Tim Wise: Being an Anti-Racist Does Not Equal to The Black Experience!




I would like to stir a debate of sorts of the relevancy of Tim Wise. You all know…the Anti-racist. He has made a good living going around telling white folks about how bad they are for being racist. Really? Is that even a logical premise or a wishful presumption on his part at best? Gotta tell ya, it’s a brilliant con though.

You see, Tim Wise is really a Jew masquerading as a white man, provoking emotional shakedowns on those Caucasians who “pay” to be insulted by him in order to have some type of spiritual awakening of the evil that makes them think, act, and benefit from racist behavior or the system of racism. He charges $7500, plus expenses for his lectures.

Wow. The gumption of Tim Wise making all those white folks squirm at the suggestion that they entertain politically incorrect thoughts about Black people. It’s enough to make one, well, start talking Ebonics and diving into cultural appropriation as not to become the victim of a self-appointed white man on a mission to rid society of bad racist white people.

As with most White people who are sympathetic to the Black cause, although socially provocative, the reality here is: they can’t participate in the Black revolution due to the fact that although they pontificate their support; they won’t deny their White Privilege or admit how they benefit from it, all the while, preaching Black Power to white folks who aren’t liberated from a racist system.

And Tim Wise included. The proverbial question here is this: What has all of this anti-racist guilt produced for Black people?

The sad part here, many Black people who are naive and don’t question the opportunism of this man, truly are the biggest victims of believing in the misdirected pipe dream of Black redemption coming from some spiritual Great Awakening of white redemption.

WAKE UP, KNEE-grows!!!

Not buying his message.

And neither should you.



16 comments on “Tim Wise: Being an Anti-Racist Does Not Equal to The Black Experience!

  1. Sorry Truth to go off topic,but I have to give a shot out to my boy LeBron James for bringing the NBA Championship to my hometown Cleveland. LeBron a lot of people say that you will never be Michael Jordan,but since you spend 41 million a year to put our people through college,something that you have to beg MJ to do according to Jim Brown, I’m so glad you’re not like MJ either.Tamir Rice,it breaks my heart that you didn’t live to see it.I hope your family puts that 6 million that the City of Cleveland gave to good use.Rest well Tamir.


    • Truthangel07 says:

      One of my old friends recently got married to a man from Cleveland and moved to the city. She loves it. Michael Jordan is a waste of blessing. God gave him so much and he does nothing with it. He will reap what he sewed. Arrogance before the fall…


  2. Their agenda is usually simple, to gain power and control. Those so called white folks who claim to be on our side are just there for gain. Whether it be votes in political elections or to get large sums of speaking fees, there ulterior motives are not genuine.

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  3. From what I see,Tim Wise is no different than the white companies that bought BET,JET and Ebony,just making money off black culture.But ,Jesus is the salvation.Remember my people,if we stay faithful,we will be rewarded just like his servant Job.Remember,God let Satan strip Job of everything,yet Job still stayed faithful to God.God replaced everything Job lost and then some.I do believe God is going to do the same for us.God bless you Truth

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  4. nidotopianwarrior says:

    Tim UnWise is just another snake in the rose garden that we need to keep an eye out for


    • Truthangel07 says:

      He was put on blast a couple of years ago for exposing his hypocrisy in response to a Black woman who confronted him about using white privilege at the expense of other Black lecturers who talk about the same thing he does, yet, don’t get the publicity he attracts.


  5. Truthangel07 says:

    Pseudo-scientific bullshit? Really? Wow. Caught red-handed.

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    • Truth,I smh at Tim Wise and wp.It amazes me that white people can pay this much money for his lectures of white superiority,yet blacks get branded as complainers and anti-semite for something we’ve been saying for 400 years . Farrakhan and the NOI are now telling white people,Blacks don’t have have to start a race war,negative birthrates,suicide and their addiction to painkillers is running rampant,to the point they are breaking into pharmacies to get medicine.As,I said Truth,they put everything they value above God,now it’s time to Pay the Piper.The British pound,US Dollar and Euro at the end of this decade will be worthless.Even tho she won’t vote,my mother wants Donald Trump to win,so he can speed up America’s demise.God bless you Truth


      • Truthangel07 says:

        I don’t know what’s going to happen but I know something is going to happen. And it won’t be good for white folks. Their evil is coming back on them. When you summon demons to do your dirty work; in the end, those same demons will come back to claim the life of the one who conjured them up. Many white people are involved in the occult. And you are absolutely correct: The devil is demanding THEIR LIVES as payment for his blessings.


      • nasirsmom says:

        @ Seven,Your comment is truth.I have been researching ways to survive when the U.S. dollar collapses.I am learning a lot and hopefull I will be ready.White people are obsessed with black people but they need to focus on themselves.I believe about 30,000 commit suicide a year.They have made lots of articles about the high suicide and drug overdose deaths but many whites refuse to believe it.I was reading in some blog where I am assuming a white person said that those suicides could be actual murders and that he doesn’t belive that number.Yet they believe the black crime statistics and all.Plus they rule alot of these drug overdoses as accidents when many of them are actual suicides.


  6. Wise is nothing but a smooth talking bitch! he is an enemy to all black people. He even dissed Frances Cress Welsing. He can not be trusted. Just another Jewish DEVIL!!!


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