Beyonce’s Lemonade Is Too Bitter For Some….


Take a listen:

This morning, God woke me up, I gave thanks, then started out my day.

Honestly, I was still thinking about Prince.  Why?  Just couldn’t grasp it.  I have a lot of questions too: why didn’t he leave a will?  Did he leave a will?  Who’s gonna get his money?  What will happen to his music?  Why did he die all alone in an elevator?  So many questions that no one can answer but God.

And I prayed again…thinking about my mother, who’s been battling many things in the last several years, but has been blessed to see her 77th birthday this past April 19, 2016.

Got a lot on my mind…yet, the sun is shining and I’m gonna get to the next item in my thoughts.

Piers Morgan, the annoying British white man gave his opinion of Beyonce’s new album and pissed quite a few people off:

Well, it didn’t take long for response from US:

Piers is entitled to his opinion but again, we have yet another white MAN who just doesn’t get it.  So allow me to expound on why Beyonce made that album…

A couple of months ago, Beyonce surprised everyone with her Formation video.  Released just before she was to perform at the Superbowl, the video sparked tremendous reactions and clap-backs as to what she meant.  Hailed as a masterpiece, critics were intrigued but there were a few who got upset about Beyonce’s Black Power message and celebration of her Black roots. And Beyonce responded to those people beautifully….

download (11)

I have to admit, I have not been kind to Ms. Beyonce over the years.  I’ve said it on this very blog that I felt she was shallow, empty, and was void of personality or passion.

Perhaps Bey has been paying attention to what people have been saying all of these years and after giving birth to her daughter, Blue Ivy, life changed for her: she’s a wife and mother now.  Whose been through some things and who actually is watching everything that other Black people are watching and she’s got something to say about it.

Again, Beyonce surprised us all and dropped the video, Lemonade, causing quite the stir. In it she discusses infidelity, hinting at her husband, Jay-Z’s affair with an unnamed woman.  This line from Lemonade, “Becky with the good hair…” got people buzzing.   Some thought it was Rachel Roy now, it appears now, it is Rita Ora.  Remember the fight in the elevator?  Is this what made Solange go off on Hova?

The album, Lemonade dropped a few days ago and is already number one.  In my honest opinion, it is a reflection of a new Beyonce. She’s awakened.

Every waking moment of my life, I can remember a song. If I hear certain tunes, memories are invoked. I feel that Beyonce is a mature woman now. Her mind is different. Lemonade is a just a reflection of that growth. She made it very clear that this song is for Black woman. Beyonce has now become a woman. And she’s singing these songs FOR YOU.

That’s my take.



11 comments on “Beyonce’s Lemonade Is Too Bitter For Some….

  1. I personally,liked some of Beyonce songs.Some of her songs I didn’t get.Formation I definitely got that one.It’s time to make our move black people,with just about every major company either laying off,or outsourcing jobs,the US is going to get worse,with much of the blame coming our way . Minister Farrakhan is right,Haiti,Cuba and African countries are laughing at the US now.As my mother said it’s their own fault,because everything white people value,they put ahead of their Lord and Savior. GOD Bless


    • Truthangel07 says:

      God isn’t playing. He said in his word to the children of Israel, if they turned on him, he’d cut off their blessings. Many Black people became very secular, forgetting God–chasing the bling-bling and all other forms of materialism.

      We are reaping what we sowed…


  2. Beyonce never gave birth to a child. No wonder why nobody was allowed to the hospital where she supposedly gave birth:

    Many things about her is staged to boost her popularity, even this story about cheating in lemonade.
    As a Black man I respect Black women, I honor Black women. But the so called ‘new’ Beyonce is not a model of consciousness for me. There are many sisters we can choose in the community. They have been trying to awaken us for years and we never listened.


    • Truthangel07 says:

      Basically, this is a new sound for Beyonce, I guess, to try an get in touch with people. My biggest criticism of her has been that she’s too aloof. I don’t know…only time will tell. I’m willing to give her the benefit of the doubt until she proves me wrong.


      • The only thing I like about the “new” Beyonce is how her recent acts reveal the true face of white America. Many Blacks like to think that white people are now their friends because IR dating is allowed etc. This will shake their illusion of integration.


  3. Beyoncé in my opinion is one of the strongest people in the industry, she does a very good job of putting on a brave face and carrying herself with grace and class, even when there’s turmoil all around her.


    • Truthangel07 says:

      She’s a southern woman, Nido. As myself, we’re raised that way. In the south, you’re taught from the crib to “hold it in–and not allow others to see you down.” Walk tall, pray, and keep it moving. That’s culture right there…


  4. Realimode says:

    A strong blackwoman has always been the worst nightmare of the racists that hate us. Our women are the engine that drives and motivates us as blackmen with knowledge of self. They see the power moves that Beyoncé is making in relation to her people, and it scares them to death. All the centuries of enslavement, rape, colonization, and downright wickedness. Happy as hell to see a blackwoman in the midst of Babylon strike back. Sis, it’s been hard as hell trying to comment on your blog. Powers that be made it impossible to connect with you. This is Tyrone, how have you been Sis? Loving all of the fiyah you spittin” right now, i’ll be in touch!!!


    • Truthangel07 says:

      (((Tyrone))). I knew you’d show up.

      You’ve been having problems getting on? Wow.

      I’m speaking too much truth.

      But I’m so glad you’re back.

      You’ve been missed.


  5. Realimode says:

    A strong blackwoman has always been their worst nightmare. You’re the energy source in our race…The Motivation! This is why they attack you and blackwomen in general more than us as blackmen. Beyonce is finally using the power of the pulpit she has to “Break Things” like a soldier on the battlefield. She’s been criticized by many over the years, but, we gotta give her props for putting a black stiletto up their jealous and racist asses. This is Ty Sis, how have you been? Had no way of getting in touch with you!!!


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