Black Pride…White Tantrum!

You know what I’ve been noticing lately?  White people seem to have a problem with Black folks who love themselves.

Well, where I grew up in Chicago, this was normal.  As was with cultural pride of all the other ethnic/racial groups in the city.  It was never demonized.

However, those whites who do have a problem with Black people celebrating the richness of our culture, typically are those who have been raised in majority white communities and have been fed stereotypes from images on television.

The white pride that is demonstrated is not one of celebrating their ethnic origin but its one that is delusional and lacks humanity at the expense of people of color. It is seperatist, nationalistic, neo-Nazi and imposing some warped sense of  racial superiority. Basically, it’s insanity. More boldly, it is an oxymoron wrapped in vincible ignorance.  It is that same white pride that birthed the Ku Klux Klan.  This pride is based on hatred and doing evil against innocent people.  It’s inhumane.

Black pride is not evil.  It is a celebration of our culture and affirms our identity through participation of creativity and upliftment through song, poetry, art, dance, social movements, and traditions.

Black people are not interested in dominating any group.  Black people desire to exist without interference and live in harmony with nature and others on this planet. This is the true character of those of African descent.

White America’s current temper tantrum at the advent of the new Black Pride being demonstrated is more out of arrogance of the lesser group affirming themselves in the face of their dominance.

They are dying as a race.  They are currently at negative birthrate and steadily declining. The world is becoming less white and more people of color.  In less than 100 years, it is safe to conclude that possibly, white people could become extinct all together.  What they feared is already upon them.

When Beyonce’s Formation video dropped, it slapped the hell out of White Supremacy. She gave them the middle finger all the while twirling and “slaying bitches” as she eliminated the proverbial presumption of those whites who still insist that Black people want to be like them.


We are better.  Always have been. Always will be.

That is what is becoming clear to them.







16 comments on “Black Pride…White Tantrum!

  1. I often times liken white pride to an obscene, odious stench that emanates from a decaying carcass, very unpleasant to the nose.

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  2. mizpoppie says:

    pipe down lil miss snappy. your website makes us look bad as a people. its not believable- you say you’re not anti-white in one place and then say they all need to die in another place and talk about how bad evil they all are. about some conspiracy they had before to lie and change history. history can’t be changed, what you worried about? how many white people you got round you? i know plenty and ain’t none of em how you say. sound like you got a few mad blacks round you tho. don’t be mad cause you black. don’t be mad cause they white. were you alive in slave times? was your mama? your daddy? mind your mouth and show some dignity. be a real woman. show some grace. live a good and gracious life. don’t be a mad heffer, an angry little goat. stop this nonsense. you’re speaking front your elders and God about things you don’t know nothing about. some silly little fire you got to burn- you better put that fire out your belly before you choke on it. God put us all here. yeah wrongs been done before. you innocent? who are you to stand before God’s creation and declare anything? hush your silly little mouth. God taught us to be lovers of mercy. look to me like you love to hate more. you don’t live in Old Testament times, you don’t need to be stoning nobody. shame on you, you’re an embarrassment to us. you a silly child. i got nothing for you. i hope your readers read this and speak up too.


    • Truthangel07 says:

      I read this response and all I’m going to say is that you better take the time to make a decision in not coming back on my blog with this mental enslavement bullshit.

      Sorry, hun. I don’t lick the hand of an abuser.

      Stop preaching this bullshit to people.

      Open up your damn head!

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      • Truth that post is funny,considering the GOP is trying to neutralize our vote,even though I wouldn’t vote for any of these candidates.I myself don’t think all of them are evil,but I still know how most feel about me.First,they did a new study and found out that white people are the angriest people on earth.Now this person talks about GOD and mercy,but what this person hasn’t realized,is that most whites put everything value from,money,power and their own skin color above their Lord and Savior,and the Lord is acting accordingly. Now it’s time to fix our communities. God bless

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      • Truthangel07 says:

        There’s a reason why white people are at negative birthrate. Nature does not forget. They are genetically flawed. And nature will not tolerate weakness.

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      • Can you post a link to that study?


    • Well I’m one of her readers and the only thing I can say is that you sound like some sky high brainwashed mammy

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      • Truthangel07 says:

        When I read that…I was like, are you kidding me? Really? She might be an agent plant. Gotta watch stuff like this. Often times, the FBI patrols sites, looking in particular for sites that cater to a “certain ideological”, religious, social or political prose. Their mission is to cause disruption by any means necessary. I’m not falling for it. She’s been warned.

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      • I know, they also like to stalk conscious youtube channels and spew their racist vitriolic venom and cause nothing but confusion.. As we speak there is a racist troll obsessively stalking a blog called fourthangelsbowl using all sorts of pseudonyms from Lynchem McNigger to Obama Is A Nigger and just talking shit on every post and being a complete nuisance. I’ve been on high alert ever since. And I’ve been hip to their game for a while. These white supremacist fiends would invade our spaces and spew their racist rhetoric knowing they will get a rise out of us and the ensuing result is, we get roped into some futile back and forth argument where we end up wasting our energy while they sit in their mama’s basement or wherever else the hell they are laughing their asses off at us. Ever tried reasoning with a completely insane person? that’s what it’s like…. So whenever they come around, all I do is block them, time and time again.

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      • Truthangel07 says:

        What usually happens is that people start going back and forth, then…per usual, they report the blog/site; and the next thing you know, it gets taken down. I’m not falling for it. I know how to handle them. There’s a feature where you can block certain people through their e-mail.

        When you post, you’ll see your edit features, select the “settings” icon, select>>> “discussions” feature, and it will direct you how to do it.

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      • Truthangel07 says:

        Did you see it?


  3. Thank you truthangel07, the video in the reference tag was very informative!

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