I Hope I Have Offended Every White Person on The Planet!


Not a day goes by where I can’t get through my day without having to check some white supremacist for their bullshit.  It gets tiring…but I feel if I don’t say something at the time of offense, an unsuspecting Black person is going to commit murder on this hapless fool who really doesn’t get it: BLACK PEOPLE ARE NOT YOUR SLAVES ANY LONGER!

The images are breathless.  All catching white folks in the most precarious situations.

I have have been blogging for over 3 years now and I have to say; the topics I’ve covered have covered many areas–I let nothing slip.

The most interesting scandal involves swimmer Ryan Lochte.  As most know, he and some friends lied about being robbed in Rio.  Turns out, Mr. Ryan and chaps decided to vandalize a gas station then lie about being jumped and robbed because they were afraid of their parents knowing the truth.  Well, this little bit of “mischief” *wink-wink* has cost Mr. Lochte millions of dollars in ad sponsorship.  Ryan Lochte is 32 years old. He was not a kid having “mischief!” He knew exactly what he was doing!  Ryan Lochte is typical of WM: They commit violent acts, then lie, expect to get away with it. And just smile…

All I could keep talking about is in regard to the Swim-gate of Ryan Lochte and friends. What if they had been Black?


As I thought about this, the debate had been initiated and you have to openly declare war on a group of people who for some reason seem to think: “Ok, we are killing ourselves–our kids are all addicted to drugs–robbing pharmacies for Oxycontin and other pain medication; we’re at negative birthrate and about to become extinct but it’s the Nigger’s fault!  So, instead of understand why our lives have turned to shit; we’re just gonna go Hitler and create mayhem until white men take back the power from the inferiors.”

White Supremacy has always  been an illogical theocracy from the start. There’s nothing superior about a genetic defect claiming itself superior–it’s insanity.

But oh!  They’re not racist.

*Rolling eyes*

Black people have been praying for these cave beasts for and are 150 years late at getting the memo.

Sorry, I just don’t have low self-esteem.  I’m not afraid of white people.  Their ice isn’t colder.  It’s the same damn ice. The problem with white supremacy is that Black people–the original people of this planet, got caught up in some crazy ass psycho-drama of a suicidal, neurotic,sociopathic, psychopathic, reptilian brain, fragmented-thinking, bestial, child molesting, genetic mess!  Their ancestors only showed up after 100,000 years of civilization.  They didn’t do a damn thing but copy what our ancestors did–and got credit for it.

This is the Creator’s wake up call to stop all that praying and do what you were made to do!

It’s time to check this mutant.

And If I’ve offended any nosy pink-toe, who casually found themselves on a blog dedicated to the upliftment of Black people; and became offended by the TRUTH that is written here, I AM DELIGHTED.

Good day.





19 comments on “I Hope I Have Offended Every White Person on The Planet!

  1. Truth,why are white people on radio stations telling black folks,they are trying to get over their prejudices.Blacks are slowly waking up and saying that we are not looking for acceptance from whites.Even Vladimir Putin warned the US and Europe the exploitation of blacks in the US and Africa is going to start a downfall that will not be reversed.Umar Johnson said that wp are going to need our acceptance if we find out Prince was murdered.I’m with my mother,Dick Gregory and Dr.Umar on that one,Mislabeled pills my a–.If you saw that 60 Minutes show,it is now known that 1 black person is worth more than everything wp own.No good will come to wp until they do right by us,and I personally think it’s too late.Black men in Chicago, Dwyane Wade and Jabari Parker said it’s time to change attitudes.GOD BLESS


    • Truthangel07 says:

      Oh, Seven, I am not worried about a thing, brother. Nope. I predicted many of the things that are happening almost 20 years ago. My first novel, A Journey Into The Mind of a Black Woman, spoke to the very issues we are now facing. That book was published in 2011, just 2 months shy of Trayvon Martin’s death and long before Black Lives Matter. It’s available on Amazon. Dr. Phil Valentine has a copy. I spoke to him recently and he’s almost done with it. He’s supposed to give me a review on it. Can’t wait to see what he says. I feel so honored that he likes it. Very humbled. White people are scared. They know their time is up. It’s in their genetic code. Nature has had enough and has selected them. There is nothing they can do to reverse it. It is finished!

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  2. Ryan is enjoying his white privilege. Although he is part Cuban is definitely a white man. And being white has it’s perks. This Olympic incident proves it.


  3. qnubian528 says:

    Did you read the news about Lebron James? Just because a black man was so proud about 3 black women who have won the gold medal at the Rio Olympics!
    The fact these women were black athletes, whites are so mad because a black man left a post about them! Why they simple leave us being? Really I am tired about of their intrusion into our lives, I don’t want absolutely nothing to do with them for many reasons, because I don’t like their presence in my life and in my personal space!
    They are so boringly jealous and envious of us, so obsessed with us, that their obsession for us it sucks me in every sense!
    They live their messages full of envy and hatred in social sites, I do not want to be involved!
    When something doesn’t concern them, they always want to jump in our conversations or
    in what we do!
    I remember that when I was talking with black girls about African dispora,this white girl without anyone had requested her, she jumped in our conversation and then she started saying a lot of stupid things like: “I like black women hair,black women are magic,I get bored with my straight hair!” finally said, “however I am Australian.” In my head I said, “Really bitch?”
    They want always talking about them, how they are great, talented, amazing!
    I’m not interested about how great they are! I don’t give a F!
    It seems that the world is made only of whites,only white people live in this world,if you think
    this is insane

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    • Truthangel07 says:

      “When something doesn’t concern them, they always want to jump in our conversations or in what we do!”


      This happens to me at some point on a daily basis. No matter where you are…if you are having a conversation within earshot of a white person–they will arrogantly jump in your conversation. Most often, we give them a pass but seriously, I’ve reached my limit. And if I have to educate a person about something they should have learned at 6; then it’s gon’ be what it be.


      • qnubian528 says:

        Yesterday I was talking my own language on phone with my family, and this old white man with his wife,he asked me to quiet myself because my voice was annoying to them! The bus was full of people but they were only one were complaining! But you know why I didn’t stop to talk,and I was keeping talk so loud that then they moved in front seats!
        He looked at me with a look of disapproval,they pretend because they are whites so they have right to ask you to shut up! Really I don’t care about their feeling,for me they don’t have power over me! These people don’t like live peacefully with other human beings because they ain’t humans!


      • Truthangel07 says:

        Their arrogance is just ridiculous. I know how you feel. I’ve checked more than a few. Don’t capitulate–STAND UP to that type of bias.


    • It’s funny isn’t it.When black on black crime happens,then whites are telling us that us blacks should uplift each other,not that they want that to happen.I don’t worry about white people,because they will not change,and as Umar Johnson said,if blacks are expecting whites to change,then we as a people need our heads examined.Take solice that whites are losing everything hold dear.White on White homicide rates are at 70% and rising.Their addiction to painkillers and illegal drugs is at epidemic proportions,and white men suicide rates alone is higher than whole black population alone.Everything they planned for us,is happening to them.And what they haven’t realized is their evilness is going to follow them around the world.We have to remember,that whites illegally colonized and overthrew governments of all races and all over the world.Again,I say,that hey put everything they value above God’s kingdom,and GOD is now showing them how valuable they are.GOD BLESS

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      • Truthangel07 says:

        God’s Word is coming to pass–again. People just don’t GET IT! He is the Law and Creator of us all. My mother always said to me as a child: “When you dig a ditch for someone to fall in; be careful where you walk because you might fall in it yourself.” CHECK!


      • nasirsmom says:

        @seven No the real funny things is that they know all of our crime statistics,out of wedlock rate,how many murders Chicago has had so far but don’t know that their kids are on drugs or about to commit suicide.Their obession with blacks is going to be their downfall.

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      • Truthangel07 says:

        I totally agree.


  4. Truth,After Dr.Dre got a Citation based on a lie a white man told the police,I would say that White privilege is alive and well.But I still had a great weekend. The info I’m going to give you is mind blowing.The August 21 episode of 60 Minutes was gave me a pride of joy.Opening next month will be a new Black Memorial in Washington DC,.This new Memorial is focused on the Blacks that got lynched which was about 4000.They finally got around to the impact of slavery.In the research,it was found out that the investment in slavery of Africans made more money than banks,railroads,businesses and infrastructure in the US and Europe.Mind you Truth, blacks didn’t get to the plantations yet.My mother said it best,w/o blacks wp wouldn’t have any existence.The US and Europe belongs to blacks.Truth,I say to you and other blacks,Rejoice because Ms.Celie words are getting louder and louder.But we now have to concentrate on GOD and ourselves.Let wp worry about us,they are about to worry themselves to death.I’m not worried about wp at all.GOD BLESS


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