag, swag….









6 comments on “It’s Not The Place of White Women to Speak on Beyonce’s Formation Video!

  1. Have you guys noticed that most of our most bold and courageous entertainers family members were either affiliated or direct acting members of the Black Panthers? Tupac’s mother, Kanye’s father were both Black Panthers. Chaka Khan was a Black Panther, is this why Kanye put her up on the wall of his apartment in the video Through the Wire? In that sing it was basically talking about pushing and pulling through adversity. Something that is along the theme and purpose of what the Black Panthers were doing. I knew something was special about Beyonce even though I was and am not a fan but I still like her music. But when stars stand out like she did at the rise of her stardom I felt she was playing the game of assimilating into what they white conservative fan base expects of most black talented artist who have to crossover at some point in their careers.

    Lionel Richie did it with, “Dancing on The Ceiling”, Patti LaBelle did it with “On My Own” featuring Michael McDonald (white guy) Nelly did it with “Over and Over” feat. Tim McGraw (white guy). But it seems only black entertainers have to do this cultural water down before they are commercially accepted by mainstream. But on February 6th 2016 the World was introduced to a new Beyonce (so it seemed to us) and things were never the same since. The “white honorary” person we saw in Beyonce was a far cry from what white people deemed politically correct. Nobody knew what to do with themselves.

    114 million people sat back and witnessed the most daring act since Evil Knievel and David Blaine take shape and formulate a message they never thought possible would come from the biggest commercially successful artist most think binds and restricts most celebrities from ever attempting to even say anything that would jeopardize their jobs when there is under 10 million people watching them at any given time in network television. But I knew something was coming from Beyonce that would forever separate her from just a pop artist. If you go watch her 2015 Grammy performance of a song she sung called “Take my hand ‘Oh Precious Lord” she said she wanted to show the strength of black men.

    There are a few pictures floating around the internet with Beyonce on a balcony raising her fist in the air like Black Panthers did to signify unity, strength, and power. This is why I said to us the “Formation” video may have been new to us but people that know Beyonce were probably not that shocked, especially her mother given that she fought with the Black Panthers in Louisiana. Beyonce in that video had so many iconography from slavery era Antebellum, Katrina, Mardi Gras, Moors, Black cowboys (the originals) Bounce Music Culture, etc. Everything that signifies black identity that made sure that song and video were for black people. I am so proud of Beyonce for risking her career to bring attention to the injustice taking place with her black family. America can not stand black people in powerful positions to help and assist black people in any, shape, form, or fashion.

    This is why I am so glad there most beloved TV program called “Saturday Night Live” made a mockery of their reactions to the exclusion they felt that they impose on everyone else (Oscars) and get a taste of what it feels like to have something not tailor made just for them. They huffed and puffed with their pretentious boycott of the NFL only to not show up. The Beyhive was coming to sting and they didn’t want no part of it. So when that fell through they tried boycotting Red Lobster after they found that sales went up 33%. It basically made that restaurant a cultural exclusivety that carries a theme of sexual rewards from a line that embodies a sexual relation only black people could relate to that excluded everyone else for claiming such compensating relevance for how they treat each other post sex.

    People it is an amazing time to be alive right now, it really is. I can not believe what I am witnessing. I can not wait to see what Chris Rock does at the Oscars tomorrow. White people are being attacked on prime time television from the Superbowl, Grammys, and now the Oscars? Gabriel Union said she has already seen the material that Mr. Rock is going to use because he went over it with Dave Chapelle and it was so good she said she is only tuning in to see the camera pan the audience’s reaction. Me to. Can you imagine what the rest of this year is going to be like? Two months in and look what we already got. Peace.


  2. Beyonce’s Perfect Timing: The 50th year of the Black Panther Party. The 50th year of the Superbowl” with a black quarterback for a team named the “Panthers”. Beyonce at that same Superbowl wearing black panther gear or at least her dancers were. It’s Trayvon Martin’s birthday and the “Formation” video was released. 
    The parent company for Live Nation who’s promoting her tour is called Project Panther. Then you had the Black Panthers documentary that aired on the 16th basically getting free promotion from the Superbowl controversy Beyonce caused.

    Not to mention during commercials the movie trailer for Captain America: Civil War, a new character named Black Panther made his debut. Do you not see the alignment taking place during this phenomenal Black History month? This has been one like no other. But I’m not done. Beyonce’s mother marched with the Black Panthers. Wait… Didn’t Kanye West just drop an album a week or two after the Superbowl? Guess what? His father was a Black Panther! But I got another one for you. If I have the date right on the 17th of this month a former Black Panther named Albert Woodfox just got released from a 43 year solitary confinement stent. God must have wanted to let this man see this revolution taking place.

    The anniversary of Martin’s death is on the 26th two days before the “Oscars” which is also being boycotted. Kendrick Lamar right after Beyonce did her salute to the unjust killing of innocent black children in the Formation video by the police Kendrick does the same on a major network at the Grammys.

    Now you have another potential controversial act by Chris Rock to address these same sentiments at the Oscars. We wait and see. But than again you have in this same month “Black Lives Matters” activist being invited to the White House by a black president. The things happening for black people during this historic Black History month is Devine.

    There is no other way to put it. That is why I was a little upset by Dr. Phil Valentine when he belittled Beyonce about how she chose to deliver this message. What other was she supposed to bring it? He said good intentions lead us to an inadvertent hell not of our intent. But when and where did we mistake this condition we in to heaven for us to be lead to hell? I thought being down here with Satan was already understood? We so caught up in the performance and didn’t consider all the aligning events that Beyonce had nothing to do with even though they added to the Black Panther theme of truth, honor, and justice, that they fought for.

    Beyonce didn’t pick a stadium right outside of Oakland in the Bay Area where the Black Panthers were formed. She didn’t know a number 1 draft pick named Can Newton was go be a black quarterback for a team named the “Panthers”.

    PS. I’m actually Ariel, I had to change my account. So I am not new. My next comment will not be under this name. Peace.


  3. I never really paid much attention to Beyonce; I’ve never listened to one of her songs all the way through. I don’t dislike her she just doesn’t speak to me and that is perfectly cool. That is until recently when either she found her Blackness or like you said is “a marketing genius”. I tend to think it’s real because this could be a career killer for her or at least, the white aspect of her career. Be it real or otherwise I gotta give it to sis, she got these fuckers talking plenty of shit. And if she accepts The Fruits of Islam offer to provide security for her sell out shows there will be no turning back for her.

    I say big up sista you made me look at you as something other than a shaking ass.


    • Truthangel07 says:

      Absolutely. When you can get the attention of those who smile in your face; and speak the absolute TRUTH to them without fear–you’ve been liberated. I think Beyonce has had an epiphany. Perhaps she actually is smarter than people have given her credit for. My hat goes off to her. Lovin’ the growth.

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