What Role Do You Play in Your Own Black Identity?

Red Pill Has an interesting take on the Jesse Williams Speech

This question needs to be asked today.  Seriously.

I’ve heard so many debates lately on colorism after the BET awards.  I support anyone who has an opinion that comes from the heart and want to discuss it intellectually.  Everyone does not have the same thought about a topic.

Black people are outraged about the speech because he’s not a full Negro in the eyes of many in the community.  And white people are mad because, well, he spoke uppity to their whiteness!

The audacity!

However, when it comes to race, as relates to Black people, what makes us Black?  Does our skin tone alone define it or is it deeper than melanin?

After the powerful speech of Jesse Williams, I took some time to listen to many of the conversations it sparked.

I was disheartened to hear many Black people reject the speech because of their dislike or hatred for biracials.  The politics of being someone mixed with two races that provoke certain hostilities, curiosities, and even jealousies of being privy to two distinct groups that can give such people power that a Black person with monolithic parents doesn’t have.

And let me just get to the real point: Many Black people have low self-esteem.  Many have become the Nigger that white people wished them to be.

Biracials are being promoted silently, as The New Negro.  Social engineering, in large part, has played a part in how we are defining who we are as a people.  But by whose definition? What have we allowed in our brains?  AND THIS IS THE SEGUE TO THE QUESTION WITHIN THE TITLE:

Why do we care so much what white people think?  Why do proud Black people take the opinion of white folks as the gospel for who we are to become?

Everyone who has studied slavery and colonialism is aware of why light-skinned/biracial people exist.  RAPE.  Love had nothing to do with their genesis.

What white people have figured out is, the best way to destroy Black people, is through genetic warfare.  Intermixing with white people is the most effective way to eliminate the whole race.  It is a universal concept.  And the sad part is: that Black people, particularly those with low self-esteem and inferiority,  capitulate subliminally, thus, participating in the demise of the group as a whole.

Interracial marriage is a weapon against the Black family.

The reaction that Black people are having is a legitimate concern.  It’s saying to the elites: We are not blind to what you are doing.

But let’s be honest, many Black men and women who are getting in relationships with whites, are not being forced.  They are willingly participating and don’t have a care in the world as to how WE feel.

I’ve said it over and over and over for many years…that until Black people get a hold of the mental enslavement that is operating in millions of us, we cannot rise.

White people have no power over us.  It is the weakness within the minds of many Black people that is the enemy.  The voice that keeps telling you that…”you’re not good enough. You’re not smart enough.  You’re not attractive enough.  YOU’RE NOT WHITE!”  That damn white consciousness that is controlling your actions, is what is the problem.

Don’t get mad at Jesse Williams.

Face the real enemy!

8 comments on “What Role Do You Play in Your Own Black Identity?

  1. kelley says:

    Great post. Thank you.

    I agree with you and Red Pill on these issues. Why are we letting whites determine who is Black? Like RP said, where your loyalty lies is a determining factor. Jesse can’t help who his parents are and maybe he is playing both sides because he has that privilege. There are Black people with the same platform that choose not to speak on these issues, but it’s not ok for Jesse because he’s not Black enough? We are one hurt, confused people.


  2. Truth that is true,but as I said before,those same black people better eat their Wheaties before the grocery stores no longer carry it.Truth,Blacks do have low self-esteem,but as my mother said,whites are now starting to curse their skin.Notice,how some of them trying to claim Native American Heritage. As I told Kush,wm and ww are now at odds.The Oriental woman is the wm baby now.That is why DOAN on her blog says don’t mate with them,nothing good is going to come from it.They are trying to get all the color they can.God bless you Truth

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  3. Like one of the brothers have mentioned, it is black people who are not applying the knowledge they have gain but instead using it as knee jerk reactionary opinions of predispositions they already have going into a debate to argue about perspectives they don’t want to understand because they have an allegiance to teachers they have taken a liking to. So if someone were to point out the flaws in their subjective thinking they become the enemy by default of not succumbing to what they want are learned from certain scholars. These people are only active on the computer and no where else. They dont want to use the knowledge to uplift and change the conditions of black people because that alone would change the conversation to one of encouragement and gratitude which is something that is not entertaining to them. They are ensconced in the dualistic nature of enlightenment. Arguing in their antagonistic arena of thought is the only drive that motivates them to participate in the conversation about black pathology and the exploitative agenda by the media of this condition only can continue serving the “White Supremacy” that is derived from black people’s dysfunction.
    They will never come out and say that they want black people to stay disenfranchised, disorganized, and dehumanized. This is the dichotomy that drives this whole system of mental enslavement. Tim Wise, a white guy who isn’t biracial but fully white speaks on some of the same issues Jessie Williams brought up has the full support of the same negro’s who are complaining about Mr. Williams having a white mother. Do you now see what I am trying to when most black people don’t want our condition to change? This is why Beyonce was attacked when she made that I am proud of my roots track called “Formation” that came out back in early February.

    They couldn’t use the biracial argument so they went after her so called blonde hair as a means to take away the self empowerment of the song because they don’t want black people walking around with pride and purpose before they get a chance to sit at Massa’s table to get their chance to exploit black people as well. This is the bottom line my beautiful sista. Because black people in this country have made the approval of white people synonymous with their own success and satisfaction in life. This is why it is so hard for black people to support black owned businesses. They detest the achievement of black people who got it on their own merit and terms, especially when they can’t attribute that success to white approval.

    Then they have the audacity to say you are not helping the community when it is the community who can’t wait for you to go broke. Because it means they no longer have to step their game up and can remain in stasis unabated and unbothered by the determination and will of their black brothers and sisters. I can go on and on but one thing I will say is this. There are parts of this country where black folks got their proverbial s**t together. Right now in North Desoto Texas black people own 55% of the businesses in that area. Which some say is the new “Black Wall Street” of Tulsa Oklahoma that was burned down in 1921 by racist whites. They know our rise back to power has to start with their demise first which. They have no answer for us but to give the appearance of us being a non factor in their fall from grace. Right now “Hidden Colors4” is the number one documentary world wide. This should tell you right there that black people are waking up. Peace and blessings to everyone.

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    • Truthangel07 says:

      “Tim Wise, a white guy who isn’t biracial but fully white speaks on some of the same issues Jessie Williams brought up has the full support of the same negro’s who are complaining about Mr. Williams having a white mother.” You said a mouthful here. What an irony. But so true.

      I totally agree with you.

      It’s the extended “crabs in a barrel” mentality. Some Black people don’t want others to achieve anything because if you do; that means they have to work harder. Here’s the kicker: they don’t want to. But they want to get paid. The just don’t want to pay the price.

      It’s about production.

      And what Jesse spoke to was giving people a line in the sand. Either you’re on our side or not.

      I heard that loud and clear.

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    • Ariel,I also agree with you that blacks are waking up.I liked Jesse speech,but as I said,it’s about solutions to problems that confront our community.I do support black businesses, and the next thing you will see is a decline of blacks spending money in white communities.Another thing is internalized racism.Most blacks who dates whites,give wp passes for conditions they would never give a black person a pass.People have to live their lives though.


      • Truthangel07 says:

        Seven, there are a lot of Black people who are caping for white Supremacy. You know the ones, they tolerate their white friends using the “Nigga” term around them…then get burnt when that same white friend gets caught speaking negatively about Black people. There’s an old saying: You teach people how to treat you. Well, as stated, man of US have self-esteem so low, a basement would be the equivalent of living in a penthouse. That’s pretty damn low. Too many have made this cave trash too comfortable.

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