When A Real MAN Speaks, Shut Up and Listen!

He has a business too: 


You know…I was thinking about what I wanted to blog today and serendipity made it easy for me.

Beyonce and Kendrick Lamar have started something!

People are really evaluating their behavior of our people as well as those in the culture who have willfully participated in self-hating through dating/marriage of “other people” outside our community.

A friend of mine posted this in a group I host.  And all I can say after listening to it was: YES!!!  

This is what I’ve been saying for years.  But it just makes a more profound impact to hear it coming from a handsome young brotha who told it like it was–and so intelligently might I add.

Thus, I’m taking the time to share this with the world.  As a testimony to the love and power of Black love in an age when we’re being inundated with images that are contrary to Black family and unity.

To all the kings here: Lift up your queen so that you can both walk tall…




A special message from Ray Lewis:


7 comments on “When A Real MAN Speaks, Shut Up and Listen!

  1. nasirsmom says:

    Excellent.Black men are steadily dating non black women and letting them disrespect black women.They are doing the disrespecting of black women also.Date who you want but never disrespect a black queen.We are Mother Earth.

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