The White Bitch!


I’ve been thinking about a lot of things and it just keeps going back to this.  I’m a nice person—most of the time but of late, there is a bit of an issue that I need to get off of my chest: it all started while listening to the Tom Joyner Morning show in 2014.  I was getting ready for work and Tom interjects a strange story: “A woman and her boyfriend arrested for soliciting a dog for sex on Craigslist.”  I stopped.  I thought I was hearing things.  A dog?  Who in the world would do such a thing?  That was my initial reaction.  However, the forensic investigator in me led me to do some research. This just couldn’t be true.  So I thought.  A couple of days later, I went to Google and input the exact words that came from Tom’s mouth.  I waited.  Then…there it was.  A young blond white chick looking ever so casually into the camera.  No embarrassment.  None sadness.  Just a blank, I don’t care stare.  Here I was, an African American woman, looking into the face of the white goddess who apparently has a dirty little secret that her white skin shields from the public.  No one would dare think that Snow White is humping a St. Bernard. This led me to deal with some real issues that are never exposed.  I wanted revenge on the cunt.  That’s what she is to most Black women—although, of course, political correctness, veils the disdain.

Anyone that stoops to this level shouldn’t even be considered a woman. Thus, I began to take notes on the white goddess.  I studied her and took mental notes.  Everything I saw; I memorized. Her lies would be revealed.

It’s only right.

Ask any Black woman anywhere, the title of this blog entry would resonate.

Black women have been attacked for over 400 years—our womanhood denied.

The white woman has enjoyed her power at the benefit of us—white privilege her shield.  And she was marketed as pure, untainted and virtuous but oh!  That was such a convenient myth.  It was a damn lie!

And I’m going to expose her.

There will be no secrets kept. For it is time to defrock this little freak and make her face the judgment of those women who’ve suffered the brunt of racist white males who had the audacity to insinuate her as the standard of femininity and beauty.

I spit.

This is the story of how white women lost the right to be women in a Black woman’s eyes.

This is a woman of color’s revenge tale of the White Bitch!

The first queens of this planet were BLACK!  And such women will not bow to something whose ancestral origins are from a cave.

Once and for all, I alone, am going to free all Black women from the racist hypocrisy that has given this freak of nature a title that she does not deserve.  White Privilege is the only reason why she matters.

Thus, this is a confrontation on the enemy from a woman of color, myself, who has had enough of the lies.

*A book is planned on this very issue.  It will be so provocative and unapologetic; Amazon might have to shut down from demand.  WILL BE ANNOUNCED!!!


33 comments on “The White Bitch!

  1. Wp are screaming and hollering.Saye reminded this white man,that wp worrying about black people will be theirs and the US downfall.Saye told him that blacks aren’t responsible for whites high homicide rates,suicide rates or high drug use.Saye also told this white guy,that it’s funny that you call BLM a terrorist group,but the US takes 80billion to protect a terrorist country like Saudi Arabia,and has had a hand in fronting money to other terrorist groups.My mother said,when you know GOD is going to expose this country, black people should buy lawn chairs and popcorn and enjoy the show.I like butter with my popcorn. GOD BLESS


  2. Truth,the best part of my weekend,is when Saye Taryer put Graham Cracker Larry Elder and other whites in their place.For starters,he gave proof,that the original computer was designed by a black man.Saye also gave proof that Africans was just as responsible for modernizing Africa than they were given credit for.But what had me shot to the heavens,is when he told Larry Elder that blacks are not prone to criminal activity as suggested.Saye proved that even the FBI had researched the programs and the manipulation of stats that the US used to criminalize blacks.According to the FBI and Interpol,white on white homicide is approaching 70% and rising,whereas blacks on black homicide is 55% and dropping.Saye pulled stats on all crimes committed by blacks,and found out that only 0.5% of black people commits crime.Needless to say Larry Elder couldn’t say nothing,and then told Larry to go back and watch FIX NEWS (FOX).GOD BLESS


  3. Well Truth, I must say,my mother, Umar Johnson,LeBron James,and Saye Taryer gave me a great weekend, but even still,I give all glory to GOD,my mother told me that before the fall of the US,GOD is going to pull the cover off the US hypocrisy.After what happened in Milwaukee, black people are telling both Democrats and Republicans that they are on NOTICE.GOD,your people are waking up.LeBron said it best,City by City,faith by faith,brick by brick and family by family.Hang in there Milwaukee and Baltimore, help and most importantly, Black money is on the way.GOD BLESS Truth


  4. qnubian528 says:

    If you’re blessed with Melanin then choose to dilute it with them nasty ass disease infected recessive genes from the caucus mountains, dont complain when the beast shows his/her true colors….as a matter of fact f*ck all nasty ass peadophiles/ dog f*ckers!

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    • Truthangel07 says:

      Hi, Qnubian. You doing ok, girl?

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      • qnubian528 says:

        Yeah I am fine,thanks! And you beauty?
        Today when I was going to the job and I saw a white girl who was urinating in the street in front off a lot people! I am not anymore surprise when I see this suck things! Black women us, we have been attacke on all fronts!
        Is amazing how these kind women are the standard of beauty in the world,such shame, they are the ideal model of women who black women and non-white women should follow?
        I like how they are deforming their bodies with tight corsets and they destroy their internal organs, because they wish to have the small waist and large hip! The experts say that they want to look like dolls but I don’t believe because they wish have the black women body!


      • Truthangel07 says:

        Emulating perfection is nearly impossible. Either one is born with it or you’re stuck with it.


    • Did you know that all biblical patriarchs of the Bible were negro like heavily melaninated people? The Bible was written in the land of Ophir what is called today Africa! God gave Adam a gold mine, and Africa is rich in Gold mines, in fact Noah’s ark landed in Africa.

      Noah and his 3 sons were all dark skinned negroes from the eldest to the youngest! Shem, Yaphet, Khem. White people caucasoids descend from Canaan the son of Khem. Noah cursed Canaan by saying “Curse be Caucasoid, you shall be a servant of servant to your brethren Negro and Asian. AMEN” God also cursed the Canaanites with leprosy by removing their melanin away from them.

      According to the Book of Enoch it mentioned that the Canaanites intermarried with the fallen angels “Nephillim” which gave their offsprings that “Recessive gene” and altered their looks. The recessive traits such as pale skin, hook nose, straight black, blonde, ginger hair, thin lips, hairy body, blue, green, hazel eyes.

      All of the aforementioned aesthetics are abomination unto The Most High God, he abhors recessive genes because they’re spiritual disease. Ever wonder why whites, caucasoids are always plagued with cancer? Recessive traits causes homosexuality, and what the Bible calls confusion of faces.

      Negro, Black, other dark skinned melaninated majorities should keep their dominant lineage pure, and not pollute it with recessive genes. Whites Caucasoids always lie about their genes being superior and that they have the divine O- negative blood! The O- negative blood is found in pure autocthnous melanin rich people who didn’t dilute their genes by race mixing with recessive genes. White people and Caucasoids with recessive genes share the same DNA as monkeys 🐒 the A, B, AB, O positive blood group which is monkey hemogloben.

      If whites or caucasians are superior? Then why do caucasians harvest O- negative organs from black people. Why caucasians harvest melanin from black people and sell it on the black market? Why do white people like to tan like us to achieve our skin complexion? Seems God cursed caucasians by removing their melanin away from them, as a punishment. Thus they lost their pigment making them prone to sun burn and skin cancer!

      Dear Black, Brown, Melaninated people it is not wise to intermarry with inferior people, bleaching your offspring by polluting your sacred genome with weak cancerous recessive genes. Please beware of that!

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  5. That is going to be a really good book! I bet it would make a great film too.


    • Truthangel07 says:

      It’s the sister book to my first book, A Journey Into The Mind of a Black Woman. Within the book, I asked the question: Are white women becoming a psychological disturbance to our community? That was in 2011. As you can see with all of the instability and violence going on in our community, one has to ask, where does the white woman fit in? The truth of the matter is that she is being deployed as a weapon to destabilize the Black family. Black athletes are a good example of how this is impacting young Black males psychologically to think that, “Hey! All the cool guys have white chicks, I might as well get one too.” There is much to say. Elijah Muhammad once said: “The white woman would be the last weapon of the white man against the Black man.” No truer words have ever been spoken. The matriarch of white supremacy shall be confronted by the Black Womb-man/Queen/Warrior–Mother of Civilization! I feel no remorse of what I say in that book. I’d like to send you a copy when I complete it.

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  6. Just make sure your book has a kindle version sis


  7. Hello Beauty.

    Here’s a nice article that’s the flip side to your post.


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