A Big Butt Does Not Get You A…HUSBAND!


Thought for the day: You know, many young Black women think having a big butt is going to make a man stay. It does not. Your behind is just an appendage of your body. It does not replace a mind and a heart. Women who think like this, treat their bodies like something that is to be used and disposed. When a man chooses a wife, I assure you that your butt is not on his checklist of qualities that will make him CHOOSE you to be the ONE he wants to spend the rest of his life with. He wants a woman that is “special” and treats her own body with respect. Not like one who uses hers like an ATM machine to get what she wants. A real woman knows that having a big butt is a result of genetics and nature but her self worth is far more valuable than her behind.

This was on my mind today. White women think cosmetic surgery will make them the new US. It’s appalling; and I had to speak bluntly to young sisters as well. We’ve got to advance our consciousness beyond physicality.

When Vanity passed away (Denise Matthews) I remembered how the young guys used to drool over her. They’d go crazy whenever they saw her. But Vanity was a very sick person. She also was not a woman that young guys could see who would become destroyed by drug addiction. She found Christ after almost dying from drug binge over 21 years ago. When a guy only looks at the surface, he doesn’t have a clue that this woman is going to change before his eyes over time. And if he wasn’t paying close attention to what was inside of her, that monster within her will consume him.

Again, in reference to Denise (Vanity); Prince spoke about the duality of the true person, Denise, and then the alter ego: Vanity. The latter was very much aware of her natural beauty. She knew she could get any man that she wanted–and reminded him of that. She was wild, vain, and selfish. They were going to get married but split up before Purple Rain came out. She was supposed to be the lead. I wonder what made him change his mind about marrying her. She was his female twin. Perhaps it was the split within her soul that almost killed her at a young age, but God has mercy. The damage that was done to her body was severe: When she was taken to the hospital on that fateful day, her blood pressure was 250/90. She had a heart attack and a stroke. She lost her sight and her hearing. She lay on a hospital gurney begging God to save her life. He heard her. The person that she was, had to die in order for the new Denise to come forth. There are many Vanities in this world. And as such, many Princes who see the monster within and make a clean get-away before being consumed.

Young Black women increase the numbers of the unmarried, unloved, and single mother rolls.  Why aren’t they marrying the men that get them pregnant? And what does this say about how Black children are being raised in the home?. Such low self-worth comes from a generational mentality.  Something was passed down subliminally to the child.  And our communities crumble from broken homes.

Yet, young Black women think having a big butt will change it all…but it does not.

A young Black man who worked at my local Wal-Mart, told me of a young woman that he observed, whom he said was extremely attractive, being approached by another guy.   He asked her out. The young man told me that she told the guy that she’d go out with him only if he’d buy her some $400 dollar boots. For real.  Sad. She’d done that before. That’s why she said it. I’m sure she found a sucker to buy her something before.  This child was taught to do this.  Someone set the example that it was ok.

My mother would have killed me if she even thought I was carrying myself like this.

Is this what our young women have come to?

(And the violins begin to play….)

Using an analogy, When it comes to men who take advantage of young women with this mindset. As many know when going to any restaurant or cookout: When you’re full…you burp, then get up and leave. That’s pretty much how it is.\

It’s time to WAKE UP, ladies. You represent all of US.  The Black woman was the first female God made.  You are the standard of femininity.  LOVE YOURSELF.

Don’t treat your body like a garbage dump.


7 comments on “A Big Butt Does Not Get You A…HUSBAND!

  1. such powerful and wise words that are very rarely heard in our time. You’re like a young incarnation of Cicely Tyson and Harriet Tubman mixed into to one person


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  3. Africa Fifth says:

    Very well put!!! Your post speaks volumes to misguided females and males alike who immersed themselves in superficiality. This is the monster that a world so enamored with man made beauty has created and it will continue to grow so long as sex is at the forefront of is promoted.


  4. Truth,some of our youth think they are entitled. And that is young men and women. Now some of our youth are starting to get it since we as a group are leading the US in enrolling in college,and soon to lead in graduating from college.Some of our people won’t get it,and we will have to leave them behind.R.I.P Afeni Shakur God Bless you Truth

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