Fight The Power! My Facebook Rant!


Back in 1989, the issues that were present then are literally still relevant today.  That video brings back many memories of a different era.

Today, we are being reminded that this country is still filled with racist white males who want to serve the minority base a “Get Out of Town” notice; given the POTUS departure in January of next year.

I’ve had many things on my mind of late, given all of the racial turmoil we are in right now.  Even on Facebook, you’re not immune to it.  There have been numerous postings of topics related to the cop shootings, Black Lives Matter and the continued harassment of African Americans by police.  It appears as though some executive mandate has gone down to get Niggers back in their place.

As this blog has demonstrated, I’m not one to shy away from controversial topics, and in a fit of irritation, I chose to speak my mind on Facebook, not giving a damn who didn’t like it.

Today, I’m going to speak to the elephant in the room. RACIST WHITE FOLKS!

Obama is leaving office in a few months and it’s very clear that many Caucasians feel as though White Supremacy is back in vogue.

In all of my years, I never felt like I had to defend my humanity but seemingly, I find it necessary to GO THERE and tell it like it is.

Every single day, I consider it to be an honor to have been chosen by God, and been born to the first HUE-mans of the planet. Yes! We are the original people of this earth. From the minds of great African people, civilization was born. Our genes are the strongest of all races.

White people showed up on this planet 100,000 after civilization. So how did something whose origin was from the caves of Eurasia, declare itself supreme over Black Africans who built the pyramids?

Our genes are dominant. Whites have recessive genes. That white skin is a genetic defect—white people can’t produce melanin. Please tell me how something recessive births something dominant. The fact here is that it can’t happen. Thus, White Supremacy is a delusional fantasy created from centuries of lies.

Now at this present time, the white population finds itself at negative birthrate. More whites are dying than being born. There is also suicide epidemic in White America. Many are addicted to prescription drugs. And one of the most disturbing: bestiality is on the rise among whites. A dirty little secret revealed, yet, many try to demonize Blacks to deflect from their innate depravity.

Killing Black people is not going to change that fact.

As a species, you have come to your end. Why has nature turned on the white race? Because of how they abused THE PARENT RACE. The Bible says, HONOR THY FATHER AND MOTHER that THY days shall be long upon the land that the Lord THY God giveth thee. This is your JUDGEMENT.

Hating Black people will not change it. God created laws in this universe and no one is above them. We are no longer your slaves! Either you respect us or suffer the consequences.

Some of my friends approved but many are still silent.

Honestly, I just don’t give a damn who agrees with me or not but I am not going to sit quiet and acquiesce to white power and hatred just to “get along” with my enemy.   Many people will talk around something. Very few will confront it.

Either you are part of the solution or part of the problem.

I know exactly where I stand.

7 comments on “Fight The Power! My Facebook Rant!

  1. Elif B says:

    Check the ‘living in caves/building pyramids’ timeline. There is no excuse for ignorance during the age of internet. Americans… *shakes head*


  2. Truth, I laugh everyday.More news from Penn State says that the late Joe Patent kept Jerry Sandusky secret for 40 years instead of the 20 we was told.Fox CEO Roger Ailes stepped down, for allegedly sexually harassing those 2 bimbos,Gretchen Carlson and Megyn Kelly. Like my mother said,but have the media tell it,they want to demonize black men and put our faces on the ills of society.As I told you before, GOD is going to destroy the US by giving white people everything they ask for.I told this white guy at work, that he didn’t ask the Lord for enough stuff.Notice I didn’t tell him to pray for it.GOD BLESS


    • Truthangel07 says:

      There is something metaphysical at work. That much I will say. Each and every single day, I just wait *without the popcorn* for “BREAKING NEWS” somewhere. God doesn’t like white people.


  3. queenshontya says:

    Absolute truth I love this blog


  4. I’m with you sis – something has got to give and something is gonna give. I find myself pissed off most of the time and on the verge of tears. I’m not the only that’s about to pop I see it all around me. Black folk are really really really tired.


    • Truthangel07 says:

      Very much so. I talk to Dr. Phil Valentine on facebook quite often and I had in cracking up at my rant on his timeline. I was serious. You remember that movie, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon some years back? Well…I’m kind of there. These craKKKas in Georgia made me this way. Seriously. I’m about to go “Foxy Brown” on their assess.


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