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Wow.  It’s all I can say after watching the BET awards clip of Grey’s Anatomy actor, Jesse Williams.  Now, I gotta be honest.  I really don’t watch the BET awards but over the years, they’ve had some great moments in performances.  However, this year, BET sho’ nuff caught the spirit.

I happened to catch news clips on Monday night of the show and saw nuances of this man’s speech.  Today, I looked for it…and all can really say is DAYUM!  He just put the nail in the coffin of the vampire!  Powerful speech and fearless.  He just killed it. It always comes in 3’s: First Beyonce shocked America and the world with Formation, then Kendrick Shut it down at the Grammy’s. And this right here: PURE TRUTH spoken in the face to White Supremacy! Bravo!  He shook up the world with that speech.  The earth shook!

And before people start commenting, I’m just going to say something, exposing the elephant in the room.  Jesse Williams is biracial.  His parents were in the audience when he gave this speech.  Many Black people in the conscious community are rejecting the messenger because they don’t like his packaging.

Let me tell you this: I’m not a big fan of biracials who try to play both sides; using Black victim-ism when it suits them, but not denouncing the white privilege they are extended by proxy, via having a white parent.

I’ve seen that…however, what Jesse did was one of the boldest moves I’ve seen in a long time from an artist in the entertainment industry.  Yes, he’s biracial, but he spoke bluntly to a systemic oppression that all of us know all too well.

There are many Black entertainers with mono-racial parents who could have done what he did; but sadly, many in the industry find coonin’ more profitable and turn a blind-eye to the pain of their people.

Jesse could be blackballed in Hollywood for speaking this boldly.  He’s only a television actor but the bottom line here: he spoke the absolute TRUTH to White Supremacy. His skin color is a product of nature. His passion for what he spoke about, is a product of character.

So, what does this all mean?

It has been a remarkable time in Black history.  We’ve lost great musical icons, most noteworthy, Prince,  but we’ve gained a new consciousness awakening in our young artists, like Beyonce and Kendrick Lamar.

The BET awards opened with Beyonce and Kendrick.  Bey came in, Queen style, electrifying the crowd, then…Kendrick Lamar appeared to just bring the fire down, as the two performed Freedom on stage.  The crowd went wild.

Here is a clip of the performance:

Just gives you goosebumps watching the two of them linking up like that; sending an even more powerful message to the powers that be of a people who is WAKING UP and JUDGEMENT IS AT HAND!!!

God has been warning white people in America for a long time….his children are no longer asleep.

I’m so proud at this time.  My  hope has been restored.

Musical artists have great power in that they can stir the masses.  This right here is the catalyst to THE GREAT REBIRTH of our people.

Its time has come!


6 comments on “The BET Awards…SHUT IT DOWN!

  1. The Prince tribute was pretty cool. Bilal gave a great performance. And Sheila did her thing.

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  2. Truth,my mother went crazy on Bey’s performance and she doesn’t like Beyonce.Jennifer Hudson,Janelle Monae,Maxwell,Bilal,Stevie Wonder and Sheila E tribute to Prince were awesome.White people are mad,even J TIMBERLAKE twitter response to Jesse Williams speech was negative.Even black conservatives like sell-out Larry Elder was criticizing Jesse speech.He thinks because some black people are rich,that racism doesn’t exist.Larry Elder and his like will bring on the tired black on black crime stats.Truth,the problem I have is that people like Larry Elder who constantly cry black on black crime stats,never have any solutions to black on black crime than the people they criticize,so you have to ask how comitted they are to black on black crime.God bless you Truth


    • Truthangel07 says:

      Larry Elder is the Devil’s Advocate to Black Power. He really is the voice of White America being channeled through a Black man. The kicker is: They don’t have to be criticized for it. I did some casual research on Larry Elder and who he is married to. Guess what? He’s married to a white woman. Her name is Alexandra Datig. Sound like a Black woman to you? Yup. Larry Elder looks in the eyes of a Becky every night. Maybe that’s why he has so much affinity with the White Establishment. He’s a part of it. And he said what about Black people? Yeah…


      • Truth,there are some black people who says that Larry Elder is expendable.All the European governments are falling over each other in dissaray.The UK had the nerve to build The Temple of Bale,and make God jealous. Black people what did I tell you about them Evangelical Christians.The first thing you should know about The Heavenly Father is that he is a jealous God. Let us not make that same mistake. God bless you Truth


      • Truthangel07 says:

        Amen. 2016 has been a thunderous year–and it’s only June. What’s going to be happening in the next 6 months. One can only wonder.


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