My Black Is Just Too Strong!


Strong minded Black people scare those who live in glass houses. Our thoughts are like nuclear bombs to the ignorant and kryptonite to those who are afraid of the truth. We are the gatekeepers of consciousness and unapologetically BLACK. This Black woman seeks the bold, fearless, and conscious, who are tired of tolerating people who like walking the fence. This is not for thin-skinned folks. It’s for those who know that BLACK LIVES MATTER.

Like many here, I’m just tired of wishy-washy KNEE-grows who aren’t fighting for us. They’re making negotiations against us in order to receive favor from our enemy–at our expense. It’s time to disrupt this agenda. What do you say?

When I was much younger, someone just put it very simple to me: “Whenever you get too close to toxic waste; you will get contaminated.”  This is very true.  It’s the same as birds of a feather…just more profound.

We get exactly what we settle for.  And just what have Black people settled for?  Well, for starters, welfare.  It was designed initially to help families get through the Great Depression but by the 70’s, it became a tool of mass destruction on the Black community when white female social workers (feminists) convinced many Black women who were struggling financially, to get on the roll as a means to bring in extra income.  But as with any type of help from whites, there are strings attached: You could only qualify if there was NO MAN in the house.  And thus, the war began between Black men and women. When fathers left, our communities began to cripple. Then young Black males started bringing in drugs.  Then the killing started.  And now, we have a community at odds with itself and still suffering from an identity crisis.

Who are are leaders?  Really?  Is this a valid question today?

I am hard press to think of any figures that are pundits on major news stations who actually have their ear to the grapevine of the community and actually communicate boldly to the white media just exactly what Black people are even talking about.

Black people have got to stop expecting white people to wake up to racism.  They are not ever going to admit to being guilty of using it to oppress us and frankly, could care less if we know that many are.

As such, the so called, Black leaders of this era are living in a hazy dream world expecting that one day we will all wake up and white folks will apologize for their evil and crimes against humanity, finally seeing the light; and thus, making us their official besties for life.


Who believes that?  Wake the hell up!

James Brown said it best: “I don’t want nobody to give me nothin’.  Just open up the door and I’ll get it myself.”


And this is the mentality that Black America must have.  It’s time to stop being beggars and become bold innovators (as our ancestors) and become the STANDARD of civilization as our ancestors once were. We are the descendants of great leaders, thinkers, visionaries, kings, queens, artists, athletes, and forward progressionists who challenged novel conventions and did what others couldn’t even dream.

I’m not waiting for White America to change.  My hope is to see Black people stop being predictable in our reactions.  Stealth in our pursuits.  And more strategic in how we respond in this society.

I BELIEVE that we are the greatest people on earth.  It’s time we start acting like it.

I know who Black people are.  We are the only race of people who have been through slavery, abuse, oppression, hatred, and death, but still yet, we are the only race that sang Amazing Grace.  We never blamed God.  Satan had a plan for our people but we refuse to give him victory over us.

God has brought judgement on our enemy already.  His population is dying out.

Being Black is not the problem.  Believing being white solves them is the real problem!


9 comments on “My Black Is Just Too Strong!

  1. Anonymous says:

    I love your blog already. This is clearly what I need. I, too am not expecting caucasoids to change. It is in their nature to be against. They are a minority in the world. They created this falsehood white supremacy system to coexist. They need us in order to survive. Everything they create has the hatred of blacks in mind. Relentless evil. They can’t see why we should despise them. Sincerely, a 21 year old.

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    • Truthangel07 says:

      Hello. I was about your age when I “WOKE up.” It was a paramount in my life that truly changed the scope of how I see myself and the world. As for white people, I’ve never been naive about them. From a very tender age, I had no interest in them and formed my opinions of them through direct contact and observation. There’s NO-thing good in them. Not one. The nice ones are basically “acting”. It’s not their innate self. We’re intelligent people and we know intuitively whose for us and whose against us.

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  2. I BELIEVE that we are the greatest people on earth. It’s time we start acting like it.
    True words!


  3. Truth,I too don’t care if white people change,nor do I care if they stay racist.We as blacks have to worry about things that matter.I say this because I’m overjoyed with happiness that whites here in the US and Europe are blaming blacks for their misery,and that means their anger is misplaced . Farrakhan said that white people know that GOD is doing this to them,yet whites have not humbled themselves before GOD.Prince once said,it’s not whites job to keep black men off the street and create Mark Zuckerbergs,it’s ours.I don’t make a lot of money, but I do donate what I have to black causes . Diaryofnegress said that we as blacks have to still be prepared when GOD’S judgement hits.I told the same white guys scream your head off about Obama,but Obama isn’t going to prevent GOD from turning your people into Count Morcerf.Count Morcerf is a character in The Count of Monte Cristo.What happened to Count Morcerf when Monte Cristo got his revenge?Morcerf did what white people are breaking records at,Morcerf comitted suicide.God Bless


    • Truthangel07 says:

      This is very spiritual indeed. I’ve said this. All I’m doing is watching the laws of the divine render out its justice on those who have perpetrated serious spiritual crimes on this earth and on the innocent.


      • Great video,but people don’t realize that Henry Kissinger mandated the depopulation of the Earth when he was Secretary of State. Even Hillary Clinton said there are too many people on the planet.I just pray that Dick Gregory and Minister Farrakhan are wrong when it comes down to New Orleans after Katrina,and that is they believe the US government blew up the levees,which has never been up to date.


      • Truthangel07 says:

        Given what we already know, that’s not unreasonable to believe.


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