The Dallas Shooting: Vengeance or A Warning From God?


What happened on Thursday night this past week  in Dallas, was a shock and a tragedy, yes.  But let’s get real.  Everything that has happened in succession after the death of Trayvon Martin, provoked this event.

The imbalance of justice is blatant.

Dylan Roof killed 9 BP and was taken to Burger King by cops. Micah Johnson was blown up by a robot.

Divine Reciprocity is real.  The universe is only giving back to humanity what is put out by human beings–and that also includes white people. The 5 police officers that were killed, are merely collateral damage of a greater spiritual war.  Everyone on the news have been trying to talk neutrally in order to provoke thought and introspection of our nation to “heal the racial tensions” in this country.  And as I sat there analyzing what was said, the prevailing thought for me was the real issue in this county are RACIST WHITE MALES.  Yeah, that’s right. All of this was provoked by the actions of these type of men and the hypocrisy that keeps masking the real truth of injustice in this country is casually being swept under the carpet because our society just doesn’t give a damn.

Our enemy practices The Art of War.  Many of us don’t realize how powerful this book is within the halls of the elites.  It’s mantras have become quoted as much as biblical scriptures among the powerful.


“If your enemy is stronger than you, he must be infiltrated and destroyed from within by getting him to turn his lethal might upon himself…”

That particular statement is very poignant in review of everything that is being promoted by the media of late regarding the violence against African Americans.

This afternoon, I received this message on facebook from Dr. Phil Valentine regarding the current state of our people and events impacting our lives:

Black Lives Matter was formed by 3 Black females … Alicia Garza, Patrisse Cullors and Opal Tometi (alleged to be ardent supporters of the Gay/Transgender alliance, members of the socialist/communist-oriented “Democracy Alliance” organization, and lesbians as well – having already defined themselves as “Queer Black Women”). How did this organization suddenly become so UNQUESTIONABLY “relevant” to us? More importantly, where did this organization get its funding, and why does the media exclusively turn to ITS “leaders” to get the Black community’s narrative for “social justice”?

Well Fam; here’s the list of “backers” funding YOUR ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement. (See pics below)

(1) Rob McKay, heir to Taco Bell, is said to be the main funding conduit to the Black Lives Matter movement through his “Democracy Alliance” (DA) organization (alleged to be a communist/socialist inspired front). Combined donations to the groups from the DA organization now exceed $500 million…
(2) Multi-billionaire George Soros contributed over $30 million in seed money.
(2) According to Essence magazine, Google gave $2.35 million in grants to activist organizations addressing the “racial injustices that have swept the nation.”
(4) Hedge fund billionaire Tom Steyer—who raised hundreds-of-millions of dollars for the presidential campaigns of both President Obama, and now Hillary Clinton. Total: 78 million
(5) Billionaire Michael Bloomberg – 27.7 million
(6) Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook erected a huge “Black Lives Matter” sign at its Menlo Park headquarters on the 8th, just hours after the Dallas “shootout”. Hmmm… 

All of these people are white.Are you getting the picture yet? If not, I’d normally say give it time and it will all eventually come “into focus”. But you DON’T have time. There are forces embedded within your community, along with the media images that favorably support their tactics and goals; forces that you have UN-critically accepted as being “on your side”.

What I’m saying is that these people have infiltrated our community with the intent of doing harm, under the guise of “being our ally”.

Micah Johnson was formerly an Army Reservist.  But he had grown angry over the violence that has been killing so many innocent Black males. The deaths of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile were added to the list of the fallen innocent of victims who were guilty of being Black in the wrong place.  He had a right to be angry.  But something deeper in him stirred him to action.  And then it happened: 12 people got shot at a peaceful protest against the deaths of the two men this past week, and now, 4 white men and 1 Hispanic man are dead.

Micah was angry with white people and specifically acted out his rage on them.

Some would say, what goes around comes around.

But what I say is that violence against Black people will not change the white man’s fate. He is being eliminated from this planet and rightly so.

It’s sad that 5 cops died but how many lives were taken by cops?

That’s what needs to be the control thought.

And again, Micah Johnson is just collateral damage of this war.

God is talking.

We better start listening.


16 comments on “The Dallas Shooting: Vengeance or A Warning From God?

  1. nasirsmom says:

    @Seven,I remember 2pac said in one of his songs that he is worried about dropping a seed and cursing his babies.Meaning he hopes that when he has kids they aren’t cursed from whatever ills he has done in his life.He probably wasn’t taking about himself because he always used metaphors ect in his music.
    I said all of that to simply say that yes whites are suffering the consequences of their ancestors horrible actions against blacks and other people of color.I won’t even go back to slavery because whites are still doing unspeakable acts today like locking up blacks on false allegations and taking them by force out of the household.There is so much that goes on that we know nothing about.They want to talk now and smile and be friendly to blacks because many of them know that karma is doing for them.Many of the white hate sites are now disappearing off of the Internet because whites know that they need to stop obsessing over blacks and worry about themselves.Even still many whites are still obessesses with blacks when they are literally dying out and these Asians are taking over in the top work fields.


  2. Truth,this was a little bit of everything.Like my mother said,Micha Johnson did what he did,because black people are fed up.My mother also said something for awhile, when these tragedies happen,you never see the media going to the white community to ask them how they feel.GOD said vengeance is his,and he is going to have his way.Black people, we are going to get grief in these times,but like Job,GOD is testing us to see how faithful we are.A lot of white people said the cops were justified,but what wp don’t know ,when GOD’S FINAL JUDGEMENT for the US comes,he is going to be more justified than those White cops.Truth,as I told Kushite,GOD’S FINAL JUDGEMENT will come to the US,when GOD gives wp everything they ask for . Remember Moses,Ramses and Egypt. Whatever wp got planned for us,GOD’S judgement will come to them on their word . Minister Farrakhan, you are so right.Black people are going to put politicians on notice if they want our vote.For the first time in history, other countries are now holding the US accountable for their treatment of black people. Truth,as I said, I don’t shop in their neighborhoods,when I see wp approaching on the street, I cross it.When they sit near me,I get up and move.I have friends in the South doing that now.Black people, be careful, be smart, be villigent and be aware of your surroundings.Peace, Love and God bless


    • Truthangel07 says:

      Oh, yes! It’s going down, Seven. God’s judgement is on the asses of white folks.

      I’m lovin’ it.

      I live in Georgia, and it just cracks me up how these southern craKKKas try to act as though all they have to do is smile at Black folks, as compensation for the mistreatment of our ancestors by theirs.

      No way, baby.

      The price for our bloodshed, sweat and tears must be PAID IN FULL.

      As Malcolm X said: “By Any Means Necessary.”


      • Truth,I’m loving it more than you are.I see the Baton Rouge pd arrested the guy who shot the video of Alton Sterling. Even though I could care less about BLM,I see that Russia is now BLM a terrorist group.To that I say I’m happy about it,now if the other countries join in I will be more than happy.As I said before, GOD is going to give wp everything they ask for before he sends JUDGEMENT on the.US.All the other races are calling blacks in the US and in Africa every name in the book,but a lot of countries are asking Africa for resources they don’t have.The more info I get,the happier I become. GOD Bless

        Liked by 1 person

      • Truthangel07 says:

        Yes, sir. God works in strange ways…


  3. And another thing, it is my belief that this is only going to get worse from here on out


    • Truthangel07 says:

      There is a lot going on that many people aren’t aware of it. It’s all part of a more sinister plan by those in high places orchestrating all that we see. Do you think it’s all coincidental that all of these Black men are getting killed? There is something far darker at work. Those, like us, who are connected to the underground, are ahead of the masses, from an intelligentsia standpoint.


  4. Did you hear that the Bahamas has issued an travel advisory against travelling to the USA? How the tables have turned


    • Truthangel07 says:

      Wow. Really? We just don’t think about how these images are being interpreted abroad.


      • Trust me sis, the whole world’s eyes are on America now… She is finally being revealed for the lying murderous harlot that she is. I hope she burns


      • Truthangel07 says:

        Yes, sir. That is true.


      • Truth,while I was keeping in tuned with what was happening in Dallas, I happened on this blog about how wp are talking about white genocide in South Africa. They was talking about how Christian they are,and they didn’t know why these things are happening. Well a black woman addressed them,by telling them you are the so-called Evangelical Christian.She told them,don’t you know that the Bible says “Sins of the Father are visited upon the Son”.She told them that wp are now paying for their ancestors sins,Live with it.And then she said,what is worse than that,you wp still have no remorse .Black men,this country has mocked us to know end,but it’s rich white men like the Koch brothers that are looking for answers that only God and we know.Black women a lot of you apologized on twitter, saying that you now know how powerful black men are,but I say to you there is no apology needed.Minister Farrakhan, the world says you are anti-Semitic, but I read a lot quotes from former Israeli prime ministers,and yes Minister, judgement on Israel is coming as well.God bless you Truth


      • Truthangel07 says:

        Oh, that’s exactly the TRUTH, Seven.

        Divine Reciprocity is real…and it’s funny that white people don’t get it.


    • Nido,the cops killing of blacks is even worse in Brazil.They just killed 12 blacks in Salvador Bahia.The police said it was a shootout,but their is a problem. The coroner said none of the black victims had gun powder residue on their hands.Black owned businesses are growing all over the world, and black money to white communities is decreasing.Like Jim Brown said,black people are the biggest consumers in the world and with our buying power, the #1 financial entity in the world. Black people are increasing in travel,are starting businesses in other countries.I also think this is another reason for these killings.


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