I LOVE IT When White People Dislike Me!


For over 2 years, I’ve been under some kind of metaphysical metamorphosis.  I have connected to deeper parts of myself that have called me for duty.  No longer can I participate in the slavery that impairs my people.  I must confront and agitate forces that need to be called forth in order to bring the judgement and pain on my oppressor as retribution for his behavior toward the original people of this earth.  I hate them. Every waking moment of my life, I envision their downfall.  I smile at the degradation that is to come on this race.  Their actions against my people, demand a response.  And I just don’t give a damn if I make them uncomfortable.

My attitude is the result of a generation of agitation compressed with the ancestral light codes that prompt this behavior in me.  If there were slaves in my family (which could be) I’m their vessel now.  I can say the things they couldn’t.  I can speak the TRUTHS that were too dangerous for them–and dare my enemy to deny the charges brought against them. The fire in my words are meant to harm.  To inflict injuries so deep; it could impact them mentally for years.  If I have insulted them in any way–I’M DELIGHTED.

I just don’t give a damn!

Oh.  I said that.

It just feels good.  I laugh at the bastards.

They always smile at me.  I’m the type of Negress that makes them smile.  I’m pretty.  My features aren’t too African–yet, I’m not like them.  But seeing me, prompts the white one to presume, “she probably is harmless.  She’s not harsh–like most Black people.” You fools.  Hateful bastards trying to mask your hatred of me and my people.  Fuck your smile. I see the evil in your eyes. And as you bask in your arrogance, I plot against you.  Thinking me to be one you can neutralize with such juvenile antics. I see through your hypocrisy with sharp eyes.  I don’t trust anything I see–never have. I’ve been blessed by God to have a 3rd eye–and it’s WIDE OPEN. I do have big brown eyes; and they see very clearly…ALL that comes into view.  The Creator is exposing you devils. Truly.

But little do the bastards know. I’m a warrior masked in femininity.  A chameleon with deadly intentions against my enemy.  The fire of my African sisters is alive and strong; who fought alongside African men in great battles.  Little do these motherfuckers know…I AM AN ASSASSIN. Dancing to African chants of war.

Try me…if you dare.  You low based, depraved,  fragmented thinking, reptilian brain, Neanderthal!  You’re not even human!  And you dare challenge my humanity!

I’ll spit in your face!

Let me just get right to the point.  I’m an irritated Negress.  Filled with loathing and deep contempt for white folks.  I can’t stand the sight of them.  I’ll get more specific: every waking moment, the harsh images in my mind, are of apocalyptic and sometimes malevolent visuals. An oxymoron indeed, for I am a positive soul in general, but I just can’t smile at these motherfuckers.  Not at all.

I’m that Negress that white folks fear: I’ll call them out–no matter where.  I love to make them uncomfortable.  Why?  Because it’s apropos.  It’s correct.  It’s time.  IT’S KARMA in the guise of intelligentsia–using words, like bullets, to murder the demons that have inflicted so much pain and hatred on my people.

Don’t try to understand me, CraKKKa.  My truth will scare your ass.  Stop trying to be my friend.  I’ll never return the gesture.  I can’t stand ya.  And I know what’s really in your heart: You hate it when we shine. Our light reveals your darkness.

I’m from a special people. We are not like you.  My mission on this earth is to help free my people from your machination–and I’m fully committed.

You are destined to become a relic.  As you love archaeology, so too will you become a dead thing that once lived, but nature selected to destroy. You’re at negative birthrate.  Every life you took–you lost a generation.

I laugh.

You’ve become the thing that you feared:  A people with not culture or purpose.  And now, life has no use for you.

And neither do I.




18 comments on “I LOVE IT When White People Dislike Me!

  1. Good God that woman is fucking gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!1!


  2. qnubian says:

    Cave beasts are upset because they were born without melanin! This is the reason
    why they have a pleasure depraved to hurt the next!


  3. White people are not the original hue-man, and they will never be! They’re a beast in false man like flesh walking around as hue-man! White people are dying out in great numbers they’ll nuke the world, and drop many atomic bombs on this white supremacist utopia to take everything down with them! But melanin rich people will rest assured that even if this world will be destroyed, the next world to come is only for melanited people to live in! And I can’t wait to live in the next metaphysical, immortal world!!

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    • Truthangel07 says:

      White people are suicidal by nature. They have no respect for life and other people. Nature has recognized this in them; and it would seem that the course of action has been to genetically annihilate them since the Dark Ages. When nature does this, it means that a species can no longer evolve, thus, genetic annihilation is eminent. They deserve it. No other race that’s ever been on this earth has caused so much physical and planetary damage. White people have to go!!!

      Liked by 3 people

      • If you are familiar with biblical prophecies, from The Book Of Revelation, The woman or the great whore who rides the beast. The etymology for the word woman in old aramiac language means “Gentile”, the beast that carries the woman or the whore has 10 horns represents 10 european western countries where people of color currently reside in. So the interpretation of this prophecy is that white people, “The Beast” will turn against people of color “Woman, or harlort” and mass murder them in great numbers to maintain a white population, because white people are declining in population, while people of color are outnumbering them in this world! A nuclear strike, or an atomic bomb can accomplish that. See the Georgia Guidstone about maintaining a population control. Who knows maybe they will place and segregate POC in concentration camps thrughout the western world! Yurugu, the cave beast, the devil will destroy his world with a nuclear warfare, this white supremacist utopia! I’m optimistic that there will be anew world better than this one, where only for melanited people rule and live in peacefully!

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      • Truthangel07 says:

        Something tragic is going to befall white people on this earth. Just like the Dark Ages; there is reciprocity that will equalize things, causing the decline in their populations, and aiding POC the advantage to take control of their lives as never before seen. I feel this deeply.

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  4. nidotopianwarrior says:

    WOOOOOO HOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *CHEERS AND APPLAUSE* I know that’s right sis

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