What If There Were No Black People?

Last week, I asked this question in one of my groups on Facebook.

Anyone who is truly conscious can answer this question but what about those who are mentally enslaved?  Many do not even realize the depth of the question and thus, express their ignorance through dismissal or empty responses not guided by true thought.  People truly reveal how illiterate they are most often, when they are silent after being asked such a poignant question.

A friend of mine whom I debate with on the regular, responded to the question.  He was somewhat ambivalent.  He responded to me: “The origin of man is debatable.   I take nothing for granted and can only base my beliefs in fact not what someone taught me in a book. History has been altered over the years and manipulated so I ?question everything. Although I do believe we were created but as to who was first, second and third is not relevant as it applies to today to me. I’m here, I’m blaque and until our creator deems it necessary to eliminate man as a whole and reveal truth, I’ll be walking in faith and will continue to focus forward. So this is not a debate for me.”

We went back and forth for a few minutes and I challenged him to research what I had asked then get back to me within one week.  After chiding me of why no one was responding to the question, he declined.

The lack of responses had more to do with those not truly knowing the significance of their own existence as relates to the question. Their lack of responses is paramount to how many have been so mentally enslaved; the audacity of the question confuses them.

Many abated the question outright in the group.  It didn’t totally stun me but it is disheartening that so many Black people are oblivious to their importance genetically to the entire human race.

To not know the answer to this question is the equivalent of Black on Black crime in my mind.

White men have done a tremendous head job on our people.  Literally.

The answer is right in front of us.  I’m not calling people ignorant out of animosity. But this question, in and of itself, is the foundation of humanity. Seriously. It’s paramount to our entire existence. This question is one of the most important questions that could be asked to anyone in this world.

Do Black people know who they are?

Some will have to study for this one.   It’s a deep question.

For those who have taken the time to learn Black history, it’s a no-brainer.  However, it goes even deeper than what Black people have invented.  Literally, this is a question as poignant to every single human being on this planet, as to their own existence.

Who among us is cognizant enough to answer the question?



17 comments on “What If There Were No Black People?

  1. I think the book “Challenging the myth of black inferiority” explains the dismissal of one’s self. I took baby steps learning about black people when I was little and I had no help.


  2. Truth,this is a deep question.I will say this,that society as a whole would take a major hit,at least financially.Jim Brown says globally, black people are the biggest consumers in the world.Most if not all the countries in the Western Hemisphere would have been enslaved a lot of more years since black slaves help liberate every country over here.There would hardly be any sports or any type of culture,because most music,dance,food and the best spices comes from blacks and the African continent.Math,science,engineering also comes from blacks.Also know that the African continent has enough natural resources to take care of the whole solar system.Archaeologists are now saying that the first race in China was blacks.Africa Vive a pro-black organization in Argentina is now putting out history of what blacks contributed in Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay.But Truth what bought tears to my eyes is that blacks from Africa,Europe,Caribbean and the Americas are responding to each other with joy and happiness,about who we are and what we have accomplished.The mental shackles are now coming off.Malcolm X your people are starting to get it.And when the final shackles come off ,Prince,I promise I’m going to blast your record EMANCIPATION,and not that piece of paper Abraham Lincoln freed us with.I”ll end with this quote “Blessings are delayed never denied “.Teddy Bridgewater starting Qb Minnesota Vikings. God Bless you Truth


    • Truthangel07 says:

      Very beautiful words, Seven.

      I too feel that there is a global awakening of Black people on this earth. And that is causing a lot of the movements that you see around the world regarding oppression.

      When Ferguson residents protested the death of Mike Brown, that started a domino effect all over the continent. People as far as Pakistan, Brazil, India, Mexico, and various parts of Europe, Canada, et al, reacted to that as well. They felt the pain of Black people and understood what those demonstrations were about.

      The earth is talking….

      We (African Americans) are the sounding trumpet that is waking up all colored people of this earth.


  3. kelley says:

    I saw a video on youtube asking this question that got mostly racist and stereotypical responses [from mostly white people, but not only] like: “there would be less crime” and “there would be no welfare” and “there would be less unemployment.”

    If there were no Black people.. then there would be no other people either. The human race would not exist. I can completely understand why white people would try to erase this fact, but it’s paramount that we Black people know and understand this.


    • Truthangel07 says:

      I think I saw one of those and I made the comment about the deepness of the question as relates to our entire existence. The comments from whites only reflect just how stupid many of them are. The audacity that some have of being more intelligent is really inferiority masking itself as pseudo-intellect.

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    • Well Kelley,I love when white people say crime would go down if there was no black people.Black people aren’t starting wars over this globe.Is white people going to take responsibility for the drug trade in this world.WP are the ones that’s responsible for bank rip-offs,a deletion of social services,pensions and education going to pot.What wp don’t see,it is hurting their people as much as it is ours.There are 39% of blacks on welfare,but they never tell you there are 38% of whites on welfare,which means blacks can double the population with 100% of blacks being on welfare,and it would still almost be more whites on welfare . Remember they created the welfare to break up the black family,but also remember they are the so-called Evangelical christian,now GOD is making them live with their dirt.What is even more funny,I’m reading a few black blogs where white women are starting to wear African clothes and talking about unity.Funny God Bless

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    • nasirsmom says:

      Typical white people responses and I just have to laugh.Are they really that dumb?

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  4. First of all if there where no Black people this question wouldn’t even exist because there would be no one here to ask it nor answer it.

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  5. There would be even more chaos on the planet. Black people are the ones who keep this planet balanced. We are the original people of this earth. Most of the destruction,death,slavery and pollution on this planet comes from the white race. They are blood suckers and feed off of black people. That’s why they want us here…they don’t want us to leave. They would probably torture Indians or Mexicans if we weren’t around. If there were no minorities around whites would kill one another. I don’t think whites want to think about us not being here. We are the more civilized and compassionate race. They are the barbaric and anti-nature race.


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