The Greatest of All Time By Far…RIP Muhammad Ali

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On Friday night, I was still up when television programming was interrupted with *BREAKING NEWS*.  It had been reported earlier that day that Muhammad Ali had to be rushed to the hospital and that he was being placed on a ventilator.  I knew what was about to come: Muhammad Ali had died.

In that moment, the reflections that I had made me travel back to my childhood.  I remember watching many of the Champs greatest fights on Wide World of Sports on ABC. That was a time when boxing still was exciting to watch.  From Joe Frazier to George Foreman, Larry Holmes, Ken Norton, Roberto Duran, et al, I saw some of the greatest boxing ever.  Muhammad was also entertaining. He amused sports writers and made everyone laugh.  He especially made Black people proud.  His bravado was revolutionary at a time when it was naturally expected by white people for Black people to capitulate and be seen but not heard.  Not Muhammad. His mouth was as fast as his fists. This is the Muhammad Ali I remember before he was stricken with Parkinson’s Disease.

When it was announced that he had the disease, I was still in high school. I didn’t have much of a reaction.  But as the years would go by and the Champ’s physical condition deteriorated, I was ever more thankful of the memories of the fast talking, quit witted, comical poet and humanitarian that left us with so many memories.

At this moment, I reflect on what I admired about Mr. Ali.  And truthfully, it was not his boxing.  The traits I liked in Muhammad was that he was bold and courageous.  You see, he stood up for racism and injustice at a time when that wasn’t popular.  When he said he was “The Greatest of All Time”  he meant that.  Call it a premonition of destiny but he lived up to ever word of it.  However, to be great, one has to overcome many things.  And when he was convicted of draft dodging, after protesting the Vietnam War, Muhammad suffered a lot financially and personally.  He angered government officials and they tried to destroy him.  He lost an incredible amount of money at this time, not being allowed to fight. It would be a long 5 years.  However, he continued to speak out about what he believed.  He earned the entire world’s respect and was raised up.  You see, Muhammad Ali was just an athlete–he was a conscious man who was strong enough to lived by his convictions.  He took hard jabs at a society about pervasive racism against his people.

Since the 1960’s, The name Muhammad Ali has been known to the word.  And the mere mentioning of it can spark even the hardest person to smile.

The tributes will be many.

Mine is just one of them.

However, I am very sincere when I say…that I’m glad that God gave us Muhammad Ali for 74 years.

His funeral is planned for Friday in Louisville Kentucky.

After a long, wonderful life and journey, The Greatest of All Time shall now be put to rest where it all began….

RIP Muhammad Ali.





6 comments on “The Greatest of All Time By Far…RIP Muhammad Ali

  1. nasirsmom says:

    So many people,whites and other non blacks have nasty nasty things to say about this man.I think he was great and gave back and helped poor communities.The fact that he didn’t want to go to war and kill innocent women and children makes me respect him even more.He is at peace now!Job well done SIR!


    • Truthangel07 says:

      I just don’t care what white people or others think. They don’t matter and nature is making that even more obvious. THEY ARE BEING ceremoniously destroyed genetically.


  2. May he rest in peace…..


  3. Truth,I saw the many tributes to Ali.Black men,Jim Brown and Muhammad Ali who were the best of friends stood for things that are not popular today.They both put human dignity above their country.Jim Brown to this day tells black athletes that money isn’t GOD.Jim Brown I scream my approval and respect.One of the reasons the USA is in trouble because white people put money above GOD.Muhammad Ali chose his GOD over his country.I also have a lot of respect for the athletes that stood by Muhammad Ali during his defiant stance.Bill Russell, Kareem Abdul Jabbar, much love and respect from me.I’m counting down to the BET Awards,because if they add a Ali tribute,along with they’re going to do for Prince, Truth we’re going to tear that place up celebrating.I”ll end with this quote “If you don’t take risks,you will never accomplish much in life.”Muhammad Ali. RIP Champ.God bless you truth

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    • Truthangel07 says:

      Yes, Seven, Muhammad Ali was a MAN! In every sense of the word. He earned the world’s respect when he stoop up–ALONE, against the Vietnam War. It was wrong. And he and many others knew it. Even Dr. Martin Luther King began to echo his objections shortly before he was assassinated. This was a very critical time in U.S. history.

      I’m proud that Muhammad Ali stood for more than what many Black athletes are known for today. He wasn’t about that.

      His tributes that are too come…will show just the type of character and honorable human being he was.

      RIP, Muhammad Ali. You will always be the GREATEST OF ALL TIME!!!

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  4. Great tribute! His legacy lives on!


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