The Big Payback Coming For White America!

Black people have seen the hand of God literally exposing our enemy to the core of their being.  Every racist intention is being uncloaked for all the world to see.

Our POTUS has been one of the weakest in history.  His ambivalence to address racism and confront its perpetrators more sternly, beginning with the Tea Party, literally created the environment in this country today.

I’ve been reading a lot of commentary since the Dallas shooting.  White folks are mad and scared now. They want to talk.  Let’s try to bring the races together.  It’s all bullshit.  No one wants to hear any of it.

Lord have mercy!!!

I knew something else was about to happen. And before any self-righteous soap box commentaries, I have to say that this is the result of dismissed and approved racist evil within the police departments across this country that is coming back on them. You can’t start killing innocent citizens based on “suspicion”, code talk for “minority”, and then holler when bullets come back on you. Disrespect reaps this kind of violence. It’s all about perception. This is reciprocity. Logically, if you keep pulling a wolf by the tail, don’t holler when it bites your ass. There were laws placed in this universe by Almighty God that governs all life–no one is above them. However, it seems only white people aren’t getting the memo.

Adding to this, having the nerve  to wonder why this country is so disconnected.

White people don’t know how to treat anyone…then get upset when others react to their behavior.

Black people and other minorities are tired of defending our humanity to something whose ancestors dwelled in caves.  Yet, proclaiming their superiority over those who were here before they were even a speck on this planet.

The current state of events right now are a direct result of racist white males in this country acting out their pathology, yet, arrogantly expecting to get away with acts of terrorism by default of White privilege.

My definition of white supremacy in a nutsell: A genetic defect expressing delusions of grandeur.

Yet, these psychotic people have gotten addicted to the forgiving Knee-grows who forgave Dylan Roof for killing 9 people in a church.

I watched the town hall meeting on race relations with President Obama on July 14, 2016 and frankly, I’m tired of Black people capitulating to white fear and paranoia. We’ve been pacifying them for over 100 years. If white people want to solve the race problem, stop projecting their hate onto Black people; and look in the mirror, asking themselves: “What part am I playing in the race problem?”

Being Black is not a crime, it’s an honor.

To White America: You wanted a war.  Now you’ve got one.

Things don’ changed.  And I do mean…FO’ REAL!


BREAKING NEWS!!!  Baton Rouge!  7 officers shot, 3 dead, 4 wounded.


24 comments on “The Big Payback Coming For White America!

  1. TheOriginalBlackWoman says:

    It’s too late to want to talk. The damage whites have done is too great and irreversible.

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  2. What I forgot to say is that percentage wise,by 2020,there will be more wp on welfare than blacks. Yes,even from his grave Prince is ramming Abraham Lincoln lies down his throat,and I for one is loving every minute of it.

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  3. It seems this is starting to happen in England at the moment.


  4. Truth,that is why I get tired of these politicians and media pundits.None of them tell the real truth.Now wp,will tell you that blacks commits the most crime.The most crime committed is white collar crime which is hard to prosecute.If wm are the biggest pedophile,you know that rape isn’t to far behind.Black people aren’t the biggest drug pushers,dealers or consumer, but Blacks make up almost 60% of drug-related arrests.What I find more amazing is that the Arab terrorists that attack them,the US know who they are,yet these terrorists can get guns and weapons and commit mass murder,but it’s black people the US wants to neutralize.Wp loaded up on guns when Obama got elected,and everything they put in place to destroy us is now destroying them.Wp actually think they are immune from God’s judgement. Now,I want blacks to concentrate on ourselves instead of wp.GOD BLESS


  5. So you all think this a just reaction. We have mentally unstable black men killing policemen who may or may not have any prejudice inside of them and you talk like this is a day of reckoning. Its wrong to kill any innocent human being…or am I crazy? Religion is supposed to be about equality and peace…or am I crazy? I think emotion has obviously got the better of a few people here. This is not war! This is an inferiority complex and perpetual fear oozing from those who shoot bullets into innocent men with wives and kids. America’s got a lot of you Church goers messed up. Sincerely and Atheist.

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    • Truthangel07 says:

      Excuse me, are you a white male?


    • That’s funny,considering we still haven’t seen whites use the Church for equality and peace.On top of that,the Nation of Islam has now come up with evidence that the US giving young black boys with drugs that make them mentally unstable. Oh btw,did you call out Israel for giving Ethiopian women shots that prevents them from having children.Again nobody on here said that black people are immune from GOD’S judgement.I don’t want my people shooting cops,because 2 wrongs don’t make it right.Black on black crime is not wp problem.But since wp scream that cops kill more wp than blacks, GOD is now showing you just how superior white people are.And last,black men aren’t diagnosed with mental issues like white men are,but I find it funny that the community as a whole doesn’t know these white males are unstable until they shoot up a school or business. I don’t know if you’re white and don’t care,but if you are,go back to your community and address your issues, and you can start with that phony control freak Taylor Swift and her less talented stooge Selena Gomez.Kim Kardashian got Taylor and the white community looking like the liars that you are,while Selena is doubling back taking down her tweets.Yes Kanye,and Chris Rock,Taylor and Selena combined have nothing on Beyonce.White people,as Jim Brown said 99% of black are hard working and law abiding citizens,all we asked you to do is be fair and give us the same rights that you expect. What you don’t realize is that what whites don’t want us blacks to have,us blacks don’t want it ,because it’s corrupt, filthy and evil.The US is in bad shape, blacks don’t have the power to do that.Whites own the banks,the drugs,pharmaceutical companies, unions and will soon bankrupt Social Security and Welfare and Medicare and since by 2020 there will be more white people percentage wise than blacks, it’s you who is screaming and hollering.GOD is putting your crap on front street,and I won’t shed a tear, I’ll pray,but that is all you can get from me.Since the Oriental is your baby now,your women is getting desperate and will be clinging to black men like leeches.Your Count Morcerf Mondego moment is about to visit you.Do us black people a favor,STAY THE HELL AWAY FROM US BLACK FOLKS.


      • Yeahhh….your response seemed very emotional and lacked any substance, but I’m glad you got that off your chest. I get that you don’t like Taylor Swifts last album but what that has to do with race relations I don’t know. Its no secret white people control every faction of society and that will be the case for years to come. You should listen to the great words of Selena Gomez and ‘tell me something I don’t know’ My original point was that the recent shootings of policemen was callous and should not be deemed as retribution or justified. It was not God who was shooting the police it was mentally unstable war veterans who also killed a black policeman. If u think God was putting white people’s crap on the street by allowing a black police officer to die then God must be just as confused as you buddy.


    • I forgot, you’re telling us what religion is supposed to be an you’re an Atheist. Wowwwwwwwwwwwwwww.

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    • No, I’m not white.


  6. Yurugu’s issues are just beginning.

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  7. Growing up in the Caribbean, there’s a thing our parents always used to say ” what you looking for you will get”

    These sentiments couldn’t be any truer when it comes to describing the state that the United Snakes is in right now… The wrath of The Most High is already starting to rain down on that hell hole, and it’s only going to increase. The bible says that Pride goes before a fall and white America is at the height of its pride so that means a massive fall is set to take place. And we’ve got from row seats

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    • Truthangel07 says:

      Many people don’t realize that the Bible is about WARFARE. God exposed the enemy to his servants. He also ordered those servants to KILL HIS ENEMIES. We are his people-his firstborn. White people have been messing with Black people for centuries. Surely, those slaves that were singing in the fields were actually praying in the spirit for God to deliver them. Well, he heard those cries and we, their ancestors, are the benefactors of those righteous prayers against our enemy. I will not cry tears for white folks. None whatsoever. We’ve tried to deal with these people on a conscious level. Spiritual level. Intellectual level. And moral level. Still, they would not yield. Well, judgement is at hand!

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      • Yes,we need to start our day with prayer, and end it with prayer . Truth as you saw in France,France has a debt to pay to Haiti.Wp have to explain why Haiti had to pay 250 billion for something GOD gives you for free.Oh I didn’t forget about the black slaves in Cuba,the US owe them even more than they owe us.The Color Purple keeps coming to mind,”What you done to me, I’ve already done to you. No good will come to you until you do right by me.”What is more funny,they still haven’t brought up the rapes of black women, and yet tell us we’re not supposed to hold them accountible for their actions. GOD BLESS


      • Truthangel07 says:

        God doesn’t forget. And he will repay sin of those that hate him onto the 3rd and 4th generation. That is happening to white people and they don’t know what to do. I’m just going to grab me some popcorn and watch them implode.


      • Peaches T says:

        My husband is white-born and was raised in a black family way up north. I am white and raised white. We are both well educated. He has seen war, and I am a teacher. He has shared so much with me about black culture and beliefs that I knew nothing about. He sometimes states, “I am an equal rights hater!” He sees both sides. We both love Jesus our Lord and try the best we can to follow him. This world is a fallen world, and is overflowing with hate and prejudice. I agree that America does have a lot to answer for, and God has seen it all. I have to disagree with you that all white people are evil. God does not hate white people, just as he does not hate black people. We have created our own hell on this planet. Why are you not angry at the black people in Africa who rounded up other black people and sold them to the slave trade? Are they going to “get theirs” as well? God is going to destroy this entire world along with all the hate in ALL races. It is all of Satan. Any human on this planet who accepts our Lord Jesus Christ is welcome at God’s table. Yes, I see Anglo people stealing from and abusing people of color the planet over. I do not know why…I question it from a Christian point of view. I know it is evil, just as certain black factions who decimate other black tribes in Africa. Why was there such a slaughter of millions of people in Africa not so long ago? They literally covered the roads! The only answer I come up with is Satan who rules this fallen world. I know God sees and knows all then, now, and forever. It never ceases to shock and sicken me at how human beings can hate, abuse, use, and slaughter other human beings. The more of it I see, the more I actually am looking forward to leaving this planet and going home to my Lord Jesus.


      • Truthangel07 says:

        “Why are you not angry at the black people in Africa who rounded up other black people and sold them to the slave trade?”

        You lost me with this statement. Everything else you said didn’t even matter. Your ignorance is appalling.

        What do you know about African history really? What do you truly know from study and exploration. Do you talk to Black people on a regular basis or does what you say come from your own mind?

        Right now…Black people are rejecting Christianity as it was introduced to Africans through missionaries who had been sent by the Catholic church to use the gospel as a weapon to subjugate people of color around the world.

        How dare you use the typical white supremacist justification and deflection of “Africans selling their own people…” retort. First of all, tribal warfare was a normal world occurrence. Africa was no different. Unlike Europeans, Africans did not torture and butcher those they conquered; they became servants to those who defeated them in battle. The were not taken by force; to serve other Kingdoms or empire. Read this article for an education that you obviously didn’t receive.

        Miss me with this Eurocentric, duplicitous bullshit!


  8. Let the church say amen-ra. And ya don’t stop. Keep on rockin the fuckin’ cops.

    “The enemy of my enemy is my friend” is what all this white cop love is about until them same cops kick in their door and air out their loved ones. But you know, that’ll be well deserved and I still wouldn’t jump on the cop love bandwagon cause history tells us the slaves catchers ain’t shit.

    You are very corrent Ms. Angel and I don’t know what this new day’ll bring but it damn sure won’t be like yesterday. People get tired and tired people get disparate. Whether they pick up guns or picket signs they gonna react and got damn it’s high time. Now white folk gonna cling to trump like he’s some kinda saviour when they all know he’s nothing but a orange complected clown. But they get what they deserve.

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