My diary: Been on a Roll Checking White Racists!!!

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At the beginning of this year, I kept a year-end promise to hand down the almighty SMACKDOWN on anyone that vexed me in the new year.  Be it family, friend, enemy or the typical idiot who thinks that everyone is clueless, doesn’t read, and has the intellect of a gnat. I’m in full Ninja-mode and I’m not playing with folks right now.  Especially white folks who insist on playing ignorant on their racist behavior these days.  I pity the fool that has to be educated…THE HARD WAY!!!
Such was the case this past Friday (4/15/16) on a naive supervisor who made the mistake of thinking that I would cower when being a given a mid-term performance review, in which I questioned her on one of her observations. Like Beyonce did with her Formation video, I completely caught her off-guard and slayed.  I spoke bluntly to my supervisor about the racist behavior I’ve witnessed at my company in the 10 years I’ve been there. She told me that some of my clients think I’m not “friendly” because I look stern and “don’t smile” enough. When she said that to me, it was like a bomb went off and I looked her straight in the eyes and told her point blank: When white people say things like that about Black people; it’s like talking code: as with white police officers saying, “I feared for my life” in reference to a Black person to justify shooting them. Just because I’m not smiling does not indicate I’m not friendly, it simply means I’m focused on what I’m doing.  I went in. The look on her face was priceless. I wouldn’t let up. I told her point blank how white customers disrespect the Black agents and you know what happened next. *The fumble speech* “Well, I don’t tolerate that sort of thing…ya-da–ya-da-yada.” Bitch, save it!  I cornered her. Don’t ever try a Black woman on that shit!
Anyway, I’ve also been very busy online in other discussions and I took some time to also educate some people on Youtube, many of who are white, who like to drop the occasional race bomb on Black folk.
I wasn’t having it.
April 16, 2016
Commented on video:
 Sorry, you’re not new to this. Been talking about this for a long time–even talked about it in depth in my 2011 novel, A Journey Into The Mind of a Black Woman: In Search of Black Men Who Live With Purpose (On Amazon). Frankly, I really feel that white women are a product of white sociopathy. White men have used white women as pawns–even in Europe. They hate their own women because her womb is dead. Black women have never been asleep to this she-wolf. It’s from the womb of a white woman that the worst serial killers, rapists, terrorists, and sexual deviants in history. Let’s just tell it like it is. Where do all white people come from? CAVES. Her depravity is innate. They are not human–they are sub-human. Black WOMB-man BIRTHED ALL LIFE. And don’t expect any Black Queen to ever show deference to a thing that would have sex with a dog. Stop talking about these women as though they deserve any level of respect. The joke is on ALL of them. The vagina of the white woman has become the Apocalypse–the greatest genocidal weapon for ALL WHITE PEOPLE that has ever been used on Caucasians throughout history. Nature is a mutha. The Bible said it best: Whatsoever a man soweth (does), that shall he also reap (divine reciprocity). It’s name: Negative Birthrate. All thanks to the white woman!!!


April 20, 2016

*In response to: Ricky Pastille

Stupidity seems to be a trait or white racists.  First and foremost, nimrod, it’s very clear that not only are you informed of rational truths; it would also seem to be…yet another example of just how fucking ignorant you people are.  Arrogance is not a sign of intelligence.  Had you really investigated, you’d know that WHITE WOMEN are on welfare more than minorities, sweetie.  Also, WHITE PEOPLE abuse welfare more.  I’d like to also add as an aside: Currently, the white race is at negative birthrate.  It is so severe, not only will you be the minority in this country; but the entire European continent will also undergo a major birth depopulation.  Count this as the divine hand of God paying back the evil and hatred that “your race” have perpetrated on this planet.  When you take life; you must replace it with your own.  You’re a genetic defect, and simply put: Your genes are your biggest enemy.  Black people have the strongest genes on earth and every time I look at a white man, the Law of Nature is the ultimate payback for everything white people have done to people of color on this planet.  YOU DESERVE TO DIE!!!

April 17, 2016

*In response to racist narrator, Nationalism4Life

You people are at Negative Birthrate. Stupidity seems to be a common trait among white bigots, so let me school you! First and foremost, white people didn’t create Black people, Motherfucker! Your asses have recessive genes. You appeared on this planet 100,000 years after civilization began–and just what do you think happened before you got here? Caucasians lived in caves in the mountains of Eurasia, sweetie. You’re not human–You’re Neanderthals genetically. Black people are 100% HUE-MAN. That’s what “human” means, miscreant. HUE–as in color. There is no race on this planet that comes close to that, which means, BLACK PEOPLE ARE THE PARENT RACE. You know, it’s so hard to do actual research, thus, a “monkey-brain” has to educate a meat-head who hasn’t mastered the ability to conquer his ignorance through reading. You are not a superior race. What you are is a low, reptilian brain, fragmented thinking, bestial, soul-less, neurotic, pathologically depraved, suicidal, genetic defect!!! BTW: What is a monkey brain, Caucasoid?

August 20, 2016

*In response to this video

White people share genes with the Rhesus Monkey. How interesting, given their inclination to refer to Black people as monkeys. Another TRUTH about these genetic recessive defects being exposed!

Commented to: Dave Matthew

You know something, I am always amazed how white motherfuckers find their way to niche channels like, Dahwah’s, yet, profess white supremacy. If your women look so good, why the hell are so many of them getting face lifts before the age of 35? Redundant idiots. Every one of you must read from the same handbook. Typing the same foolishness. Whose fault is it why white people are at negative birthrate. Seems like like those supposed good looking white woman wanna be with every thing, including dogs, but not with a white man. Ahh…damn. *And the guitar keeps playing*

Commented to: Michael Carr

Tell me something? Why are over 30, 000 white men killing themselves every year? Why are middle class white men and women killing themselves? Why is the white population at negative birthrate? How do you make a race, craKKKa? Can you tell me? European CAVE MEN appeared on the earth 100,000 years after civilization. Where did you get knowledge from? There are more white woman on welfare and white people abuse welfare more but yet, you continue to believe stereotypes about Black people to make your sorry ass feel better. And my last question, craKKKa: Why are white women fucking dogs? Can you tell me? *And the guitar keeps playing*

It’s quite clear…I don’t hold back.

I urge all here to do the same when faced with this type of ignorance.

Silence is unacceptable.


25 comments on “My diary: Been on a Roll Checking White Racists!!!

  1. Sabrina says:

    And these are the same women that black men defend and fight for. They think sleeping with them is going to end white degeneracy. They will continue with this behavior as long as these females got back up cover. Did you read that bomb post of that black woman putting a white woman named sharron in her place? talking about she wished she had black women’s strength and the black woman was not blinded by the nice undertone of her message and her third eye peeped the game real fast. Here’s the link:

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  2. Ok I can finally comment and have a few questions and remarks. About you in general.

    Has every single white person you met gave you a reason to hate them so much? I understand your distaste for racism, but the insults that you throw at white women are horrible.

    My goodness, you and the Klu Klux Klan are really crazy. Growing up in a diverse community, I can say that I have met plenty of great white people. But I have also met some that make my skin want to crawl. Oh wait I’m sorry that’s human beings in general.

    I remember when there were times I didn’t have food in my fridge and one of my favorite teachers, a white woman, she would bring food in class for me to eat. She would always drive me out to eat, and to help out with student council. We would talk about everything from sex to racism and religion.

    I also have witnessed a white person tell me the only reason he didn’t like me was because I was dark-skinned. I stopped being friends with him right then. But I also have met black guys that insulted me to the core.

    I am very confused when you say that you promote black love.

    Why do you have to degrade other people, to put yourself high on a pedestal? Isn’t that the same thing that Neo Nazis and Klan’s men do?

    When I say that I love my self, that means I love my dark skin, eyes, hair and slim figure ( I am a black woman who is natural skinny). I personally appreciate the determination the elders in our family had when fighting for equality.

    When pursing someone as a life partner I want intelligence, determination, success, and someone who can possibly be a good father. Those traits can be found in plenty of men, which is why I do not consider race when choosing someone to date.

    I would love to date or marry a black, Asian, Hispanic, Middle eastern or whatever the heck his color is.

    Would someone like me not fit your qualifications of someone who loves themselves?

    If I happen to fall in love with someone a different skin color does would that make me or my kids a disgrace in your eyes?

    About interracial relationships,
    Also, I know a black woman who is married to a white man. They met during college taking the same chemistry class. Sharing their love of science they began to visit science museums and eventually other places.

    35 years in and they are happily married. They have 3 kids, and he is very open-minded when it comes to talking about race and he even learned how to do his child’s hair.

    Are you against their relationship? Or are you talking about people who marry outside their race, just because of skin color? (It boosts their ego)

    And are you willing to accept the fact that you may not even be 100% black? Assuming your African American? Just saying.

    I am commenting because some of the things you have said has made my skin crawl for weeks. I think I might be misunderstanding you and want some clarification.


    • Truthangel07 says:

      You don’t even sound like an African American.

      This is the most White-washed response I’ve ever received from anyone.

      If you took the time to read the home page of my blog, it’s very clear what its about….It’s very clear and those who are members here, KNOW—They don’t have to wonder.

      I guess you missed how many innocent Black men have been killed by white police. And a few Black women. Ever heard of Sandra Bland?

      You come here questioning my audacity of how I explain or interpret racism, classism, White privilege and White Supremacy.

      I too grew up in a mixed community but you know what? It doesn’t mean you won’t encounter racism, albeit, subliminal, covert or overt.

      Who I am, is an intelligent Black woman who tells it like it is. Nothing is sugar coated here to make people feel comfortable–especially white folks who think they can “whitesplain” their view of how Black people should respond to racism, hate and bigotry.

      I don’t live in box pretending not to be affected by my environment or the struggles of other Black people.

      Let me guess…you have white friends, huh? And I just bet they love to call you Nigga as a term of endearment, of course, because you live in a “diverse community.” And of course…you find it an honor to be the “BLACK FRIEND”, foolishly thinking that white privilege will automatically extend to you by proxy, right? *Sarcasm*

      Racism is real, chick!

      Snap the fuck out of it!!!!

      Frankly, you sound like a white chick pretending to be Black.

      And you’re not doing a good job.

      Although I can appreciate educative debate and intellectual discussions on various topics, I simply do not have any interest or patience to school neophytes who refuse to SEE the world without rose-colored glasses. Take them off! Obviously, they make one vision impaired.


      • You are the reason I hate calling black.


      • How do I not sound like I’m black? Is it that hard to believe I’m black? Because I am naturally skinny? Because I don’t hate every single white person for what a few did?

        I hate being black honestly and NOT BECAUSE OF BEING BRAINWASHED.

        But because of people like you. I “talk like a white person” I love reading books, and because of that these black girls at my school starting teasing me because I loved to read. I am not curvy, so I get teased by my black friends for not being curvy. My hair is nappy, I get teased for that.

        And then I’m still black so I cant be accepted fully by white people. Even if I do have a successful career, if I walk into a high price clothing boutique a white woman is going to assume I cant afford anything in the store. If I get into a prestigious college white people are going to assume I got in because of affirmative action.

        See black women Like me don’t not fit into your standards of what it means to be black or a white persons standards of what it means to be a human being.


      • Truthangel07 says:

        This is your last post on my blog.


  3. The white woman I had spoken about in thee past, who I was able to get fired last September is trying to backdoor her way into getting me fired. I had every right to toss her aside, but she has no right to sneak up on me. What a dirty little white she-devil. She deserves to be held by the hair and paraded around for what she is and that’s a little piece of trash.


    • Truthangel07 says:

      It gives light as to why so many white woman come up missing. Thy don’t know when to quit. You have to hurt ’em. And I most certainly will. The bitch at my company found that out–VERY QUICK. Told one of the senior managers that someone was gonna be calling 911 if this escalated. No one, particularly, some cheap, ignorant, genetic defected, piece of white trash. I don’t play.

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  4. qnubian says:

    I smile when all the times, they said, African people and black people are stupid, we don’t have the knowledge to understand,we are savage!
    Their ancestor, Neanderthal was really stupid hominoid, he was not able to speak and write, he was completely ignoring what was the moral! They had spent all their time hitting each other with bat bones, suffering the bitter cold!
    Homosexuality, pedophilia, bestiality, incest, cannibalism, sadism, prostitution were all born in the caves! This is their culture!
    The cavemen and the Egyptian culture lived in the same era, so I explain how they did Neanderthals have become Egyptians?
    We will never have an answer from them, because lying is the only thing that can save them from the “shame!”


    • Truthangel07 says:

      You hit on some important realities that are prevalent in the culture of Europeans…around this world. All of those things you mentioned are exemplified to horrific proportion in European history. They can’t deny their own behavior on this planet. I guess it’s just not sexy to say that your beginning was in caves…


  5. Truth,yes I did.But as Paul Mooney said,never worry about the white racist,it’s the Graham crackers (black sell outs) that are just as bad.


  6. RayMore says:

    And to think that they are the most beautiful desirable people on this planet, but their actions, words, and intentions speak otherwise. Recently i have been recovering from a vicious attack to my self esteem. Im not sure if you will remember this but i told you on your blog some time ago that a Russian Jew insulted me because of my looks. Now this is payback for all of the atrocities committed against the black race.


    • Truthangel07 says:

      What did he say to you? And why did he attack you. Did you fight back?


      • Truth,I was watching MSNBC,as they were at the candlelight vigil of Freddie Gray in Baltimore RIP.The black community said they are no longer interested in politicians,the media or crooked church leaders.Minister Farrakhan was right,no more black exploitation, white have to finally earn our money.I’ll leave you this from Minnesota Vikings quarterback Teddy Bridgewater “Blessings are delayed,but NEVER DENIED”.God bless you


      • Truthangel07 says:

        Black people are finally waking up. And I’m super-happy about that. It’s been a long time since our people have been conscious–we have to be. Our place on this earth is crucial to its survival, both physically, cosmically, as well as spiritually. Our wisdom, intellect, and God-given spiritual powers now must be honed in to channel energies that can begin to repair the damage that the white man has done all over this world to people of color. It is beyond BLACK LIVES MATTER. We our the Gatekeepers of the planet. We must remove the bacteria that has made this entire world sick and restore dignity to ALL THE PEOPLE.


      • RayMore says:

        He/It basically said that i was ugly, i dont really know what led him/it to say that. And i couldn’t fight back because i didn’t know what to say.


      • Truthangel07 says:

        Don’t let the opinions of others become your reality.

        DO YOU in spite of what they think!

        That’s how you win.


    • RayMore,here is what you do when confronted by a racist jew.You politely tell them that you’re counting down the days that the Lemba tribe of South Africa who also has Hebrew DNA thru the tribe of Levi marches on Jerusalem and Tel Aviv and take back what rightly belongs to them,which is the country of Israel.Ask the Jews how they’re going to feel when the Lemba tribe make them outcasts in their own country. Minister Farrakhan has already reminded Israel that it will soon be in the abyss of hell along with the US.Ask that jew how are they going to feel when the Aborigines take back Australia and New Zealand from the white rapists,murderers and convicts who stole it from them . Remember by 2030,the US,Canada,Australia and most if not all European countries will be at or close to third world levels.So Ray hold your head high,Harriet Tubman replacing Andrew Jackson on the $20 bill gives me tears of joy.RIP Ms.Tubman.Yes Ice Cube,since I exalt Ms.Tubman name with joy.TODAY WAS A GOOD DAY


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