We Will Kick Your Ass, CraKKKa!

Family, first and foremost, I’d like to give God the credit for giving me the gift of speech and the written word.  His power and wisdom is what guides me through most of what I write.  Although I do not wish to cause pain to anyone with careless words, it is with absolute conviction that I use words as a weapon against those who are sociopathic in their speech and actions against my people.

Black people are the salt of this earth.  We are the glue that binds all humanity.  Our indignation is not that we are to be worshiped but that we are the creation of the most high who is worthy to be praised.  If you hate our Blackness; than you have a problem with God.

I’m tired of Black people apologizing, rationalizing, and galvanizing reasons to capitulate to an enemy who quite frankly, doesn’t mind using violence on our people.  Yes.  I’m talking about white people.  They think they can do whatever they want and then tip-toe away, facing no retribution for their harassment and hatred.

That is going to end TODAY!

Once upon a time, I remarked to a friend: The day you stop fearing your enemy, will be the day you defeat your enemy.  That’s real talk.  I’m tired of Black people acting like wimps whenever they are in the presence or are confronted with blatant racist actions from white people.  It’s ridiculous.

There has to be a code of righteous conduct.  Do white people exemplify that?  Even using the word, righteous, connotes Love.  Do white folks love us?

The very nature of the question is preposterous, given light of today’s behavior, exhibited with abandon by white males.  THEY ARE EVIL!!!  They don’t change!!!

This is just crazy. All of it. I’m just tired of white folks and their “ish. Seriously. Living in Georgia has literally turned me into some kind of gangsta activist. These people are beyond loony. Most white people are one egg short of a dozen. Just about every single craKKKa you meet down here is on some kind of medication for either a psychological, mental, emotional, or multiple personality disorder. INSANITY! Completely. I’m literally at the tipping point of knocking the hell out of one. When you go to a Wal-Mart, and feel like you have to move about the store as you grocery shop, like a Ninja in Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, it’s about time to get out of dodge.

This is not a joke, family.

The audacity of white folks to presume after all of the violence they’ve inflicted on us, that we are to be good “Knee-grows”, smile for the camera, pray and acquiesce to their abuse.


You can pray.  You can march.  You can protest to the high hills but the only thing white supremacy fears: is the loss of finance or the loss of life.

Being nice to them is not a remedy.

Put a hand on me, I’ll crack your skull open like a cantaloupe. Family, my mama taught me that manners will take you further than money, but these craKKKas in Georgia will make you forget you had home training. I’m all for transcending Niggah tendencies in the metaphysical sense, but if one of them puts a hand on me; so help me God, a S.W.A.T team will have to be called to get me off their ass.

And this better be the attitude that Black people have.

When I was growing up in Chicago, the first thing you learned was to defend yourself–you better.  Even the perception of weakness could be dangerous.  One didn’t live in fear, you walked as FEAR.  People don’t respond to flaccid edicts that promote civility.  When you’re in a jungle, your ass better be ready to face whatever the environment dictates.

STAND UP like men and women and DEMAND RESPECT!

It’s about time to get serious about fighting white people!

When people see that we are not going to tolerate their behavior and will do what needs to be done…By Any Means Necessary; it will stop!

15 comments on “We Will Kick Your Ass, CraKKKa!

  1. TheOriginalBlackWoman says:

    Great post! I decided ill drop in and say hello, Truth. Its been awhile. I’ve been busy persuing my entrepreneurship goals.


    • Truthangel07 says:

      Hi, there…it’s been a good while, O. I’m happy to know that you’re pursuing entrepreneurship. That’s where our community needs to go. We don’t have to beg for jobs–we can create entire new markets. What type of business are you starting?

      Liked by 1 person

      • I agree. I got tired looking for a job; 2 years after getting my masters and I still don’t have one. I also am a mom to a special needs child which can interfere with a regular work schedule. Taking care of a special needs child is a lot of work and care and I need some flexibility; that’s why some parents of special needs children become entrepreneurs.

        I’ve started a Virtual Assistant (VA) business. A VA is a person who works remotely from his or her home office and provide administrative services(e.g. typing), technical services (e.g. web design) or creative services(e.g. event flyers).

        If you don’t mind I need some advice. I also want to write a book. I started on it last Friday. A while back, you gave me some advice (via email) on where and how I can publish a book. I want to know, when you published your book, did you use your real name or pen name? I want to use my pen name I use for my email account and blog (R.J. Robinson) to keep my identity hidden. I need to keep my blogging life separate from my professional life.

        Did you have to open up a separate bank account to get your payments from book sales? Did you set up an account under your pen name? How did you go about that type of business and the business of keepin your identity secret, if you did use a pen name?


      • Truthangel07 says:

        I used my real name since I use a psyeudonym for blogging and other discussions in social media. It’s really up to you. There are some authors who’ve done both. As for how you get paid; typically, you can use your personal bank account because you are not a business–you’re a writer.

        If you use a pen-name; then I’d suggest not taking photographs but if you are marketing your work, then, it becomes almost like a catch-22 situation.

        Did you decide what publishing site you wanted to use? There are quite a few: Createspace.com, Outskirtspress.com, Bookbaby.com; and here’s a company that rates other self-publishing companies as well: https://www.dogearpublishing.net/why-dog-ear/self-publishing-companies/

        I hope this is helpful.

        Let me know if I can assist you with anything else…

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      • I was going to use smashwords, but I will give the ones you listed some consideration as well. If I use a pen name and personal bank account, the only the publisher would know who I am. If I was to use an account with a different name it would have to be dba (doing business as ) account. I would have to get another (separate) business license as well. This is what I understand based off info I looked into. I definitely won’t be taking any photographs, however I believe that I can market to my followers like Trojan Pam of racismws.com; I’ve seen others do it. All I care about is I just want to get my book out to fufill a lifelong dream I had since a child, writing a book. Thanks!

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      • Truthangel07 says:

        Yes. That’s right. And an upcoming book, White Bitch will blow the roof off the sucka! I’m going after the Queen Bitch of White Supremacy. Only a Black God-dess, Womb-man, Mother of All Life can do. I wasn’t playing on this blog. I blogged about it recently.

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      • I just was reading that post, loved it! I am trying to get back into ordering books. I got so many books to get, lol. It’s just my spare money seems to be going elsewhere! Well, I’ll find a way, but I’m going to put both your books on my wish list. When will yours come out? It’s time that somebody discuss extensively the ww’s role in black people’s oppression, so many black people give them a pass and I’m tired of it.

        P.S. I will try to have my book out by sometime next year, it’s gonna be about black women’s her-story; our rise and fall, achievements, accomplishments, etc, etc. I’ll let yall know when its coming out.

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      • Truthangel07 says:

        Ditto. Ok. As for the book, it will be out after I finish the sequel to Butterflies in Bronzeville. Girl, I’ve been writing non-stop for almost 10 years. The titles often come when I’m right in the middle of a current novel. My gift doesn’t sleep. I’ll be looking for your book as well.

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      • I have a lotta of great ideas/titles for books and essays written down in my notebook, but I haven’t been writing much, I’ve been writing for a professional company (for extra change), but what they want me to write, I want to write what I enjoy writing about and possibly make a career out of it. I think I already said this, but writing a book has been a lifelong dream, but I didn’t know where to start and didn’t have anybody to guide me. Right now, I’m going for it no matter what. Writing books are also expensive, which unfortunately I’m too financially strapped to do if I go with some of the companies you’ve given me. Fortunately, there are some free publishing sites, such as smashwords.com, but I will consider the companies that charge in the future, I’m looking to be in better financial shape.

        My book is going to be about black women’s glorious herstory, the good and the bad, our achievements, accomplishments, contributions, etc., our pains and struggle with intersecting oppressions a la racism, colorism (aka intra-racism), and misogynoir (anti-black misogyny) etc. I think I will do like several volumes of this book cause I’m trying to keep is as simple as I can, I’m not going to try to cram thousands of years of history in one book.I still gotta brainstorm how I’m gonna do that.

        I’m thinking about providing like a free sample/preview (consisting of essays from my blog) of what I will talk about in my book as a way to build my audience (marketing strategy).

        Once I get it published I will let ya’ll know, but I will try to finish the actual book in 6 months to a year from now. How long it took you to write your book?


      • Truthangel07 says:

        My first book took the longest because I had to do so much research and it’s 18 chapters, almost 500 pages. The second book only took 2 years. The current one has been delayed because I got sick last year, have battled writer’s block most of this year, and lost several flash drives–forcing me to have to start over. However, with the help of God, I will have it done.

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      • Wow. It’s work writing a book. I would love to write one in 6 months, but that maybe unrealistic for me, since I’m running my business also. Yeah, I’m trying to store mines safely to the best devices cause I know its a lot of work and a setback to start all over again.


      • Truthangel07 says:

        Yes, ma’am. it is a lot of work. And you have to be focused and diligent. I highly recommend that when you begin your document, back yourself up by saving it to dropbox.com and send a copy to your e-mail. Make sure when you work on your document, you update your copies on those sites.

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      • Oh yes I will make sure I have back ups, The last thing I would want to do is start over, lol. Thanks for the advice


      • Truthangel07 says:

        You’re very welcome. Let me know if you need anymore help.


  2. Truth,according to Negress,wp lost a lot of money during Christmas,and yes there will be more losses to come.Again,I don’t shop in their neighborhoods. GOD BLESS.


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