Barack Obama: He Was Not The Dream!

This morning when I signed onto facebook.  Two friends of mine commented on a post I created a few days ago in my group Pandora’s Box regarding Barack Obama’s indifference toward the Black community.  Per usual, they were cheering.  One of them had the nerve to tell me that I am entitled to my opinion (You damn right!) but that she concurred with the other one.  Got an attitude about what I said–tried to talk down to me.  Handled that real quick and unfriended her ass.  You don’t belittle the host of any group and expect not to get checked. I bluntly told them both what I thought…and here is what I said:

The view I have on Barack Obama is because I feel that many Black people hook on to negative cliche’s and then accept them subconsciously. I also have information about Obama that many BP aren’t privy to. He’s not who you think he is–and as I said, I’m not a fan and I’m looking at him objectively.

First and foremost, if you look at his record, he’s done absolutely nothing for the Black community. Who was impacted the most economically during his tenure as POTUS? The middle class has almost disappeared. Who lost the most jobs? Who lost the most homes? Who’s dying in the streets right now. And what did we get for our votes? The chasm between rich and power is growing wider and wider. Who’s being affected more?

You can keep taking on this attitude of “deference” when people criticize Obama. I won’t back down from my stance. You like the polish. You like the jazz. You like the GQ facade but underneath that is a man who obviously is not hearing or caring about Black people, our issues and uses the default of: “I’m not just the President of Black America.” Oh, who implied that? Not us. I certainly didn’t expect him to morph into a modern day Malcolm X. But we sure as hell have a right to demand our piece of this pie.

Such behavior is called risk aversion.

We contribute to this country like every other group. And quite frankly, this man has some explaining to do. I’ll even go further: Barack Obama doesn’t care about Black people. And I’ll tell him that to his face. This is not about the tired cliches about his “blackness” per se, but it has everything to do with the aspect of his leadership. He has POWER but he’s not using it. That is stupid!

After this many years in the white house, we should expect more. I voted for him and a few years ago, I introduced myself to him when I took issue with the manner in which he spoke to the Morehouse class of 2013. It appeared as though he was talking down to them instead of speaking with affirmation and encouraging as one man to other young men who will be entering various levels of power.

Like many, I grew tired of these lectures.  And I told him about it.

I’m an intelligent woman and I can tell the difference between someone talking “to” me as opposed to one “talking at” me. Obama is a coward to me because he refused to work for change within the institutionalized racist systems.

As far as I”m concerned, Obama is nothing more than just a brown front for White Supremacy. He ain’t done a damn thing. And the change I can believe in has not become a reality under this administration. The only thing that really has happened is that he gave a pass to white folks for changing enough to put him in office but as for Black America, we can kiss his black ass.

We got played.

And that is my opinion, indeed.

Was that clear enough?



11 comments on “Barack Obama: He Was Not The Dream!

  1. qnubian says:

    He never had black pride because he isn’t black,he is biracial! His weakness and coward are the proofs! Whites gave him the power because they knew his biracial and he was born from white woman, and he could never had the reason for hate them,for his white blood!
    He war risen with white education,so he is chameleon,he can use his skin colour and change himself, for gate favour from both sides! He cleaver man because he knows black people can never hate him for his skin colour! Biracial people are all the same, are opportunist especially those born from white women!
    When he was younger he dated a white woman, maybe he changed idea when he saw his black wife! Better he saw in her the opportunity to get the hart of black people!


    • Truthangel07 says:

      There comes a time in life when you will be forced to choose a side. Either you are for or against. In many areas of life, walking the fence is unacceptable. Barack Obama is being judged more harshly now. It’s time to take off the rose-colored glasses.


  2. A major shout out to Tess Asplund.I applaud you for standing up to those Neo-Nazis Vikings over in Sweden.Come to find out that whites over in Europe are even more hateful and angry as they are in the US.And have the Europeans tell it,the demise of Europe is black people’s fault.Oh golly gee I’m so sad lmao.Minister Farrakhan, you are right:The US,Canada,Australia,Europe and Israel the Caucasian supposed strong holds are headed towards a collision course.These Babylons are headed towards their fate called JERICHO. And the walls come tumbling down.Mad love Tess,take Scandinavian away from those Vikings. God Bless Truth


    • Truthangel07 says:

      Very interesting that they have erected a replica of the Temple of Baal in London. When a nation does this, they are literally inviting demonic strongholds and God’s wrath. It’s about to GO DOWN on the European continent.


  3. You’re right on point! The truth has been spoken. He was just another puppet, pure illusion. People often refuse to acknowledge facts and truth when it comes to discuss their favorite celebrities of political leaders. Great post!


    • Truthangel07 says:

      Yeah. It really can divide though. Sorry I had to do it but I am not afraid to take a stand. When those who walk the fence are confronted with the truth; typically, their cowardice and fear prompt their belligerence.


  4. Not a dream…more like a nightmare! And it will get worse worse once Clinton or Trump gets in office. Doesn’t matter which one wins. The lives of black people will NOT improve. I guarantee you that.


    • Truthangel07 says:

      This topic literally forced me to unfriend a long time friend on fb. Seriously, she got upset and started belittling what I was saying–mocking me even. I didn’t get rude with her for disagreeing with me. She, like so many Black people, aren’t really looking at this man–DEEPLY. They bought the “act.” I didn’t. He’s been indifferent at best toward Black people and he doesn’t have the power to control the white men that are still running this country. In my honest opinion, that makes him a coward. Yes, he’s had some successes, but what more could he have done had he been bolder? That was the point of the topic. Some folks can’t handled the TRUTH. Sorry I had to GO THERE today, but I don’t play. We all have a right to disagree with anything however, there’s a way to do it.

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      • Yeah I agree. We can agree to disagree in a respectful manner. Some people just don’t like the truth in their face. The truth hurts.


      • Truth,that’s why Farrakhan said none of these candidates are worthy of our vote.The judgement of Babylon (US) has arrived,and God said in Revelation that he is going to take it apart.Obama hasn’t done anything for black people. He let the Koch brothers take money out of inner city schools.Have you seen what’s going on with the schools in Detroit?The US education system is falling apart, but then again they don’t want to educate these kids anyway.Whitey is mad because it’s affecting them more than us.I’m still confused how former Atty General Eric Holder is held in high regard,because he even did less than Obama.I had to remind these 2 white Republicans at work that black unemployment reached it’s highest under Obama,also that Social Services in the black community, under Obama have been cut to the bone.I then reminded them that right wing blow hards like Limbaugh, Beck and Levin will never tell you that truth.But like my mother said,the American people are tired of these politicians and the political pundits.I will continue to keep faith in my Heavenly Father.God Bless


      • Truthangel07 says:

        Truth is a hard pill to swallow and there are people who really aren’t understanding that there are kingdoms being destroyed from a spiritual standpoint. The Bible speaks of strongholds and it’s just simply a time where some things have come to their end. Why is the white population at negative birthrate? They really don’t over-stand that it’s because of how they have treated US and other people of color on this planet. Whatsoever a man soweth that shall he also reap.


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